Conchita Wurst and His Following: A Glimpse into the Mindset of the Homosexualist Movement


Bearded homosexual transvestite Thomas Neuwirth, better known under his alias “Conchita Wurst”, who won for Austria on May 10, 2014 that year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark with his revolutionary battle song, “Rise like a Phoenix!” Isn’ this a thinly veiled inverted Christ?


Although the homosexualist movement (yes, it’s an -ism!) already has a decade-long history widely portrayed regarding its nature, psychology, as well as aims, a veritable groundbreaking event that occurred just recently necessitates yet another look at this, call it: collective monstrosity in the making.

That groundbreaking event was this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, which is otherwise a completely meaningless annual pop-music competition meant to propagate resp. celebrate, ever since its inception in 1956: “European unity”.



The 1950s were the period in which the groundwork of today’s European Union was laid. First, in 1949, the Council of Europe was established, which has continued till today, and is no EU entity in the strict sense of the word, but more of a “ceremonial” institution promoting exchange in a general sense, and, beside economic progress, also “social progress”. After the horrible experience of World War II, this Council of Europe was greatly envisioned by both Britain and the United States to be a means to bring about a somewhat united, peaceful  (and definitely non-communist) Europe. And so, this institution remained until 1990 a strictly Western European club, apart from NATO country Turkey, which had been a member ever since 1949. By 1977, all Western European states had joined (except the four littlle principalities of Liechtenstein, San Marino, Andorra, and Monaco, that were to follow later). 1989 marked the entry of Finland, the only Scandinavian country closely aligned – largely against its own will – to Moscow. Which was already the harbinger for everything else to follow. As, in 1990, the first two communist satellites – brandnew democratic, so it seemed – joined the Council: the GDR via German reunification, and Hungary. And so it went on, with the gradual entry of ALL “former” communist East European satellite states, and even of the whole of the “former” USSR except for “international pariah” Belarus and the five Central Asian Soviet republics. A formerly Western diplomatic institution was “peacefully” entered by the communist enemy, simply by posing as “no-longer-communist”!

Later, in 1951, the European Community for Coal and Steel was founded. This was already the later-to-be European Union in its embryonic stage, the driving forces being no longer Britain or the U.S., but Germany and France, combining along with Italy and the Benelux-countries their economic forces and taking the post-war rebuilding into their own hands, which so far had been chiefly enabled by the U.S. Marshall Plan. With the “Wirtschaftswunder” having made enormous progress, 1957 was the year when the famous Treaty of Rome was signed, which marked the beginning of the then-so-called European Economic Community (according to the late British analyst, Christopher Story, all this was little more than the continuation of pan-German longterm geopolitics by other means, with Chancellor Adenauer, famously apostrophised as the “Old Fox”, implementing peacefully what Nazi Germany had failed to accomplish by military conquest). 1958-founded Euratom, the European Atomic Energy Community, complemented these efforts, as it opened up for joined planning in nuclear energy policies. With the Treaty of Maastricht then, the EC became an EU in 1992, and in 1995 three new member states joined, the “neutrals”, Sweden, Finland, and Austria. At the same time, the preparations and negotiations were in full swing for an eventual grand eastward-enlargement deep into the “formerly” communist sphere of Eastern Europe (as a matter of fact, during the 1980s, the European Community had been quietly redirected from being a Franco-German-dominated Western-European project to becoming a so-called “transmission belt” for Moscow’s expansionist objectives.) And so it was on May 1, 2004 (International Workers’ Day; what insidious choreography!) that the European Union of 15 member states was enlarged by another 10 countries, namely Malta and Cyprus, but then also 8 “former” communist states: the “former” Soviet republics Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia (i.e. the Baltic states); Poland; former Czechoslovakia split in two as Czechia and Slovakia; Hungary; and former-Yugoslav Slovenia (four, later-to-be five, more “ex-Yugoslavias” still being waiting-listed). These 8 new communist members were followed in 2007 by Romania and Bulgaria (which of course became members by January 1 of that year, not on May 1; the symbolism had been useful only ONCE). With the beginning of 2013, Croatia entered the EU as member state no. 28. What hasn’t yet joined (and will most likely never join, given the current developments that increasingly look like immediate WWIII preparations), is the four ex-Yugoslav states of Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Montenegro; further, Albania; and of course the Soviet Union proper (minus the Baltics), now posing as the “independent” successor states: Moldova; Ukraine; Belarus; Russia; Georgia; Armenia; Azerbaijan; and the central-Asian republics of Kazakhstan; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan; Tajikistan; and Kirgiztan (which mirrors Lenin’s deceptive principle of “Separation Precedes Federation”, as the end goal of this is certainly the termination of the individual Western European nation state and the creation of a joint communist Eurasian bloc from the Atlantic to Vladivostok, and finally a Communist World Federation). By now, if one takes the pre-1989/91 borders, former Western Europe has most suicidally taken in six out of seven official East European communist satellites (the GDR; Poland; the ČSSR; Hungary; Romania; and Bulgaria; what’s missing is only Albania); plus roughly a quarter of formally bloc-free socialist Yugoslavia (Slovenia and Croatia); plus three Soviet republics (the Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania). Thus, a formerly non-communist Western Europe, mostly part of the NATO alliance, had been gradually turned away from the United States and towards a supposedly “post-Soviet” Russia. No doubt the day of reckoning will be bitter once the West-Europeans realise that their ‘glorious’ eastward-enlargement was in fact a Soviet westward-enlargement threatening to swallow every bit of Western Europe, including private property, self-determination, freedom, dignity, and – in many cases, we should expect – the very right to physical existence. They will be enslaved, just as all the other nations worldwide taken over by communism ever since 1917. – Below: Brussels. To the right: the Royal Museums with the Triumphal Arch and the Cinquantenaire Park. In the upper left-hand corner: the European Quarter, with the EU’s power centre, the Berlaymont Building (named after an Augustinian nun convent that once had been situated on this estate), seat of the European Commission and working place for some 2,700 Eurocrats (it opened in 1967, but was again vacated from 1991 till 2004 because of asbestos removal works and overall renovation): clearly, it’s got the layout of a bent (or, broken) cross, an old Satanic symbol, used by the occult underground in pre-medieval and medieval times, revived by Pope Paul VI, and in no way abandoned by any of his successors to this day. – As we look on the photographs below: is this strange architectural design simply coincidence? (Click to enlarge!) 

