Two Hundred Years of Karl Marx – and We Haven’t Seen the Worst of It Yet …

Karl Marx in red

Indeed, we’ve come a long way since the world was still a place ruled by law, righteousness and faith. Everything, it seems, is now put upside down, inside out, back to front. Good is now evil, evil is good. The sick, the deranged, the criminal have become the new normal, and don’t you dare – reactionary dinosaur! – to question that new paradigm! Honesty, humility, decency, piety, cleanness, hard work, excellence, self-responsibility, wisdom, courage, heroism, chivalry, principledness, courtship, elegance, good conduct, kindness, attentiveness, gentleness, compassion, soft-spokenness, selflessness, fear of God, love of country, respect for the elderly, honouring marriage & family, holding up of tradition, self-restraint, even chastity (where it applies), all these core values and principles (one could also subsume them under the four cardinal virtues) have been thrown on the ash heap of history as if they had never been more than some temporary annoyance, some petty-bourgeois set of prejudices that were merely preventing humanity’s much-cited “evolutionary progress,” evolution of course implying that there’s nothing fixed or fundamental or immutable, let alone transcendent, in human existence. Everything is supposedly subject to the revolutionary dynamics of “change,” one key ingredient of the revolutionary programme thus being a merciless and murderous process of continuous elimination. Ultimately, it’s about the dignity of man and man’s eternal position of being the pride of God’s creation. Away with that dignity! Let’s transform man into some robotic biological entity, that comes from nowhere, that holds no higher aspirations than material satisfaction, that is happy being a tiny, little nothing within the greater whole of the collective! Let’s reduce man to an insect without consciousness and certainly without conscience.

The brutal consequences of this nihilistic ideology, this cult, this madness, are commonly known. History books provide us – if we only decided to take a proper look! – with plenty of testimony, and evidence, of the true underlying nature of socialism/communism (including the Marxist “heresies” of Hitlerian National Socialism or Mussolinian Fascism). That underlying nature is, beyond a shadow of a doubt: Satanic. Which is why it’s always been the Red banner, and the Red star, and the clenched fist, and the magic word in all of it: LIBERATION. However, “liberation,” the way the communists understand it, has nothing to do with freedom and everything to do with enslavement! In their inverted vocabulary, liberation simply means a devilish act of “breaking free,” of shedding all bonds and restrictions or mere sentimentalities so in order to create a totally new and totally empty space where man can finally be the master of his own destiny, unopposed by any God or pope or king or “reactionary patriarch” – the new patriarch, and god, in this glorious red dawn of course being the “all-wise,” “all-powerful” and “all-encompassing” Party (arrogantly calling itself “the vanguard”), that so much loves you that it all-too-often loves you to death. Or, let’s put it this way: Communist “liberation” is but the taking away of anything and everything that allows man to prosper. Throw him into such poverty, desperation and helplessness that he will ultimately have nowhere to turn except for the all-powerful STATE! In other words, communism has never been about empowerment, but always about disempowerment. It has never brought dignity and self-respect to human life, but has always taken them away. Whether the Bolsheviks, the Maoists, the Castros, Mugabe, Mandela, Chávez and Maduro, Lula da Silva and Rousseff, Obama, or the international “Green” movement: They’ve all brought, and are still bringing, their countries down not because their policies were a failure, but because these policies were precisely the very “success” communist revolutionaries are striving for! And don’t ever fall for their colourful phrases about “communist construction” (nowadays, it comes along more coyly as “sustainable development” or “social justice” and so forth) – it has never worked, it will never work, and it’s never been meant to work, in the first place. Communists have always and only proven to be the worst harbingers of death and destruction the world has ever seen – and they know it! 

