A 21st-Century Christmas Dream

Freyung, Christkindlmarkt


I’ve never been much of a dreamer in my life, although once my teachers said so (who cares about them). I think I’m more a philosopher, not in the academic sense, but still a sort of reflecting mind: watching, contemplating, and – like all thirsting souls – longing. And, by God, there’s a lot to long for, spiritually speaking, in our present day.

Yet, sometimes I do dream; not day-dream, but dream. And so, here’s what I recently dreamt in this Advent season of 2019 after an exhausting and quite chaotic day, which forced me into bed early. Or was it a dream? Anyway, here is my story.

I was wandering through my city like invisible. No interaction with anyone. People were busy buying stuff for Christmas: the only collective bliss left for a culture that had lost its inner core and meaning. A brass band, placed on a podium overlooking a Christmas market, was playing traditional Christmas carols. Hardly anyone paid attention. Instead, dozens of young careerists, working for banks or law firms nearby, had gathered, “after-hour”, to have hot punch by the gallons: the advent not of Christ, but of solid intoxication. A double-decker bus passed by, painted all over with seductive nudes: advertising the city’s top-end brothel, famous particularly with the Russian mob that now literally “owns” this once-exquisite European place of history. Church bells rang, but again: for whom or what? For the glory of God Almighty certainly, but their once-authoritative sound had no effect on people any more. Teenagers, on their own or in small groups, could be seen crossing the square, probably coming from school, each one of them heavily immersed in their smart phones, detached from reality. A Catholic priest was having a most casual chat with the people at the stall of Caritas Socialis. His whole body language resembled more that of a politician than that of a man of God. The freezing cold didn’t keep people from carrying their silly shopping bags parroting the latest Global Warming slogan. Weren’t they all made of carbon dioxide themselves? I entered the market area. This was indeed the most traditional of all Christmas markets in town. And people appeared to love it for that. There were beeswax candles for sale, along with the most delicious honey compositions. One could buy roasted chestnuts and potatoe pancakes. There were of course stalls selling Christmas bakery and Christmas tree balls. Others offered organic bread, cheese and what not. Various handicrafts stalls had the most delicate items on display produced in the country’s various provinces. It was lovely, it was picturesque, one could eat and drink and enjoy oneself, and certainly find decent Christmas presents. And yet, something was missing. The longer I looked at the scene, despite the elegantly dressed people and the many fine shops, the more I felt that this was nothing but a monstrous Potemkin façade, an empty shell, a sweet and nicely draped package without content. A crowd of young Italians (they always come in crowds) entered the scene: happy as ever, singing, dancing, joking. It’s that particular Mediterranean mood for which the whole world loves them. But did they emanate any last bit of their once-famous Italian Catholicity? A militant cyclist nearly hit a pedestrian, even shouting at the old lady, as in this place cyclists “are king”. Soon after, the idyllic sounds of the brass band got cut through by several police sirens (over here they still use the less unnerving ascending fourth). In no time, a dozen or so of policemen filled the market, nervously looking for something or somebody. No announcement was made, no measures were taken. Eventually, they left back into the night, probably searching for terrorists or mafiyas or drug dealers somewhere else.

It wasn’t till now that I realised an old, bearded man standing in a corner, all by himself (and it wasn’t some Santa Claus). I went over to him and looked into a face so bright and shining, so beautiful and naturally aristocratic that I instinctively fell down to kiss his hand, the way they still do in the orient today and as was commonplace also in the Christian lands until a century ago. He wouldn’t allow me to kiss his hand, which felt strange, as I thought maybe I wasn’t sincere and humble enough. Nevertheless, the old man was friendly, and in his eyes I could now see tears over tears. I wondered what could have hurt him so deeply, but then the old wise man began to speak, and he spoke with wisdom and authority:

