“And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” – John 1:5, KJV.

“How is it, Lord, that we are cowards in everything save in opposing Thee?” – Teresa of Ávila, great Spanish mystic of the Carmelite order; born 1515 AD at Ávila; passed away 1582 AD at Alba de Tormes.

“Faith is different from proof; the latter is human, the former is a Gift from God.” – Blaise Pascal, French mathematician, physicist, writer, and Catholic philosopher; born 1623 AD at Clermont-Ferrand; passed away 1662 AD at Paris.

“He, therefore, who is not illumined by such great splendour of created things, is blind; he who is not awakened by such great clamour is deaf; he who does not praise God because of all these effects is dumb; he who does not note the first principle from such great signs is foolish. Open your eyes, therefore, prick up your spiritual ears, open your lips and apply your heart, that you may see, hear, praise, love and worship, glorify and honour your God.” – Saint Bonaventure, scholastic theologian & philosopher, 7th Minister General of the Order of (Franciscan) Friars Minor and Cardinal Bishop; Doctor of the Church; born 1221 AD at Bagnoregio near Viterbo, Latium; passed away 1274 AD at Lyon.

“He who created us without our help will not save us without our consent.” – St. Augustine, philosopher, theologian; Doctor of the Church; born 354 AD at Thagaste, Numidia (today: Algeria); passed away 430 AD at Hippo Regius, Numidia.


Powerful reminders of the true, eternal priorities that ever so often these days we’ve completely forgotten about! How come we’ve arrived at such an abominable state of manifest nihilism and godlessness? And what are the implications, if we dare look at the horrifying abyss right in front of us? Hasn’t this overall spiritual vacuum, that’s grown over decades and centuries, invited new (or not so new) false doctrines eager to take Christendom’s place? Hasn’t our increasing hedonistic materialism been cleverly used by a competing concept of materialism, that claims to be able to remedy all ills in society, but has always delivered and continues to deliver, without exception, enslavement rather than liberation, poverty rather than prosperity and misery of the soul rather than happiness?

Indeed, no other political idea has ever threatened mankind as fundamentally as so-called socialism/communism! It’s a movement, a cult, that stops at nothing in order to realise its crazed vision of a “new man”, a new man enthroned as his own god. If millions, even billions, have to die to give way to this utopian society, so be it! Being revolutionaries (whose sole objective is overthrow and destruction), communists function as a perfectly disciplined and organised army. They are all about strategy. Their minds are military minds. They represent the most cunning (and ruthless) conspiracy by far ever to have endangered the well-being and, most importantly, the salvation of men. Which is why we need to look at this monster much more thoroughly. Religious people who “don’t care about politics” are ignoring the workings of communism at their own peril. After all, communism wants to get rid of them, along with their religious tradition.

Some may object that “communism died thirty years ago”. No, it didn’t. It only relabelled itself. The idea was to put the United States to sleep by turning themselves, overnight and with the same personnel, into instant-“democrats” and -“capitalists”, into “friends and partners” of the West. The scheme worked perfectly, possibly far beyond the communists’ wildest expectations. Meanwhile, thirty years later, they have successfully strengthened and modernised their economies and militaries and have further increased, massively so, their political influence throughout the world. To believe that communism, as a movement, would ever close shop is utterly naïve. To think communists could be “undermined” by political or economic concessions has proved again and again as a grave and fatal miscalculation. Communists don’t make compromises. Their “opportunism” is only temporary. All they are living for is world revolution, meaning: communist world dominion.

Hence, the matter of communism, more burning than ever, is a spiritual matter of the first order. It is a matter of life or death! The fate of all of mankind is at stake! And so, what we need is a revived (informed as well as spiritually guided) anti-communism, after long decades of slandering of anti-communists as dangerous, paranoid reactionaries. By now, the late Senator Joseph McCarthy’s claims – and findings! – are perfectly confirmed and vindicated by the development of recent decades. John F. Kennedy’s analysis has proved to be correct. Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn’s “wild prognostications” have come true to a T. Communism didn’t die. On the contrary: It took a powerful second breath. 

*       *       *


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2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thanks for these articles…This is 1st time I saw comparisons between Christianity and Marxism. I suggest you all consider the similarity between Marxism (as a Parody of Christianity) and Christian Theology (more specifically, the Reformed Theology under the light of Historical – Redemptive Theological Perspective). The 1st stages of this theological development was worked by 2 Forerunners of Historical-Redemptive Biblical Theology (HRBT). These 2 were the Reformed Theologians: 1st. Geerhardus Vos_(1862-1949) and 2nd. Herman N Ridderbos (1909-2007). And also we have the Reformed Theologian Richard B Gaffin Jr. (thanks to Lord, still alive). Their works presents us seed and fundaments of a HRBT, which ahve basically 2 pillars: 1. THE FUNDAMENTAL MOSAIC STRUCTURES OF SCRIPTURES (FMSsS) and 2. THE TRINITARIAN ARCHITECTURE OF SCRIPTURES (TAS). It is perfectly possible to do a comparison between HRBT and Marxism, with Marxism as a Parody of Christianity. This is justified by 2 factors: KMarx was a Jew, son and grandson of Rabbis…and till his 13 he knews perfectly the Torah; 2. He also was converted to Lutheranism and baptized in it and also knew its Protestants (Christian) Doctrines. So, we can perfectly perceive and understand the origins of similarity between Christianity and Marxism, which arose from internal contention and animosity against the cultural and religious heritage inside the mind of Karl Marx, who knew perfectly the theological constructions of Christianity and Judaism. (civil_engineer_ambarros@yahoo.com) (whatsapp…+595 972 413 711 – Paraguay) ALMIR MACARIO BARROS. I am from Brazil and I live in Paraguay. I am a Christian and Preacher of the Gospel of Jesus sacrificed on the Cross in a Expiatory way, and Resurrected by Father in the Third Day.

    • Coming from Catholicism, my angle is naturally the Catholic angle. And look what’s happened with the Catholic Church during the last sixty years. It was taken over and then put upside down! Liberation Theology had previously been absolutely abhorred by the Church and consequently condemned and identified as little more than Marxism with a Christian veneer. The Second Vatican Council was – and some “progressive” cardinals at the time said it – the French Revolution inside the Catholic Church. In other words, Vatican II was (and has continued to be) a giant programme of brutal autodemolition. I recommend the late Rama P. Coomaraswamy’s reference book, “The Destruction of the Christian Tradition”. Funny enough, the communists created the same in an Islamic format (the so-called Nation of Islam in the U.S. clearly is such an organisation). – There is this famous phrase by Karl Marx, referring to Hegel, that history indeed repeats itself, yet one time it comes as tragedy and the second time as farce. What he did not see, in his diabolical hubris, was that he himself was such a farce, trying to mimick Christendom. Marx was neither Moses nor Christ. He was, in life, a miserable misfit, and otherwise a hater of all things, by which motivation he created his new “gospel” of overthrow and a new atheist society: communism. I fully agree: Communism isn’t just anti-Christian. Rather, it is a murderous COUNTER-Christendom.

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