“And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” (John 1:5, KJV)

“How is it, Lord, that we are cowards in everything save in opposing Thee?” (Teresa of Ávila, great Spanish mystic of the Carmelite order; born 1515 AD at Ávila; passed away 1582 AD at Alba de Tormes)

“Faith is different from proof; the latter is human, the former is a Gift from God.” (Blaise Pascal, French mathematician, physicist, writer, and Catholic philosopher; born 1623 AD at Clermont-Ferrand; passed away 1662 AD at Paris)

He, therefore, who is not illumined by such great splendour of created things, is blind; he who is not awakened by such great clamour is deaf; he who does not praise God because of all these effects is dumb; he who does not note the first principle from such great signs is foolish. Open your eyes, therefore, prick up your spiritual ears, open your lips and apply your heart, that you may see, hear, praise, love and worship, glorify and honour your God.” (Saint Bonaventure, scholastic theologian & philosopher, 7th Minister General of the Order of (Franciscan) Friars Minor and Cardinal Bishop; Doctor of the Church; born 1221 AD at Bagnoregio near Viterbo, Latium; passed away 1274 AD at Lyon)

“He who created us without our help will not save us without our consent.”  (St. Augustine, philosopher, theologian; Doctor of the Church; born 354 AD at Thagaste, Numidia (today: Algeria); passed away 430 AD at Hippo Regius, Numidia)


Powerful reminders of the true priorities that ever so often these days we have completely forgotten about. Sure, many things can be investigated and exposed in our era of overall decline, disintegration, and possible collapse. And, to a certain extent there lies of course value in making oneself and others aware of the ongoing development – after all, profound information is a sine qua non for making correct decisions. Yet, without putting all that into a wider, spiritual picture, one is easily drawn into either amok, panic, or endless desperation. All three reactions, whatever understandable from a psychological point of view, don’t make sense. They add to the problem at hand rather than anything else. What we need, not instead of information but in addition to it, is an awareness of the spiritual, a knowledge of a higher order – what usually is referred to as “wisdom” – that not only can give us comfort and a sense of meaning in whatever troubling times there may still lie ahead but that also can serve as a reliable guide keeping us on the road of goodness, righteousness, and faith.

This blog is intended to be a humble contribution, so God will, in encouraging whoever is going to read it to either re-establish or significantly deepen his most intimate relationship with his Lord, no matter how diminished his faith might be. As, by only “getting ready” practically, we miss the most important point: getting ready spiritually! We are all children of the One and Only God in Heaven. Yet, we’ve fairly forgotten the importance of worship and prayer. Let us now remember and reconnect with the spiritual heritage of our forefathers and withstand the temptation of “taking it easy” any longer, whether by complete heedlessness or by feel-good or feel-great “spirituality”: as, no other relationship in our lives – we may think otherwise – is as crucial as the one with our Creator!



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Geeintes Deutschland, 90, 90

2018-08-30: Has Today’s Unified Germany Become, De Facto, a Socialist One-Party State? – There is hardly a country in the world whose internal and external political situation is more complex and indeed more confusing than that of Germany. Defeated in both world wars, each time it came back stronger than before nonetheless. Heir to the geopolitical ambitions of Frederic the Great, Bismarck, the Kaiser and Herr Hitler, Germany has never let go of its insatiable desire to expand and control (thus, the project of “European Integration”, which is a mere cloak for pan-Germanism). At the same time, the country is faced with a deadly rival, who has outsmarted Germany again and again: Russia (i.e., the covertly continuing Soviet Union). What’s more, since the German reunification, Germany has drifted massively to the left, with its political parties less and less distinguishable from each other and under a “former” East-German Chancellor who demonstrates all the hallmarks of a committed Leninist Trojan horse. – To read article, click here!


2018-07-26: Christopher Story’s Prescient Warning to the Irish During a 1999 talk before a Catholic conference, that he titled ‘Lenin’s Satanic World Revolution’, the late geopolitical analyst Christopher Story i.a. explained the importance of the dialectic for communist strategy, and he did so using the example of the “peace process” in Northern Ireland. He explains long-term Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams as being a “Leninist par excellence” and sends a dire warning to the Irish to the effect that Sinn Féin, which has never ceased to be, along with the IRA, a radical communist organisation, is planning a reunified, radicalised, Leninist Ireland! – To read article, click here! 