And yet we have, today as ever, whole armies of true believers in communism, particularly in the West, where communist tyranny has not yet been (fully) established – while the cynical nomenklaturists of the East are simply following their same old programme of fully militarised world revolution. It’s a disease, a collective disorder, and certainly not rational at all, although greatly pushed by our Marxist-controlled education system. How emotion rather than sensible consideration is the main driver in the formation of the communist mindset, we can easily see as we take a closer look at the various protagonists of the communist “movement” (yes, they are constantly “on the move”: permanent revolution!): In most cases we find men and women from broken families or coming from overall desperate background (the former of which is true of Obama, although Obama was programmed and groomed from the cradle to be a first-class communist revolutionary), or people who have been so heavily spoilt by their parents that they grew into narcissistic monsters (like Marx, although Marx obviously underwent a curious transformation around the age of 19, that had nothing to do with his generous, ever-caring father and everything with the radical influences especially at the University of Berlin). In all cases (including “hereditary” communist leaders such as Kim Jong-un) one can observe a deep-seated sense of revenge, a sense of hatred – and a resulting lust for overthrow and destruction – that is so fundamental and absolute that one can indeed see in all of this the workings of the hater of haters, the Evil One. Communists, ultimately, seek to throw God out of heaven and put themselves in His place, which is why we can see in every single case of a communist society a completely preposterous cult of personality, in which the respective leader acquires indeed the position of a demigod; we saw that, most prominently, with the likes of Stalin, Hitler, Mao, the Kims, or Ceaușescu, but we’ve also seen it, more recently and somewhat “more discreetly,” with Obama. It’s all about absolute power and the deification of man, with the motive – at least from a psychological viewpoint – being little more than purest infantile rebellion!

But what about all those who aren’t communists, and they are certainly in the majority? Don’t they have a say in the direction their countries should take? Well, theoretically, they do. But we should be realistic here: Not being a communist doesn’t automatically mean you’re an anti-communist, right? Most people in the non-communist camp (and that sadly includes our garden-variety, “mainstream” conservatives) are just that: non-communists, i.e., self-complacent couch potatoes, live-and-let-live hedonists, all-inclusive, liberal-minded softheads. But where are the anti-communists, then? Those staunch, heroic defenders of freedom and human dignity? To make a long story short (few exceptions aside): They are gone, long since gone. Ever since Joseph McCarthy was smeared for all eternity (after all, the Red Scare was simply “paranoia”) and the Soviet Union plus satellites re-invented themselves, virtually overnight, as “friends” and “partners” of the West, anti-communism has seemingly become obsolete. With no ground left to stand on, it’s basically gone out of business. A clever chess move indeed: By making itself invisible, communism killed any anti-communist opposition, ironically both in its own sphere and in the West! So, the situation couldn’t be more asymmetrical. Anti-communists are now an “oddity,” a fringe minority stuck in the days of the Cold War, we are told. Well, given the fact that communism merely changed labels, not substance, present-day anti-communists aren’t odd or fringe at all, but they do certainly represent a tiny, little remnant (of people with “stones,” with guts, with spine). How desperate their situation is can be seen in the fact that even though they have their man in the White House and their party controls both houses of the U.S. Congress, still all of them are standing with their backs against the wall: a completely unprecedented state of affairs, that is almost comical, were it not so tragic. The explanation for this seeming paradox isn’t rocket science: the Left, as always, functions as a perfectly organised machine (and has already smelled triumph, which is why they won’t back down again). It’s been through such degree of strategy and organisation that revolutions were won in the past, and it’ll be through the same type of cunning and subterfuge that revolutions yet to come will be won in the future. While the rest (who think of themselves as “conservatives”) are confused and timid and – in many cases, we must assume – compromised.

