The Author


THE CONTEMPLATIVE OBSERVER, author of this blog, has travelled much of the world, has seen many trades, educational fields and walks of life, and has looked into a variety of spiritual paths.

Baptised a Roman Catholic but raised in a non-observant family, and having completed grammar school (i.e. ‘gymnasium’, in the European context) as well as military service by the age of 20, he started out for university to study musicology and art history, then changed his field to history and politology, and finally to law as well as national economics. Yet, lacking any financial support whatsoever, he had to soon drop his high-flying academic ambitions. Frustrated (first, because of his constant fiscal malaise, but then also because of the already-then hilariously overregulated university system in his country), he took off, age 24 and so on a shoe string, for India, Australia, and Papua-New-Guinea, a journey of a life time! Back to his country eight months later, he sensed he had, through his journey, completely left behind the local ‘matrix,’ nevertheless for some time went into the field of classical massage, and then decided, at the already advanced age of 27, to become a primary school teacher.

However, the socialistic educational system that is predominant in his country had other plans, and so he was ‘silently’ manoeuvred out, Soviet-style, after almost three years of hard work, just months ahead of the final exams. Obviously, those ‘controller apparatchiks’ had spotted him, more than he himself then was aware, as a ‘danger,’ meaning: as a whole-hearted conservative and traditionalist. After all, if you dare address children as individuals, as great wonders full of talents who deserve their God-given curiosity and willingness to learn to be nourished with sense and meaning, you already become a ‘suspect’ in a world that has completely embraced Satanic godlessness and Marxist-totalitarian collectivism and that has declared war against everything precious and valuable, ultimately against all uniqueness of the individual human soul, so furiously hating man as the summit of God’s Creation that he is.  

At the same time, having briefly put his nose into the questionable districts of ‘Neo-Hinduism,’ the author then made encounter with the old and timeless school of Japanese Rinzai Zen (which, if practised traditionally, is a great discipline, but lacks like all Buddhism the key reference point of it all: GOD!). Even, he met an independent group of Bhakti people, which showed him the beauty of that Hindu mysticism, but didn’t really fulfil him either. He then happened to stumble upon a Turkish Sufi order, in which he stayed for roughly a decade until he just couldn’t bear the ever more obvious and quite scandalous contradictions and inconsistencies any longer.

His interest today is where he had once started out, so to speak, as a newborn: with authentic, traditional Catholicism, especially with the monastic, mystical traditions within the Church. Thus, his great longing – and hope – lies in society’s overall return to authentic tradition, to its old ways, whether spiritually, culturally, or economically,.

The author is now in his mid fifties and continues to live in Europe.