Ann Barnhardt, 90, 90

2018-07-10: Ann Barnhardt’s Frightening Analysis of the (Continuing) Obama Revolution – In a recent post on her blog, Ann Barnhardt looks back to a 70-minute video presentation she did in the year 2012 about the ever-same strategies and tactics used by the Revolution to first bring a country to the verge of crisis and then overturn the legitimate government and put itself in the driving seat, complete with the most merciless terror designed to break any counter-revolutionary resistance whatsoever. What she specifically looks at is the Vendée genocide during the French Revolution, on the one hand, and Obama’s strategy to turn the United States into a communist wasteland, on the other. – To read article, click here!

Sowjet. Propagandaplakat, quadrat., 90-90

2018-07-01: J. R. Nyquist’s Prophetic Warning of 20 Years Ago – Jeff Nyquist warned us about the “miraculous” nature of Soviet communism and its continuous “success story” (in terms of imperial expansion), against all odds. What is it that makes communism so strong? – To read quote, click here!


conservative cartoon, 90, 90

2018-06-11: What Is Conservatism, and What Isn’t? – An Examination – We’ve seen, over the years and decades, such a softening-up of words that it is now increasingly difficult to realise what they actually mean. Almost anything goes under the label of “conservative”, but does that mean that conservatism as a political, cultural and spiritual position is obsolete? No, it isn’t. – To read article, click here! 

State of the Nation Address, torpedo, 90, 90

2018-05-20: Are Moscow and Beijing already Blackmailing the West into ‘Cooperation’ on Their Terms? – It may well soon be recognised that Vladimir Putin’s so-called State of the Nation address of March 1, 2018 could have been meant as a firm and definite “game-changer” in the currently ever-more escalating East-West relations. However, not by mere rhetoric, but by specific revelations about new Russian super-weapons that, if real, would grant the Russian Federation (read: the unchanged USSR) an overwhelming military superiority over the United States. A scenario of “cooperation-blackmail,” by which Russia and China would force the West to accept a communist world state, is at hand. – To read article, click here!    

Red Marx, 90, 90

2018-05-05: Two Hundred Years of Karl Marx – And We Haven’t Seen the Worsof It Yet … – Since this author posted his last article several long years ago (shame on him!), things have indeed drastically – if not to say: monstrously – escalated. All warnings and prognostications by the top defectors and analysts have come true. World communism has actually managed to turn the tables on the West and is now gearing up for a “cooperation blackmail” scenario the world has never seen. But most of us in the free world still seem to have understood nothing about what’s looming on the horizon … – To read article, click here! 

2014-10-15: Russia’s Pre-World War III Propaganda: Not for the Fainthearted  – Though most people in the West might still be busy, predominantly, with their personal lives, with their families, job careers, or simply entertainment, the growing possibility of yet another World War rises in front of us. Self-evidently, this new world war will be vastly different from the previous two world wars. Not only because there exist today huge arsenals of weapons of mass destruction – nuclear, biological, chemical, and radiation -, that are viewed by the communist bloc (yes, it’s still there!) as not just a means of deterrence, but on the contrary as the backbone of their overall (strictly offensive) military strategy. Worse, this upcoming World War, eagerly worked for by the communist bloc, will be more than any other war in history a war driven by ideology. It’ll be the communists’ final and ultimate “World October”, which they envision will bring about their long-desired world communist society, whatever will be left of humankind after the war. This article shows how heftily the (Soviet-)Russians have geared up their anti-Western propaganda during recent years (that includes repeated nuclear war threats) and how close they have indeed come to unleash a climactic world catastrophe without precedence. – To read article, click here!