 EU-Kommission, Brüssel

 Berlaymont Building


In the same manner, also the Eurovision Song Contest, initially founded in 1956 as ‘Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson Européenne’, has been slowly turned, during the last 20 years, into an ever-more communist-dominated ‘transmission belt’, welcoming not only new countries well before they actually joined the European Union, but even two thirds of the “former” Soviet Union proper (i.e. all Cis-Ural republics as opposed to the five in Central Asia). Long before the alleged ‘changes’ of 1989, ‘bloc-free’ Titoist Yugoslavia and Soviet-controlled Finland first participated as early as 1961. (Still-Kemalist, but also Islamic, Turkey first joined in 1975, suggesting a slow re-definition of ‘Europe’). But, finally, not long after the staged fake “collapse” of communism in Eastern Europe and in the Soviet Union in 1989/91, also the Eurovision Song Contest became literally invaded by all those communist countries, that had allegedly transformed overnight into ‘respectable democracies’ and ‘free market economies’ (with basically the same personnel in charge as before, with central economic planning continuing, with no substantial break with the communist past at all, and with their populations remaining as envious and hostile towards the West as ever). The first “post-communist” states to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest were Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and the “former” ESTONIAN SSR in 1993 (note that all these countries didn’t join the European Union before 2004). In 1994 followed the “former” LITHUANIAN SSR, the “former” RUSSIAN SFSR, and Poland. In 2001, the “former” LATVIAN SSR. In 2003, the “former” UKRAINIAN SSR. In 2004, even the “former” BELORUSSIAN SSR, and “once”-paleo-communist Albania. In 2005, Bulgaria and the “former” MOLDAVIAN SSR. In 2006, the “former” ARMENIAN SSR. In 2007, Czechia and the GEORGIAN SSR. And in 2008, the AZERI SSR (which is, by its pre-communist history, yet another Islamic country). So, the Eurovision Song Contest no longer is held among non-communist nations, neither is it held among (once-)Christian nations. ‘Europe’ is now an all-inclusive and all-encompassing entity, readily embracing the aggressive and hostile revolutionary movements, so to speak, of communism and Islam. Although the communists had already been increasingly part of the Eurovision Contest from 1993, it wasn’t until 2001 that one of them (the post-Yugoslavias aside), namely Estonia, won the Contest. After this first victory, the communist countries have been winning the Eurovision Song Contests at an amazingly accelerating rate – which wasn’t too difficult for them, simply because by their breaking up their former unions they had multiplied their number from 9 to 28 (!), the “former” USSR (15), the “former” satellites (minus East Germany, but plus the ČSSR divided into Czechia and Slovakia, so again: 7), and the successor states of “former” socialist Yugoslavia (6). If one even counts reunified Germany (which hasn’t wiped out the old communist GDR, but merely embraced it and adopted its socialism for the whole of Germany) as a socialist country, they are 29. Add socialistic Austria, and they are 30. Add the four socialist Scandinavian countries, and they are 34. Subtract the 5 Central Asian Soviet republics, and they’re still 29! Interestingly, at the same time, classic Western European countries who had previously won the Song Contest quite often (and of which leftist Sweden is NOT a part) – such as Ireland, the U.K., France, Luxemburg, or the Netherlands – have no longer come out as winner since at least the 1990s: Ireland (7 wins in total) last won the Contest in 1996, 18 long years ago! The U.K. (5 wins), in 1997. France, the homeland of the original “chanson” (5 wins), in 1977 (!). Luxemburg (5 wins), in 1983. And the Netherlands (4 wins), in 1975, almost 40 years ago! Clearly, there is a pattern here! Back to the communist countries: They already won their next Eurovision Song Contest in 2002, which was Latvia. In 2004 followed Ukraine. In 2007, Serbia. In 2008, Russia (!). And in 2011, Azerbaijan. (One should add that the Contest is always hosted by the country that had won in the previous year.) What is so significant, also, about these sudden communist-hosted Eurovision Song Contests, is the fact that right with their first own Contest, which was held in 2002 in the Estonian capital of Tallinn, a new custom appears to have been adopted: From that year of 2002 on, each Song Contest was now presented under a particular maxim, which had never been the case in the first 46 years of this annual event. As one goes through the maxims used in those 13 Song Contests starting with 2002, one can immediately see that most, if not all of them are communist-collectivist paroles (some even in the form of commands, and those that sound fairly innocent too seem to contain some insidious double meaning), in other words: the Eurovision Song Contest has been utilised by communism. Here are those 13 maxims (as they are partly in use also with the UN), given along with the host city & country in that particular year: 2002, Tallinn, Estonia: “Rendezvous: A Modern Fairytale”. 2003: Riga, Latvia:”Magical”. 2004: Istanbul, Turkey: “Under the Same Sky”. 2005: Kiev, Ukraine: “Awakening”. 2006: Athens, Greece: “Feel the Rhythm!” 2007: Helsinki, Finland: “True Fantasy” (sic!). 2008: Belgrade, Serbia: “Confluence of Sound”. 2009: Moscow, Russian Federation: “Firebird”. 2010: Oslo, Norway: “Share the Moment!”. 2011: Düsseldorf, Germany: “Feel Your Heartbeat!” 2012: Baku, Azerbaijan: “Light Your Fire!” 2013: Malmö, Sweden: “WE ARE ONE”. 2014: Copenhagen, Denmark: “JOIN US!” (the latter, in retrospect, appearing like an invitation to join the homosexuals and transvestites, as indeed a representative of that movement won). As for the coming 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, which will be hosted by Austria (as Austria won this year), the motto could easily be, “We Are Unstoppable!” (to be explained later).



Eurovision 2014 logo 

Well, what precisely happened on May 10, 2014, in Copenhagen, Denmark, and why should this event be viewed as groundbreaking?  The fact that a transvestite won wasn’t new. Already at the 1998 Song Contest at Birmingham, England, a male-born, “surgically reassigned” transsexual had won the Contest for Israel, which already then triggered hefty discussions. As for the song that won this year, one couldn’t even say that it was unique (nor justifies the singer’s mediocre voice, that is most recognisably a man’s voice, such hysterical outbreaks). The piece seemed rather to be a poor imitation of James Bond theme-songs, painfully lacking their uniqueness in class and style.ll