“What you see, my dear son, are the fruits of apostasy. People’s shopping bags are bursting with everything this material world has to offer, but their hearts are empty and cold. They claim to be celebrating the birth of the Lord, if at all, and yet their minds are completely absorbed with worldly things. They think of their scheduled skiing holidays in the Alps or a far-distance journey to the Maldives; of their numerous invitations and festivities, that are purely secular; of organising this and organising that. But the churches stand empty, and better they remained empty, for honesty’s sake, as your churchmen of today have become a disgrace. They no longer believe. They have abandoned their Christian faith and have embraced, like Ischariot, the world. No wonder, people stay away. These men have nothing to give and nothing to transmit. This is more than just a crisis, it is the very tragedy foretold by prophets and saints thousands of years ago. Mankind will be cleansed, and God only knows by which means He will cleanse it. In any case, the arch-enemy has entered the walls of Christianity a long time ago, patiently waiting for his great and murderous moment. But people only see what the arch-enemy allows them to see. Yet, this is, whatever real, a distraction. After all, he has not only infiltrated and perverted Christendom, he has done the same with all other religions, too. And so, my son, great hardship is coming. Hardship and suffering and death. But it will all be, like in Biblical times, for the sake of bringing man back to his Heavenly Father. Of course, not every prodigal son indeed returns. Man has been endowed, for better or worse, with free will. There is Divine Grace, but there is also man’s need to repent and to wholeheartedly change his ways.”

At this point, the old wise man took me and transferred me, in the twinkling of an eye, to faraway Moscow. He continued:

“Look around! Isn’t this here a different world? A world so fundamentally godless that it can play at will with the appearance-only of faith? But their leaders do not believe in God. They unchangedly believe in their own evil prophets, Marx and Lenin, and are unchangedly committed to their same old project of conquering the world for communism. Watch them carefully: the way they move, the way they speak. In their arrogance and hubris, they are convinced they have mastered the art of perfect imitation. But, my son, everyone who can see should be able to detect the duplicity in everything they do. Sadly, the Western nations are struck, even now, with utter blindness. First, they have allowed themselves to be put to sleep. Now, they refuse to wake up. But the days of comfortable numbness are about to come to an end. The final awakening, when it happens, will be terrible. Many will go insane straight away. Most, however, will be completely helpless.”

The saintly old man disappeared, leaving me behind in the middle of Red Square. A group of people had lined up in front of the Lenin Mausoleum, like pilgrims, eager to enter their sinister holy of holies. The terrifying Red Star on Spasskaya Tower silently confirmed what the man had just said. There was a strange Christmas tree right in front of the GUM department store, cut back to the exact shape of a cone. I then had a look into this alleged temple of new Russian capitalism. What I saw struck me: there, they had a Christmas tree mounted by a giant communist Red Star, like the ones on top of the Kremlin towers outside! Somebody passed by, spotting me as a foreigner, and said in English (with a heavy Russian accent, which he didn’t even try to hide), while he pointed to that Red Star on top of the Christmas tree: “WELCOME TO RUSSIAN-ORTHODOX MOTHER RUSSIA!” – laughing mad and crazy like a whole armada of gruesome demons.

As I woke up, I still had the terrible laughter in my ears, while I cried and cried and cried. Is this indeed our future, as the old man had indicated? Will they indeed slay the rest of the world without mercy, the one way or the other? Given the fact that they are still communists, we’d better get prepared for the worst, remembering the old Latin word: “Si vis pacem, para bellum.” If you want peace, prepare for war. As otherwise, the sole alternatives would be: red or dead…

Merry Christmas!





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Open Letter to the Descendants of the People of Russia (English Text)



First, my dear readers, I would like to apologise for having no command of the Russian language whatsoever. On the other hand, I do not know of native Russian speakers who could help me with translating this text into a fine and proper Russian version. Thus, I decided to rely on Google Translate. Hopefully, the result will be sufficiently comprehensible.

As for myself, I’m simply a private individual who was born and lives in the non-communist part of the world and who is greatly concerned about the world’s political development, to which the so-called Russian Federation is evidently a major factor, if not the decisive factor.

These lines are not directed at the Russian political system and its representatives (although it’s all about them), but at the silent majority of what once was the Russian people and what has been transformed, over a full century, into a sad caricature of its former self. I do not mean this in a derogatory sense, but on the contrary – having Slavic roots myself – as pointing to the monstrous work of cultural and spiritual devastation brought upon Russia by the Bolshevists and their political heirs to this very day.

