THE CONTEMPLATIVE OBSERVER, author of this blog, has travelled much of the world, has seen many trades, educational fields, and walks of life, as well as has looked into a variety of spiritual paths. 

    Raised Catholic, more or less, and having completed Grammar School (i.e. ‘Gymnasium’, in the European context) as well as military service by the age of 20, he started out for University to study Musicology and Art History, then changed his field to History and Politology, and finally to Law as well as National Economics. However, the proceedings as well as content of what was taught soon built up to a great deal of frustration (no subject whatsoever is being taught from a spiritual viewpoint, worse: they are indoctrinating us with their materialist ‘Enlightenment’ and with Marxism), so that his other great passion, which at the time was Classical Astrology, came more and more to the forefront. As he could, over the time, no longer ignore his growing spiritual longing – which, due to his secular upbringing, was still searching for a proper form -, he at the age of 24 set out for an open journey without schedule that lasted 8 months and led him all the way to India, Australia, and Papua-New-Guinea. Back to his country, he sensed he had, through his journey, completely left behind the local ‘matrix,’ nevertheless for some time went into the field of classical massage, and then decided, at the already advanced age of 27, to become a primary school teacher. However, the socialistic educational system that is predominant in his country had other plans, and so he was ‘silently’ manoeuvred out, Soviet-style, after almost three years of hard work, just months ahead of the final exams. Obviously, those ‘controller apparatchiks’ had spotted him, more than he himself then was aware, as a ‘danger,’ meaning: as a whole-hearted conservative and traditionalist. And doing fine landscape photography, playing Bach, Beethoven, and Schubert on the piano as well as being in love with Classical Music in general, writing your own quite philosophical poetry, travelling around the world on your own, far off the main tourist tracks, and (as for teaching itself) addressing children as individuals, as great wonders full of talents who deserve their God-given curiosity and willingness to learn to be nourished with sense and meaning, clearly already makes you a ‘suspect’ in a world that has completely embraced Satanic godlessness and Marxist-totalitarian collectivism and that has declared war against everything precious and valuable, ultimately against all uniqueness of the individual human soul, so furiously hating man as the summit of God’s Creation that he is.  

    At the same time, having briefly put his nose into the questionable districts of ‘Neo-Hinduism,’ the author had then made encounter with the old and timeless school of Japanese Rinzai Zen (which, if practised traditionally, is a great discipline, but lacks like all Buddhism the key reference point of it all: GOD!). Even, he met an independent group of Bhakti people, which showed him the beauty of that Hindu mysticism, but didn’t really fulfil him either. He then happened to stumble upon a Turkish Sufi order, in which he stayed for roughly a decade until he just couldn’t bear the ever more obvious and quite scandalous contradictions and inconsistencies any longer. His interest today is where he had once started out, so to speak, as a newborn: with authentic, traditional Catholicism, especially with the monastic, mystical traditions within the Church (what a spiritual odyssee!). In any case, his great longing has always been, societally speaking, a return to tradition, spiritually, culturally, and economically, without which mankind will be stuck forever in this present desert, that hasn’t even come to its worst yet, as things stand.

    For that reason, the author’s critique of Masonry’s and socialism’s (red, brown, or green) global totalitarian Utopia, this constantly accelerating ‘work in progress’ and at the same time worst horror ever done by man to man; of – important for everyone! – the perversion, in fact: Satanic inversion, of the Roman Catholic Church some 50 years ago and ever since by the 1962-65 communistic-Masonic coup d’etat known as the Second Vatican Council, that created a new, modernist-progressivist, totally apostate ‘church,’ fully in line with Masonry’s and the United Nations’ call for a ‘spiritual UN’ and a mandatory godless ‘world parliament of religions,’ and even visibly in the process of being shaped itself into that very ‘eco’-Utopian umbrella organisation destined to serve the devil instead of God the Lord (all accomplished by a whole range of schemes and manipulations so to draw, beside what once was the Catholic Church, also all other religions into their Orwellian orbit and to completely destroy them via firm co-optation, not the least by using such deceptive labels as ‘dialogue,’ ‘tolerance,’ ‘peace,’ ‘ecumenism,’ ‘holism,’ ‘one human family,’ ‘intercultural understanding,’ or ‘interfaith’ – as is in-depth explained in American author Lee Penn’s 2004 reference work, “False Dawn: The United Religions Initiative, Globalism, and the Quest for a One-World Religion,” Sophia Perennis, and in that same author’s 2010 treatise The Religious Face of the New World Order: From the Vatican to the White House to the United Religions Initiative,” published at usasurvival.org); and of the secret or not-so-secret alliance between the Masonic/socialist/communist forces, those of Rosicrucianism/Satanism/Theosophy/Anthroposophy/New Age, and the fanatical, neo-Pagan ‘Green’ watermelons, that prove deep-red (or reddish brown, one should say) as soon as one scratches the surface. It’s about ‘creating’ a radically ‘New Man’ inhabiting a radically ‘New World,’ in other words: forcing and/or manipulating people into an utterly totalitarian collectivism, ruled by the merciless dictate of ‘Oneness,’ akin to Nazi Germany’s propaganda slogan “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer!”, and ‘organised’ most likely along the insane anti-industrial/anti-intellectual/anti-spiritual “agricultural-communist” lines of Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, complete with mass killing, this time in the billions. That’s the grim realities we are looking at as soon as we dare stop burying our heads in the sand; that’s the inconvenient truth properly so called we urgently should pay attention to – provided we still have the strength, courage, and vitality to do so …

    The author is now in his early fifties and is living in Europe.