The English lyrics of the song weren’t so breathtaking either. “Rise like a Phoenix” (studio version here; live version from Copenhagen here) seems to describe the genesis of a homosexual outcast, complete with his identity problems, and his seeking of “retribution, rather than vengeance”. But there are also the disturbing lines, “You were warned / Once I’m transformed / Once I’m reborn / You know I will rise like a Phoenix / But you’re my flame.” These are threatening, terrorising words, that could equally be spoken by a communist madman announcing he’s going to set the whole world on fire by triggering a thermonuclear holocaust. At the same time, these words fit the ‘transformation’ and ‘rebirth’ that’s taken place in the communist bloc, which during the passed 20, 25 years seemingly abolished its communism only to come out on top now, bullying, threatening, and blackmailing an incredibly weakened West like never before. Ironically, the still-communist sphere was rejecting this performance on the grounds of their alleged rejection of homosexuality and perversion (never mind that they are at the same time the world’s No. 1 exporter of porn, but also of prostitutes, and pedophilia; so, their sudden Re-Christianisation is a ruse, comparable to what Stalin did during WWII in an attempt to gain greater support in his war against Hitler both from the Western Allies and from the Soviet population): and sure enough, also today it’s a mere dialectical game to make the (unchanged) Soviet criminal state look moral and decent as opposed to a Western world sunk into decadence and depravity after many decades of Gramscian/Frankfurt School subversion known as Cultural Marxism. (View an half-hour interview conducted with “Conchita Wurst” in Dublin, Ireland, in November 2013 here. You might feel, as does this author, that “Conchita Wurst” may well have already been ‘selected’ as winner back then. And do have a look into the comment section: you’ll be looking right into an abyss of heavy, communist pre-WWIII propaganda of the worst imaginable kind, filling probably 80% of that comment page. They threaten to set Europe on fire; homosexuals should be killed, they say, or be given psychiatric treatment; Europe is dead; Russia will triumph, etc. etc. This author has placed quite a number of comments there too, tearing off these communist propagandists the mask of “rightful indignation”, but also confronting some Western feel-good dreamers with the insanity of their admiration for this strange new “star”. Do have a look! This author’s YouTube name is Contemplatix, and his emblem is a Gothic rose window on black ground). Notably, Thomas “Tom” Neuwirth alias “Conchita Wurst” was pushed, promoted, and groomed – back home in Austria – by people who are all, in various ways, part of the Left or even the extreme hard Left (with the whole country, after his victory, seemingly feeling obliged to render their congratulations to him, even so-called conservatives, as by now everybody is afraid to fall behind the fast-forward-moving zeitgeist, that doesn’t tolerate any more those who say: tolerating everything is madness). So, at least, we found out that it’s the lyrics that carry a very distinct and dangerous message. But people don’t normally listen so much to lyrics but go with the music (had they e.g. ever thoroughly listened to John Lennon’s alleged peace song, “Imagine”, they would have been abhorred and appalled, as it is in fact the most brutal hymn to  a world without God ever written in human history). So, why then was this candidate for Austria made winner and celebrated almost like some messiah? First, one should acknowledge his considerable “charisma”, maybe not so much as a singer on stage, but more as an interviewee and “public figure”. This “charisma” appears to be the result, first, of a huge narcissism, by which he is able to convince people that he is special. It may also be the result of a powerful hypnotism, whether congenital or learned. But the most important feature in his appearance, the most revolutionary, the most uncommon, the most unheard-of detail is the fact that he appears not just as a “tranny”, but as a tranny with a beard.