Indeed, the Russian people –  in fact, all nations living on the territory of the “former” Soviet Union – have not yet had a true opportunity for grief work with regard to everything that has been done to them ever since that infamous year of 1917, when a well-organised clique of political fanatics and, yes, criminals grabbed power in Russia with the declared goal of erecting a radically new society so much more cruel and merciless than everything the world had ever seen. They justified their diabolical terror and mass killings as historically necessary for establishing their new “promised land” of eventual communism, a place however that doesn’t exist and in which, if one reads their texts closely, they didn’t even believe themselves. Sure enough, all they achieved was to turn everything on its head, to cripple the economy, to create an omnipresent climate of fear (and a giant mountain of corpses) and to effectively destroy Russia’s great religious tradition.


Having killed off the hated “old classes”, their objective was to create a new type of human being: the “Soviet man”. But, let’s be honest, what were (and still are) the features of this unprecedented creature? It is a creature determined by either suffering under or exerting raw, unmitigated power. With no moral or spiritual authority and certainly no checks and balances left, the Soviet state was now the new god, all-powerful, omnipresent and next to omniscient. And everyone had to decide for himself whether he wanted to be on the side of the powerless or on the side of the criminal perpetrators. Those who dared stand up against this juggernaut, notoriously ended up – as “enemies of the people”, that is: of the Party – in political psychiatry or the Gulag.

And has there changed much since the official Soviet days? You know better than I! Quite obviously, they simply reorganised their forces and erected an impressive Potyemkin façade, by which they were able to simultaneously deceive (and put to sleep) an unprepared West and frustrate any desire for freedom and democracy at home. And who still longs for Western-style democracy and market economics after the late Yegor Gaidar’s “shock therapy”? Not to mention the fact that the West is now in a more than deplorable position itself, having been undermined for decades by the steady poison of Gramscian cultural Marxism – the irony being that open communist oppression along Stalinist lines at least left some layers of inward resistance to the system while the process in the West has all but destroyed people’s hearts and minds from within! The world faces a dilemma of monumental proportions: the “post-communist” world has remained as communist as ever (with Russia still being the state of Lenin), while the formerly free world has arrived on the brink of a communist revolution of its own!

All these advances of communism were solely made possible by a deadly combination of lies, deceit, theft, intimidation and murder (which are the only things communism has proven to be good at).

What does this leave us with? It doesn’t seem as if the West, weakened and confused and hollowed out, still has any capacity left to rescue the populations that are unchangedly imprisoned under “reformed” communism. If things continue along this fatal trajectory, we might even come to a point where the nations of the West could look to the populations still living under communism (not their criminal leadership) for help. But how should such a miracle be possible? How can the oppressed (and imprisoned) ever save the imminently threatened? In any case, a solid breakthrough against the men of the Red Star, who are now preparing for ultimate world conquest, will not come about until a great and glorious true renaissance of the Faith has occurred.

And, if one thinks about it, whether such a genuine religious revival (as opposed to the current Eurasian propaganda in Russia and the ever-growing pro-Putin crowd in the West) takes place on this side of the fence or that side, is but a secondary question…


A Russian version of this text, generated with Google Translate, can be found here.




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Открытое письмо потомкам народа России



(Автоматический перевод с английского на русский через Google Translate.)


Во-первых, мои дорогие читатели, я хотел бы извиниться за то, что не знал русского языка вообще. С другой стороны, я не знаю носителей русского языка, которые могли бы помочь мне перевести этот текст в хорошую и правильную русскую версию. Таким образом, я решил положиться на Google Translate. Надеюсь, результат будет достаточно приемлемым.

Что касается меня, я просто частное лицо, которое родилось и живет в некоммунистической части мира и которое очень обеспокоено политическим развитием мира, для которого так называемая Российская Федерация, очевидно, является основным фактором, если не решающий фактор.

Эти строки направлены не на российскую политическую систему и ее представителей (хотя это все о них), но на молчаливое большинство того, что когда-то было русским народом и что превратилось за целое столетие в печальную карикатуру его бывшая личность. Я не имею в виду это в уничижительном смысле, а напротив – имея собственные славянские корни – как указание на чудовищную работу культурного и духовного опустошения, принесенную в Россию большевиками и их политическими наследниками по сей день.