2014-05-26: Conchita Wurst and His Following: A Glimpse into the Mindset of the Homosexualist Movement – A completely useless annual event such as the Eurovision Song Contest, that has never produced any significant talents, recently accomplished perhaps the biggest surprise in its 58-year-long history: It redefined its mission (which had mainly been, ever since its inception in 1956, to warm people’s hearts for a Europe that still had to be “built”) and engaged in a radically new endeavour: presenting to the world a charismatic long-haired homosexual transvestite with a beard as the winner of this year’s contest, leaving most observers stunned and confused. This author was quite amazed by the insane jubilations welcoming this new star on a corrupt and depraved firmament of fame, and took a closer look. What he found, struck him, to say the least. The author then analysed extensively (over 5,000+ words) this year’s Vienna Life Ball, an annual HIV-charity gala which is, most scandalously, using the HIV issue as a pretext for promoting homosexuality, which is known to be the main cause for HIV infection! – To read article, click here! 

2014-04-08: Toby Westerman Can’t, or Won’t, See the Forest for the Trees! – A sad example of a supposedly alternative Kremlinologist who – even now! – refuses to take into account any continued existence whatsoever of a communist grand design aimed – still! – at total control over the whole world. Instead, he personalises (as if it was all about Putin and not about the same old world revolutionary steam locomotive), and adds up fact after fact, claiming to be “connecting the dots”, which finally he isn’t, as he lacks – or dismisses – the indispensable frame of reference necessary for putting 2 and 2 together, meaning a solid understanding – and acknowledgment! – of communist longterm deception strategy as laid out by premier Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn. – To read article, click here!

2013-07-06: Photographic Proof the USSR Still Exists  – A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. So, here is a striking compilation of photographs collected from various online sources that effectively proves the alleged collapse of communism in Eastern Europe and the USSR to have been the greatest lie ever sold in the history of mankind! – To read article, click here!

2013-02-14: Anatoliy Golitsyn:  The Key to Understanding Today’s World Situation – Extensive, 50,000-word documentation!!! Around Christmas of 1961, a Soviet KGB officer in his mid thirties by name of Anatoliy Golitsyn defected into the West, equipped with deep-inside knowledge not only of technicalities of espionage but, much more important than that, of a recently worked-out communist long-term deception strategy designed to remove at some later date from the West’s eyes the image of the enemy by launching impressive, yet fake ‘changes’ in the communist bloc towards alleged liberalisation and democratisation. Golitsyn warned energetically, even desperately, that unless this new deception strategy was thoroughly understood, the free world would soon be in for its own defeat and would find itself in the midst of Red Terror and communist enslavement on a global scale. Almost all of Golitsyn’s warnings resp. predictions (published in his two books, New Lies for Old, and The Perestroika Deception) have meanwhile come to pass, as most of the Western structures were unable or unwilling to envisage such long-term planning by the communist bloc: the world is now indeed awaiting the final chapter of Lenin’s world revolution! – To read article, click here!

2012-10-11: “Forward, Comrades! Not Back!” – America and the World on the Brink of Global Communism – Those with even a basic understanding of history already knew back in 2008 what Barack Obama & friends were up to. “Change” isn’t a feel-good slogan at all, but is a coded communist expression for REVOLUTION! Thus, when Obama proclaimed on election night, Nov. 4, 2008, “Change has come to America,” what he actually said was, “Revolution has come to America!” Four years later, their boldness and revolutionary determination to carry on with their work of destruction and to deliver the United States to a communist world federation has reached yet another level of clarity: It’s now the infamous imperative: “Forward!” – Read in this so-far-53,000-word treatise about the historical roots of “Forward!” that reach back all the way to the ‘founding-father’ of communism, Karl Marx; about the sinistre, pitch-black Satanic dimension behind communism’s window dressing of a ‘just struggle’ against the ‘evil capitalist oppressors’; and do read in full length a brutal speech by unchanged Marxist-Leninist revolutionary Mikhail Gorbachev of Dec. 10, 2011, in which he openly declared ‘capitalism’ as a system that has failed and that needs to be cured by radical means, and, to underline his ‘assessment’, threatened America and the West with World War III in case the West would not accept communism! This speech represents, more than any other affront so far, the instance of direct political blackmail: Submit, or face destruction! The article closes with a huge collection of quotes by prominent proto-Communists and Communists, all the way from the days of the French Revolution to the present. There are also complete transcripts, first, of two interviews conducted by political analyst and radio host Jeff Nyquist, one time with Tom Fife, the other time with Anne Leary, about Barack Obama having obviously been already in 1992 the Soviet Union’s chosen one to bring the U.S. over to communism, and about communist terrorist Bill Ayers being the TRUE author of Obama’s autobiography, “Dreams from My Father”, and second, with Tom Fife interviewed by Jeff Rense. – To read article, click here!