Conchita, rote Rosen

Without beard, he would simply be an extremely gifted illusionist able to make even straight men, it seems, feel attracted to him. His whole behaviour is astoundingly feminine. But there’s this beard. And it confuses people. But they seem to have no idea as for: WHY this beard? There may be more than one explanation for it, but certainly there’s a sociopolitical angle, and there’s nearly as certainly a metaphysical one, as well. First, a female appearance with a full beard doesn’t normally exist. It’s a hybrid, an artificial invention, and certainly a provocation to the more “old-fashioned”, soon “outdated” generation. But there’s more to it. It confuses the minds particularly of the young, who are now being told by the new societal consensus that this is “normal” and “natural” – though clearly it isn’t – as everyone is free, they say, to define or redefine his (so-called) personality, his sexual orientation, his way of dressing, or even his physical gender. The message being: you are free to choose whatever you want, to be what you want, to do what you want, as long as nobody gets harmed (‘harm’, of course, understood in a very narrow sense). It’s a softer and more acceptable version of infamous English Satanist Aleister Crowley’s anarchistic and nihilistic imperative, “Do what thou wilt, shalt be the whole of the law.” In other words, everything is allowed, nothing is bad, or evil, or to be rejected (rejection of our new, beautiful multi-coloured world under the banner of the rainbow is now: bigotry). The fact that the homosexual movement shares its emblem, which is the rainbow, with several other quite influential movements, may give us an additional clue as to how all this fits together. For, which are those movements that equally hold up the rainbow? It’s first of all the New Age movement! It’s the Peace movement. And it’s also the Eco-movement. So, is there a merger going on here? Are they all driven by a similar, if not the same ideology? As for the New Age, it is a prolongation of Helena Blavatsky’s so-called “Theosophy”, a completely confused as well as confusing pseudo-mysticism, intent on doing away with Christendom once and for all. (And weren’t Marx, and Darwin, and Freud in that same business too?) As for the Peace movement, it promotes the utopian chimera of a world without war, and has thus become a perfect tool for the world communist bloc (that is definitely not disarming) to create pressure from below in the societies of the West to push their governments towards radical disarmament (Lenin used to call these wilful helpers in the bourgeois societies who are in fact bringing their societies down, “useful idiots”). And then, there’s the Eco-movement. This branch is particularly interesting as it combines aspects from communism (or even is communism simply with a “Green” label) with aspects from the psychedelic world of Theosophy (remember that the theosophical offspring of Anthroposophy – that is taught to this day in the Waldorf schools, even though they deny it – is a deeply “mystical”-ecological doctrine, that even constituted a separate wing within Hitler’s Nazi Party, indeed called the “Green” wing, Hitler and his comrades being theosophical occultists). So, does this mean that we could be facing a multiple-headed beast, one time peacenik, one time New Age “visionary”, one time eco-wizard, and yet another time “gay”, all of them promising via their rainbow emblem some sort or other of miraculous transformation? There’s no question that the revolution (in the widest sense of its destructive nature, beyond all ideological window-dressing) is a chameleon. It wants to dissolve the old order so to finally throw mankind into a deep, black hole of nothingness, plain and simple. For that, it had to shatter the ancient hierarchical institutions of the Monarchy and of the Papacy, the former left over merely as a tamed-down “representative” royal sentimentality, the latter by now distorted, banalised, and “democratised” to the point of non-existence. Also it needed to erase the traditional family, that is the backbone of