Действительно, русский народ – фактически все народы, проживающие на территории “бывшего” Советского Союза – еще не имели реальной возможности скорбеть о том, что было сделано с тех пор, как этот печально известный 1917 год Когда хорошо организованная клика политических фанатиков и, да, преступники захватили власть в России с объявленной целью создать радикально новое общество, гораздо более жестокое и беспощадное, чем все, что мир когда-либо видел. Они оправдывали свой дьявольский террор и массовые убийства как исторически необходимые для создания своей новой «земли обетованной» возможного коммунизма, места, которое, однако, не существует и в котором, если кто-то внимательно читает их тексты, они даже не верят себе. Конечно, все, чего они достигли, – это повернуть все с ног на голову, нанести ущерб экономике, создать вездесущий климат страха (и гигантскую гору трупов) и эффективно разрушить великую религиозную традицию России.


Убив ненавистных «старых классов», их целью было создать новый тип человека: «советский человек». Но, давайте будем честными, каковы были (и остаются) черты этого беспрецедентного существа? Это существо, определяемое либо страданием под действием необузданной силы, либо проявлением его. Без морального или духовного авторитета и, конечно, без сдержек и противовесов, Советское государство стало теперь новым богом, всемогущим, вездесущим и почти всеведущим. И каждый должен был решить для себя, хочет ли он быть на стороне бессильных или на стороне преступников. Те, кто осмелился выступить против этого джаггернаута, как известно, оказались «врагами народа», то есть партии, в политической психиатрии или в ГУЛАГе.

И сильно ли изменилось со времен официальных советских дней? Ты знаешь лучше меня! Совершенно очевидно, что они просто реорганизовали свои силы и построили впечатляющий Потемкинский фасад, благодаря которому они смогли одновременно обмануть (и усыпить) неподготовленный Запад и сорвать любое стремление к свободе и демократии у себя дома. И кто еще жаждет демократии в западном стиле и рыночной экономики после «шоковой терапии» покойного Егора Гайдара? Не говоря уже о том, что Запад сейчас находится в более чем плачевном положении, будучи десятилетиями подорванным устойчивым ядом граммского культурного марксизма – ирония в том, что открытое коммунистическое угнетение по сталинским линиям, по крайней мере, оставило некоторые слои внутреннего сопротивления. к системе, в то время как процесс на Западе почти уничтожил сердца и умы людей изнутри! Мир сталкивается с дилеммой монументальных масштабов: «посткоммунистический» мир остался таким же коммунистическим, как и прежде (Россия по-прежнему остается государством Ленина), в то время как ранее свободный мир оказался на грани собственной коммунистической революции!

Все эти успехи коммунизма стали возможными исключительно благодаря смертельной комбинации лжи, обмана, воровства, запугивания и убийства (это единственные вещи, в которых коммунизм доказал свою эффективность).

Что это оставляет нам с? Похоже, что Запад, ослабленный, растерянный и опустошенный, все еще не имеет возможности спасти население, которое неизменно находится в тюрьме в результате «реформированного» коммунизма. Если все пойдет по этой роковой траектории, мы могли бы даже прийти к точке, когда народы Запада могут обратиться за помощью к населению, все еще живущему при коммунизме (а не к их криминальному руководству). Но как такое чудо возможно? Как угнетенные (и заключенные в тюрьму) могут когда-либо спасти грозящую угрозу? В любом случае, серьезный прорыв против людей Красной Звезды, которые сейчас готовятся к окончательному завоеванию мира, не произойдет, пока не произойдет великое и славное истинное возрождение Веры.

И, если задуматься, происходит ли такое подлинное религиозное возрождение (в отличие от нынешней евразийской пропаганды в России и постоянно растущей пропутинской толпы на Западе) на этой или другой стороне забора, но второстепенный вопрос …


Оригинальная английская версия этого текста может быть найдена здесь.




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A Critical Look Back on 2018


Rearview, circular II


The passed year of 2018, which marked Karl Marx’s 200th birthday, was indeed significant. From the perspective of the world revolution, it had to be. After all, communism, at its heart, is a deeply metaphysical cult, a counter-religion, with its own “god” (the Party, but ultimately the devil), its own “gospel” (so-called class struggle, behind which hides an overall and total struggle against God) and its own “saints” (from Babeuf to Marx & Engels to Lenin & Stalin to Béla Kun to Rosa Luxemburg & Karl Liebknecht to Antonio Gramsci to the Franfurt Schoolers to Sukarno to Ho Chi Minh to Nehru to Nasser to Kim Il-Sung to Mao to Arafat to Fidel Castro to Allende to Pol Pot to Mandela to the more recent incarnations: Gerry Adams, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn).