2012-03-14: Red Surprise: Russian-Chinese Military Blackmail: Accept Communism or Face World War III – On December 10, 2011 ‘former’ Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev received an honorary award at Munich, Germany, from the conservative Hanns Seidel Foundation, presumably for his ‘life’s work’. In his acceptance speech, however, this unchanged leading Bolshevik from the unchanged Soviet Union, far from delivering smooth ceremonial gestures of thanks, gave a most brutal attack speech the message of which basically was just this: Do as we wish (i.e. accept the communist ‘model’) or face World War III. This author found that speech pretty much by chance as a live video recording on Youtube, with Gorbachev of course speaking Russian and a simultaneous German interpretation; except for this one-time-only broadcast on Bavarian television, the content of the speech appears to have been completely ignored by the MSM. This author then did a thorough translation of the speech into English and compiled a huge 280-page file full with excerpts and extracts from books as well as interviews or lectures by first class analysts as well as outstanding men from the spiritual domain, to be precise: from the Catholic Church: the well-known Irish/American Jesuit priest Fr. Malachi Martin; the late German Catholic priest, Fr. Hans Milch; as well as selected encyclicals by Popes Leo XIII and Pius XI. Furthermore, there are included a number of observations by this author that seamlessly confirm the thesis by prominent authors Anatoliy Golitsyn and Christopher Story: the ‘collapse of communism’ was but a gigantic hoax so to pave the way for gradual convergence between both systems; yet: on communist terms! – To read 280-page-compilation, click here! ll

2010-11-07: The Georgia “Guide”-Stones: Signposts to World Tyranny – Rarely can be met undebatable proof of the factual existence of a communist-theosophist conspiracy towards a deadly one-world Satanic dictatorship more strikingly and more brutally in-your-face than in the case of the so-named Georgia Guidestones, a granite monument erected anonymously in 1980 in the grazelands of Northeastern Georgia, United States. The highly political and extremely cynical postulates engraved in it show in breathtaking clarity what Marxist-eugenicist planners who don’t care about humans have in store for all of us: the final culmination of Marxism-Leninism and Hitlerism combined! – To read article, click here!     
2010-10-20: Theosophy and New Age: Satanism in Disguise – In an inspired night, this author produced a short parody written in flexible metrum titled “Message from Master Globi Nairobi, the Mystical Sage from Mount Kilimanjaro” on the threat against what is left of traditional society deriving from the newly formed “religion” of our time, i.e. the fusion of Marxist collectivism, environmentalism, and obscure Theosophist/New-Age/Masonic/Luciferian ‘doctrine’ rigorously pushed forward through the psychological means of peer pressure, Soviet-style ‘political correctness,’ and feel-good ‘esotericism.’ This parody is followed by the mentioning of some examples of New Age personages and their very consistent messages of an overall paradigm shift to be achieved. –To read article, click here! 
Bibliography – Here you can find an extensive chronological list of book titles and weblinks, both of the totalitarian and of the truthful kind, along with some selected historical events that have turned out crucial on our ‘collective journey’ towards Utopia. – To see the bibliography, click here!
Literature on Communism – This is a much more specific bibliographical collection of books dealing with the nature, history, and strategic methodology of communism. – To see this collection, click here!

Des Kontemplativen Beobachters Gedichte und Aphorismen über Gott und die Welt (for readers who know German) – Eine Sammlung von Gedichten und Aphorismen, die zurückreicht bis in die achtziger Jahre und, ausschnittweise, den geistigen Werdegang des Autors ebenso wie die allgemeine ‘klimatische Veränderung’ im Laufe dieses Zeitraums nachzeichnet. Insofern ist diese Zusammenstellung mehr als ein rein persönliches Dokument. – Klicken Sie hier, um zu dieser Lektüre zu gelangen!  
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