any traditional society, which it did by attacking and undermining the authority of the father and husband, in other words of the patriarchal head of the family, and by instilling into the minds of the women a desire to get out of the house and “manifest themselves” in the career world, increasingly abandoning husband and children in the process. The revolution is extremely flexible. So was Lenin. Indeed, one of his core strategic “beliefs” was opportunistic “pragmatism”. The rainbow could well represent the insidious promise of the snake towards Eve in the Garden of Eden. It could represent the tempting knowledge of good and evil. Become gods! Become all-knowing! Become creators! (That is why New Age/communist figure Barbara Marx Hubbard speaks of becoming “co-creators”.) It’s pure Satanism, whether conscious, semi-conscious, or un-conscious. Marx, and Blavatsky, and Steiner, and Montessori, and Gandhi, and Darwin, and Freud, and Crowley anyway: all birds of a feather? Most probably! But the much more devastating aspect to this beard is something that has nothing to do with transgenderism, or homosexuality (other than confusing and denigrating the one by means of the other): it creates – especially in combination with his young, even face, and the long, dark hair – the impression of another “Christ”! This is the real horror about this “Conchita Wurst”, and mind that ‘conchita’ in Spanish slang means ‘little pussy’, and ‘Wurst’, meaning sausage, is clearly a sexual allusion too (he himself circumvents admitting the scandalousness of this “name” by saying that the name “Conchita”, that indeed exists as a Christian name too, was brought to his attention by a friend from Cuba (!), and that by “Wurst” he merely means that it is “wurst” – meaning it doesn’t matter – what gender you belong to or feel you belong to; in other words, he himself does NOT admit the obvious sexual allusions in ‘Conchita’ and ‘Wurst’, the latter, meaning sausage, definitely implying: ‘penis’). So, we have a most excentric, homosexual “Christ” figure named Little-Pussy Cock!!! Can the denigrating of Christ get any more despicable and shocking than this? This “Conchita Wurst” victory may well mark the beginning of the maddest and bloodiest religious persecution the world has ever seen (his battle-cry, when receiving the Eurovision Song Contest trophy, “We are unstoppable!”, could have been already a chilling foretaste of what’s to come). And mind that this winner came from the Austrian capital Vienna, that is not only known for its former beauty and elegance (those days are long passed), but in more recent times ALSO for having become a center for international Satanism, with their annual HIV charity gala named “Life Ball” (that uses the HIV issue only as a pretext) carrying all the hallmarks not only of actually propagating homosexuality, but also of celebrating the devil! In addition, “Conchita Wurst” during his performance at the Eurovision Song Contest visibly spread out his arms horizontally, forming with his body the shape of a cross, thus mimicking as well as mocking the Crucifixion (one can see this clearly in the picture placed at the beginning of this article). So, obviously, we’re dealing here with a Satanic phemonenon (and wasn’t there also in the lyrics of “Rise like a Phoenix” the strange passage that seemed to be alluding to Christ’s Ascension: “I rise up to the sky / You threw me down but / I’m gonna fly!”). And, indeed, there’s in circulation a weird distorted ikon, that shows Christ’s face replaced by that of anti-Christ Conchita Wurst (this author apologises for presenting this blasphemy, but he deemed it necessary to show it so to illustrate the scope and depth of this “Conchitamania”, but also to underline that some people appear to have understood the deeper, devilish meaning of this “Christ-like” Conchita Wurst character):

Conchita Ikone


Some more questions regarding “Conchita Wurst” (without intending to sound too much as a conspiracy theorist): “Wurst’s” particular beard style has an eery similarity with what can be seen in ancient Babylonian reliefs.