Indeed, communists have always paid the greatest attention to their “jubilees”, which they celebrate with quasi-religious fervour. The Second International, for instance, which was really the first Socialist International, was formed on July 14, 1889, the exact day of the centenary of the Storming of the Bastille, which had sparked off the French Revolution a century earlier. The Bolshevist Revolution in Russia, which toppled Alexander Kerensky’s Provisional Government in November 1917 (or October, respectively, by old-style Julian calender count) happened to anticipate Karl Marx’s one hundredth birthday by only six months. Also the infamous May riots in 1968 France occurred perfectly on time for Karl Marx’s 150th birthday, while at the same time in communist Czechoslovakia the Prague Spring operetta was launched as a dress rehearsal for the larger deception programme to be implemented by Gorbachev twenty years later. Also, Lenin’s hundredth birthday, April 22, 1970, was used by a Democratic Senator (and for a while, Governor) of Wisconsin named Gaylord Nelson to announce ever-since-celebrated Earth Day, which greatly illustrates the intimate connection between environmentalism and the Revolution (that by now is no secret any longer). Gorbachev’s proclamation of “Perestroika” happened in 1987, the 70th anniversary of the 1917 October Revolution, while the removal of the Iron Curtain (and “collapse of communism” in the Eastern European satellite states) “coincided”, quite cynically, with the bicentenary of the French Revolution (that was, in France, pompously, and certainly unashamedly, celebrated by then-French President, and devoted socialist, François Mitterand). Ever since Vladimir Putin succeeded Boris Yeltsin at the turn from 1999 to 2000, “post-communist” Russia has been again officially celebrating on every December 20th the foundation of the Bolshevists’ deadly secret police and instrument of Lenin’s Red Terror, the Cheka, which was the forerunner of the KGB (meanwhile renamed FSB). Also, Putin’s “Russia” has reintroduced the old Soviet anthem of 1944 as well as the annual military parades on Moscow’s Red Square, commemorating Stalin’s victory over Hitler in 1945 (from Moscow’s perspective, Germany’s unconditional surrender took place on May 9th, 1945). Even Barack Obama appears quite conscious of certain historical dates in the communist calendar: His second election campaign of 2012 was officially launched on May 5th, Karl Marx’s birthday, and was running on the prominent communist maxim, “Forward”. Not to mention the 9/11 terror attacks, which had been so obviously choreographed not by some Muslim fanatics, but ultimately by Moscow; September 11 being both the birthday of “Iron Felix” Dzerzhinsky, the head of the Cheka, and the death day of Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, under whose watch, in the late 1950s, the new Leninist longrange strategy was worked out.

In addition, one might take note of a seeming habit on the part of the communists to open new chapters in their revolutionary “journey” towards the end of any given decade (and thus at the beginning of a new decade). The French Revolution began in 1789. There was the Revolution of 1848 (which was also the year Marx and Engels published their Communist Manifesto). The Bolsheviks took over Russia in late 1917, while the monarchies in Germany and Austria fell in late 1918 and Béla Kun erected his diabolical, but short-lived, reign in Hungary in 1919. Mao came to power in China in 1949. The Castros in Cuba, in 1959. The German Social Democrats under Willy Brandt formed Germany’s first left-wing government after World War II in 1969, followed by the Austrian Socialists under Bruno Kreisky capturing the seats of power in their country in 1970. There was also a quite prominent full-blown communist revolution in Chile in 1970 under Salvador Allende, who was only overthrown by General Pinochet in 1973. What’s more, the years 1968/69 saw the climax of the sixties’ revolution, both in Europe and in America. In 1979, the (clearly Soviet-controlled) Mullah regime took power in Iran. 1989 was the year of the fake “collapse” of communism, which was in fact the official start of a 360° offensive against the West. 1999/2000 was the beginning of the neo-Stalinist regime under Putin in Russia. While Comrade Obama was inaugurated as the first communist President of the United States – recognised as such by hardly anyone at the time – in 2009 (sure enough, he and his revolutionary cohorts haven’t gone away at all since the election of Donald Trump, but have instead launched an even wilder attack on the American Republic through their across-the-board “Resistance”).