But as bad – and foreboding – the political fight inside the United States really is (and it’s already full-blown revolution), things look even more terrifying when one watches the daily international news of 2018, and it’s been a gradual, ever-accelerating process over many years: Just think of the second Chechniya war (launched in 1999), certainly 9/11 (which changed everything), the Nordost-Theatre and Beslan tragedies, the bombings in London and Madrid, the assassinations of Politkovskaya, Litvinenko and so many others, the South-Ossetia and Abkhazia wars of 2008, the annexations of Crimea and the Donbass region in 2014, Europe’s great refugee crisis of 2015 (followed by even more terrorism) – in other words, we’ve been witnessing, beyond doubt, the unfolding of a script, a script of calculated escalation! Right now, there is not only an ever bolder Russia challenging the West, we can also see a renewed belligerence of a People’s Republic of China that has now, in obvious coordination with Moscow, entered a new phase of re-strengthening its totalitarianism and of projecting its power ever more aggressively into the whole of the Asian-Pacific region. The key to all this disturbing change in attitude (as if they were now all miraculously falling back into Stalinism, and they are) was openly given by Vladimir Putin on March 1, 2018 when delivering his annual so-called State of the Nation address. His boastful video presentation of supposed new super weapons, that would grant Russia a decisive strategic advantage vis-à-vis the United States, was insidiously linked with the advice the West should better accept the new realities and sit down with Russia and everyone else and find common ground in establishing a new international order (read: sign its own defeat and accept a new global communist system). This is outrageous and represents the very “cooperation-blackmail” that Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn warned against 29 years ago in one of his countless memoranda to the CIA, published in his second book, The Perestroika Deception: The World’s Slide Towards the Second October Revolution. Unless the Russians are bluffing – and this time it doesn’t seem like it -, they have just let the West know that they have reached overwhelming nuclear superiority and that they are determined not to allow the Americans to catch up ever again. The situation couldn’t be more alarming, especially if one factors in the reality that Russia is still the old revolutionary Soviet Union in everything but name and that it is firmly allied to the People’s Republic of China, that on its part has been rearming like crazy, as well. All those “pundits” who speak of a renewed Cold War are missing the point entirely. First, the Cold War never ended (just as communism in the Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe never ended), and second, what we are seeing now has very little to do with a continued or resumed Cold War, but looks more like a run-up for hot war, meaning: for World War III. All that Russia and China seem now to be looking out for is a credible justification (i.e., a pretext) for going to war, as naturally “evil, imperialist” America (that they intend to erase from the map as a nation and replace Americans with ChineseNO KIDDING!!!) needs to be blamed as the aggressor. Therefore, all the manoeuvring we can see involving North Korea, Syria, or Iran. Traps are being laid, ambushes prepared, and sooner or later they will manage to trick President Trump into making the one decisive wrong move that will hand them their long-sought-for moral high ground and carte blanche for conquering, as “liberators,” the whole of the so far non-communist world.

As, naturally, all this is about conquest, communist conquest on a planetary scale. Lenin made it very clear that there was no middle ground between communism and capitalism. Either it would be the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie or the dictatorship of the proletariat (and of course he was convinced it would be the latter, as communists all the way back to Karl Marx have always viewed the eventual triumph of their diabolical cause as a matter of “historical inevitability”). Also, supposedly liberal Nikita Khrushchev reminded the West that when it came to fighting capitalism, the communists would still all be Stalinists! While alleged Mr. Democracy, Mikhail Gorbachev, warned those in the free world who erroneously believed that perestroika and glasnost would lead to a complete abolition of communism, that by the end of the day they would be “greatly disappointed.” All reforms would be carried out strictly within the framework of socialism, which was only taking a second breath. You see: Communists don’t close shop! Never! They only use various methods of deception and disinformation so to lead their enemy astray. In fact, they’ve put the West to sleep. No more image of the enemy! Hurrah! But the enemy was still there, in Moscow, in Beijing, as well as in all other “former” communist countries around the world. In all of this, the communists have shown enormous patience and also considerable flexibility and “opportunism.” But they needed that much time, and all the political trickery, in order to get stronger – militarily, economically, and politically. The key idea of it all has always been a firm and irreversible turning of the tables. Now they seem to think they are able to pull this off: World October is waiting around the corner. And it won’t be pretty …



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