His facial features (including his make-up style) would greatly fit in the Babylonian context too. Also, he wears in this video (Make-Up for Everyone”) ear-rings in the form of owls (see picture above). The owl, as the symbol of the Roman goddess of wisdom, Minerva (but already a prominent symbol in Babylonian times), was also used by Adam Weishaupt (who strongly introduced Egyptian-Babylonian elements into Freemasonry) as a secret code of recognition for his conspiratorial Illuminati network. – In other words, “Conchita Wurst” could be a veritable end-time Babylonian Antichrist!

Plus, the more one reflects upon this Tom Neuwirth alias “Conchita Wurst”, the more one might come to the conclusion that he must have been thoroughly trained somewhere over some period of time (and these are practical considerations):

1. His English is astoundingly good. One can only wonder where he’s got it from, because normally you don’t get this level of English from your ordinary Austrian school, not even “Gymnasium”, and even university graduates in Anglistics often have a poorer English than “Conchita Wurst”. From what is known of his biography, he never lived in the English-speaking world; neither of his parents is from the English-speaking world, nor are they, e.g., teachers; in fact, his parents run an ordinary inn in the Styrian countryside. Nothing cosmopolitan there.

2. He speaks with a confusingly convincing North-German accent when speaking German, without ever having lived in Germany, supposedly.

3. He is very eloquent, in German of course more than in English. And he is full with the kind of “polished”/over-the-top irony and sarcasm typical of homosexual/transvestite “divas”: very sharp, very aggressive (but he is only 25).

4. He is so absolutely self-assured as if he had already been born as a world star. For a kid from an ordinary middle-class family in the Austrian countryside, this doesn’t quite make sense.

5. His tranny-type of talking style is so perfect that one wonders whether he has been to drama school! Yet, no evidence for this either.

All that can be found about his school education (he was born in November of 1988) is that he completed the School of Fashion at Graz, Styria, in 2011 when he was 22 and a half. However, there are several alternative ways of attending this school. There is a 5-year course usually meant for 14-to-19-year-olds (and ending with the so-called Abitur or Matura, which allows them, in case, to proceed to university). There is a 3-year course, obviously lower profile, meant for 14-to-17-year-olds (not ending with the Abitur or Matura). And there is a 2-year course for 18+ year-olds who already have the Matura from somewhere else (mostly from a so-called Gymnasium, the European version of Anglosaxon High School, roughly), so these students would then complete by the age of either 20 or 21. He completed at not quite 23.

And again, unfortunately, we do not know how many years he was to fashion school, or whether he had attended/completed ‘Gymnasium’ prior to that. In either case, there is at least a gap of 2 years, where one can only wonder what he was doing (apart from playing music, which wasn’t a professional full-time activity in the beginning, and even in his music career there is a gap of 4 years between 2007 and 2011, maybe because he went to fashion school).

His career as a musician (which is at the same time his career as an increasingly public figure) goes back to the year 2006 when he was 18 (or less, because he was born in November): He had an appearance, still as a (gayish) boy, not as a transvestite, at a television casting-show named “Starmania” broadcast by Austrian television, and came out second! (In case he did attend and complete “Gymnasium”, he couldn’t have completed it earlier than 2007! But he was already doing music, including a prominent appearance on television, so it seems unlikely, though not impossible, that he actually completed Gymnasium.)

The following year, 2007 (he is now 19, or less), he sets up a gayish boy-band together with three others (presumably all homosexuals as well; the four also live together in a shared flat). The band is named, “jetzt anders!” (approx. ‘different now!’). [He had had his homosexual “outing” the year before, in 2006, he says.

In 2011, age 22 and a half, he completes his fashion school at Graz (yet, we do not know whether he had been there for a 2-, 3- or 5-year course). In the same year he obviously moves to Vienna, where he has been living ever since. Also in 2011, he has his great comeback on the television screen, this time already ‘transformed’ into his present alter ego, “Conchita Wurst”, for which he even gives a fictional “biography” (born in Colombia, later in Germany, finally in Austria). There are only three single recordings of his: “Unbreakable” (2011); “That’s What I Am” (2012); and what got him the Eurovision Song Contest victory, “Rise like a Phoenix” (2014).