And so, 2018 being the bicentenary of the birth of the “prophet” of communism, one should expect major events (as well as culminating processes) to have taken place in the course of this passed year, and there were plenty. Here’s a selection (that does not necessarily follow a chronological order):

For the People’s Republic of China, 2018 was a year of great strife, strategic expansion and ideological “rejuvenation”. The ruthless erection of military bases in the international waters of the South China Sea represents an unprecedented breach not only of international diplomacy, but of international law, to begin with. Communist China bullies and threatens the whole of the East-Asian-Pacific region (all the way to Australia and New Zealand) and simply doesn’t care about Western protests any longer. Such behaviour, of course, signifies an actor who feels strong enough to openly challenge the (once-)leading world power of the United States. China makes no secret of its determination to make the 21st century the “Chinese century” (masking all the while the deeper dimension of communist world revolution, that includes also Russia as well as the whole of the “former” world communist bloc). The trade war with America just continues; so do the permanent, full-scale industrial espionage, organised sabotage as well as strategic infiltration. But, given their close and quite irreversible entanglement with this criminal regime, that has grown into a veritable monster (greatly facilitated 45 years ago by none other than Henry Kissinger), America and the West are no longer in the position to categorically confront China. Rather, whatever aggressive rhetoric comes out of the White House, they have to appease. In other words – and this is true of China and Russia – the free world increasingly stands with its back against the wall (without so much, even, as a truly Catholic Church in place that would warn against communism – instead, the Conciliar church, that is no longer Catholic, promotes it). Russia and China know all this, which is why their ever-growing belligerence has long surpassed that of the darkest days of the Cold War, that in fact has never ended, though Francis Fukuyama still seems to hold on even now to his erroneous pipe dream of an “End of History”. The PRC is home (if one call it that) to 1.4 billion people, i.e. almost one fifth of the entire world population and roughly four and half times the population of the United States (that, in turn, already has around 3.8 million ethnic Chinese, which is slightly more than 1% of the U.S. population). Such staggering population numbers – along with China soon to  overtake the U.S. as the leading economy in the world and provided a necessary modernisation of China’s military, which has been underway for quite some time – suggest not only the serious possibility of China (along with Russia) defeating the United States on the battlefield, but even of exterminating the whole of the U.S. population and replacing it with Chinese! Sure enough, for all those in the West who have been celebrating a more “pragmatic”, “no longer really communist” China for the last three decades, the day of reckoning has come. China is as ideologically charged as ever, with President Xi Jingping having assumed the same powers as were once held by Chairman Mao. The most merciless religious persecution is back, an unexpected déjà-vu of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. This time, the communist state keeps an estimated one million Uyghurs in reeducation camps, while their mosques have now Chinese red flags planted on them. As for Christians, state authorities check out their apartments and force them to take down images of Christ or Christian saints and replace them with pictures of President Xi! With non-compromising underground Catholics having been thrown under the bus by Rome, a great tragedy is looming, that will most likely be kept from the eyes of the West. At the same time, China is in the process of implementing a completely dystopian system of social control (known as “social credit system”) by way of electronically keeping track of every citizen’s (or company’s) patterns of behaviour and consumption. There’s no doubt that this is what the communists have in store for all of us, if we remain indifferent and passive enough to let it happen. As a matter of course, Karl Marx’s 200th birthday was prominently celebrated by the Chinese regime.