Nothing more can be found out from Wikipedia, or “Conchita Wurst’s” own website, or from his YouTube channel. This is all we know. Not very much, given the manic euphoria that catapulted him, seemingly overnight, to the heights of international stardom (he even received congratulatory messages from Cher, Lady Gaga, and whoever else).

So the question isn’t over the top really: Could he have been trained, for a while, as a communist agent of subversion somewhere, perhaps in Moscow’s still-operating now-so-called “Russian University for People’s Friendship” (former infamous Patrice Lumumba University for People’s Friendship, which trained whole generations of communist subversives and terrorists, including e.g. PLO-leader Yassir Arafat)? There are just too many unanswered questions about this sudden star (and given his sinistre mission, this secrecy may be for a reason; a secrecy, by the way, that is somewhat reminiscent of that surrounding another “meteor from outer space”: the Manchurian President in the White House in Washington D.C.).l

And here are the 13 abominable countries – all but one, Western countries – that gave their maximum 12 points to “Conchita Wurst” [although the half jury/half public voting system showed strange contradictions in some countries: in the U.K., for one example, the public would have voted for Poland as No. 1, while the U.K.’s jury put Poland last]:

(1) Once-decent Britain. (2) Once-wholeheartedly-Catholic Ireland. (3) Once-beautifully-Catholic Italy. (4) Once-exquisitely-Catholic Spain. (5) Once-seriously-Catholic Portugal. (6) The once-commitedly-Catholic Netherlands. (7) Once-deeply-conservative Greece. (8) Once-conservative Switzerland. (9) Once-decent Belgium. (10) Once-reserved Sweden. (11) Once-traditional Finland. (12) Once-old-fashioned Israel. And  (13) still-socialist Slovenia. [With once-conservative-Catholic Austria, now a madhouse, making it all happen by sending this underworldly creature to Copenhagen, in the first place.]

As this author at some point looked into this “Conchita Wurst’s” YouTube channel, he at first saw a header saying in German,

Die Wurst hat kein Ende [meaning: The Wurst (sausage) has no end].

What an expression of pride, even hubris (as well as lasciviousness)! And so this author posted within the discussion page of that YouTube channel,

Apropos “Die Wurst hat kein Ende.” Es gibt auch das herzige Sprichwort: “Alles hat ein Ende, und die Wurst hat zwei.” Man könnte auch sagen: “Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall.” Und dies, weiß Gott, keine Böswilligkeit. [meaning: Apropos, “The Wurst (sausage) has no end.” There is also the lovely German saying, “Alles hat ein Ende, und die Wurst hat zwei,” approx., “Everything’s got an end, and the Wurst’s got two.” One could also say, “Pride comes before a fall.” And this, certainly, without evil intent.

This author then looked at the other comments and messages posted on that discussion page (mostly laudings anyway) and suddenly stopped and just couldn’t believe what had been written there by a YouTube user named andiamo24 (translated from German into English, bold emphasis by this author):

Dear Conchita. I wish you all the necessary strength so to prevail over assaults and discriminations. Go your own way and take us all with you on a wonderful journey with you as the lead-diva. You are wonderful in what you are doing, never allow yourself to be talked into anything else. Believe in the good, for there are so many people out there who believe in you. Be hugged. ♥

This author then couldn’t help writing a reply note to this madness (his YouTube user name is Contemplatix), which subsequently triggered a quite lengthy “exchange” back and forth, to which even an American friend of this author’s contributed two separate pieces of his own considerations – he is an eminent conservative cultural philosopher as well as political analyst, but shouldn’t be drawn into this by his clear name. Here is also the original YouTube discussion page; you need to click, “newest first”, so to be able to view the comments in their chronological order. As of the time of writing, that dialogue was still publicly there. And now it’s here too! Read the following carefully. It shows not only how stubbornly unrepentant these people are in all their confusion, but also how arrogant, how blinded, how audacious, insulting and hostile to everybody who doesn’t share their sick, upside-down views, or who even dares to come up with well-founded criticism. Here is that extremely revealing exchange (the two pieces by this author’s American philosopher-friend are marked dark-green – we are indeed confronted with a tidal wave of civilisatory destruction):

Contemplatix: and take us all with you on a wonderful journey with you as the lead-diva.” What? We had this before. At the time, the slogan went, “Führer, befiehl! Wir folgen!” (Führer, command! We follow!) – As the matter is now acquiring such a dynamic, this comparison is certainly legitimate. Is there still anybody thinking?

andiamo24: Well, I find it much more unbelievable to hear this comparison over and over again, which is slowly but surely a lame comparison. Shouldn’t one simply recognise the fact that Conchita has brought the LGBT community again greater attention? My God, always these discussions about what happened 60 [sic!] years ago. I can’t hear it anymore. And this doesn’t belong here anyway. Should I have offended you by using the word, “Steuer-Diva” (lead-diva), I want to apologise. Calm down again …

andiamo24: And regarding your [other] question: YES, I do think, but I’m not always willing to dig up those old rags and ever iron them anew. Period.