Marx 200, Peking


But one shouldn’t forget about “Russia”, which has remained the same old murderous Soviet Union in everything but name. Russia (in fact, the whole of the “Commonwealth of Independent States”, which equates basically to the whole territory of the former USSR) is still the beacon of the world revolution – even though it has taken on the guise of Russian nationalism, even traditional Russian Christendom, which is but a pack of lies, sadly all too readily believed by conservatives in the West. The leadership is as communist as it can get and as threatening as the Soviet Union has ever been. The supposed “changes” introduced by Gorbachev and perpetuated by Yeltsin and Putin have been merely cosmetic. They are all still Soviets, with the same old Soviet hatred and despise of “decadent, imperialist America”. No genuine bourgeois state of affairs has ever been reestablished either in the “former” Soviet Union or in any of its “former” satellite states. It’s been the boldest and most consequential charade in all of human history. Like China, also Russia is working day and night to undermine the West wherever it can (and grab whatever territory it sees fit, knowing that all the West can do is throw up its arms in shock and helplessness and impose “sanctions”). At the same time, the Russian Federation has greatly modernised its military, which includes a whole array of actual super-weapons, even doomsday weapons, the likes of which the United States has suicidally decided, over the last couple of decades, not to build. As a consequence, Russia and China have now successfully reversed the balance of military power in their favour, and one shouldn’t take their claims as mere bluff. In an address to the nation given on March 1, 2018, Vladimir Putin presented Russia’s brandnew weapon systems as animated videos and called upon the U.S. to accept the new facts and come to the negotiating table so to bring forth a new international order (the terms of which would of course be dictated by the communists). So it is no exaggeration to say that the world has now – 200th birthday of Karl Marx! – indeed arrived at a scenario desperately warned of by Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn 35 long years ago, namely a scenario of “cooperation-blackmail”, in which a communist bloc that would have acquired overwhelming military superiority would be able to force its tyrannical system of Marxism-Leninism upon a completely unprepared Western world. And the Russian Armed Forces’ recent military drill in September this year, Vostok-2018, which involved three hundred thousand men (and 900 tanks), speak a fairly clear language. Watch Putin’s speech, that has simultaneous English interpretation, on the video embedded below, beginning at the 1:25:00 mark (which is where it starts getting interesting):     


Zyuganov Marx 200

By the way, also in “Russia”, Karl Marx’s 200th birthday was officially celebrated, and so by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation led by Gennady Zyuganov (who is at excellent terms with Vladimir Putin), the CPRF simply being the most blatant and obvious successor of the old Communist Party Soviet Union, as in fact all other parties that now constitute Russia’s new “democratic pluralism” are mere branches of the CPSU, too!




The overall picture gets even more disturbing as one looks at the United Nations, where indeed a former President of the Socialist International (António Guterres of Portugal) now holds the post of Secretary General. His insidious initiatives (apart from the UN’s deadly “Global Warming” scheme), the “Global Compact on Refugees” and especially the “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration”, meanwhile signed by most countries of the world (but allegedly not legally binding!), represent a literal sword of Damocles hanging over the nations of the West, endangering their very existence as nations on the long run – which is the key goal of Marxism (and of Theosophy): Destroy the Christian world!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (like Barack Obama, a more-than-obvious communist Trojan Horse) has lost her chairmanship of the CDU, but remains Chancellor nonetheless. She never liked the party, but only used it as a stepping stone to power. In other words, she will certainly not step down as Chancellor, but will complete her present term all the way till 2021, destroying ever further, along with her socialistic colleague in France, President Emmanuel Macron, any remaining European nationhood in exchange for an all-powerful European super-state that will soon have a unified European army (which would certainly kill NATO), centralised taxation and all other features known from the old days of the USSR. The final death knell will then be – as of yet unimaginable for West Europeans – a merger with the unchanged Soviet Union, including all its former republics, which would realise the communists’ long-desired goal of a “Common European Home from the Atlantic to Vladivostok”, read: an all-communist Eurasia!

Where does this leave America, or Japan, or Australia and New Zealand – or Britain (should Brexit indeed become a reality)? In a position of utmost isolation! The revolutionary madness in the United States – led and organised by the Democratic Party, that is now in fact the Communist Party – will sooner or later overthrow any constitutional government whatsoever and erect a brutal communist tyranny, with already-communist California leading the way (while hardcore Leninist Jeremy Corbyn is patiently waiting for his chance to become British Prime Minister). President Trump, despite all his good intentions, will hardly be able to stem the revolutionary tide that threatens America both from without and from within. We are witnessing, in real time, the falling apart of the entire post-WW-II international order. God help us all…



As some final sources this author would highly recommend, here are two one-hour-plus discussions of December 29, 2017 and November 15, 2018 respectively, involving J. R. Nyquist and Benjamin Baruch, titled “Road to World War III” and “The Path to Armageddon”. They are not pleasant…



Nyquist, New Tactics of Global War

The two gentlemen have also written a book together that is quite profound and should be of interest to anybody who cares about what is going on in the world: The New Tactics of Global War is available via amazon.












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