Contemplatix: But precisely this is the problem. It is only because of the disappearance of all historical perspective – that is so carelessly declared obsolete here – that totalitarianism, in whatever form, can make its appearance ever and ever again.

andiamo24: I’m very sorry, but you’ve clearly lost your marbles. For what reason are you visiting the page of Conchita Wurst, in the first place? So to attack? You are so very miserable! And I strongly reject all such comparisons, because those who are supposed to understand will understand.

Contemplatix: Which provides us with the proof of what your purported “tolerance” is all about. If you people could, you’d probably shoot down anyone disagreeing with your weird ideas without batting an eye, and so under the banner of “Tolerance”. Congratulations, and good night!

andiamo24: You’re wrong! But no matter what argument I come up with, you will always find a point that you twist and portray differently from how it was meant. By the same token, I could claim that your last remarks and comments were deliberately designed to evoke such a reaction so to show to the ordinary people that we are not that tolerant in the end, because we do not hold a position like yours. Clever approach, but miserably put into practice.

Contemplatix: Last night, I still contacted a friend of mine in America and told him of our little and quite telling exchange – the man is a cultural philosopher in the widest sense and a publicist -, and this was his calm and measured response, that I present here in German translation (which he didn’t ask for). [Here is of course the English original.]

American friend: It is impossible for andiamo24 to understand. Since she doesn’t know what a man is, or what a woman is, or what the two sexes are for, or that the path of regeneration is sacred — that marriage is a sacrament — there is no reason possible to her. There is only degradation as a cause. This is the damnation she pronounces on herself while assuming that your statement reflects intolerance. The idea that tolerating everything is a virtue, is in itself vicious. Alles hat ein Ende, und die Wurst hat kein Ende — das ist nicht möglich. Nicht möglich. [Everything’s got and end, and the Wurst’s got no end — this is not possible. Not possible.]

andiamo24: And from this we’re supposed to learn???? What finally came to my mind this morning when I was on my way to work: Tolerance doesn’t mean to share everybody else’s opinion, the tolerance we are talking about is the tolerance vis-à-vis e.g. homosexuals, transgenders, transidents, lesbians, bisexuals, blacks, whites etc., and if I’m not tolerant in your eyes just because I want to embark on this wonderful journey with Conchita as the “lead-diva”, then so be it. You form your opinion, and I form mine. I wish you continued success… And pray, pray for brain …

Contemplatix: “War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.” (George Orwell, 1984). – You people are confused; confused and blinded, all of you.

andiamo24: I think you’re here to proselytize.

When this author was then expressedly asked by his American friend to post the following, he first hesitated, and wrote to him: “I’m sorry I won’t go back to that Satanic comment section. This andiamo24 just posted, ’I think you come here to proselytize.’  I’ll leave them alone. I’m sorry. It’s pearls before swine anyway.” The American friend’s laconic answer was: “The proselytizing is all hers, and yes, she is a swine.” This author then still did the German translation of his American friend’s excellent elaborations and posted them on that YouTube discussion page. Below is the English original:

Letter from America to andiamo24: I notice in my dictionary that the definition of the word ‘intolerance’ has been changed to mean ‘bigotry.’ But it is not bigotry if we find murder intolerable. It is also not bigotry if we find sexual deviancy and perversion intolerable. It is prudence, and it is healthy instinct, to do so. 

I would want to ask this andiamo24 if she would feel right exposing a ten-year-old boy to ‘the wonderful’ Conchita Wurst. (And why is he so wonderful?) Something as wonderful as a sexually confused young man, who adopts the personality of a woman, could not possibly signify a contagion of perversity — except that this perversity is so seductive. And so, we ought to wonder, if a young boy instinctively finds Conchita Wurst’s personality disturbing would andiamo24 find this boy’s reaction ‘intolerable.’ Or then, what if the boy decided to become a woman because Conchita’s charisma is truly overpowering? What if all boys found Conchita irresistible and became just like her? Let us say that the glorification of Conchita — who is wonderfully powerful — converts all humans to the glamorous path of transgender-ism. In that case you will have achieved the destruction of the human race, which would then die out, the last old Queen dying alone and without an audience. As each individual decides to break the great chain of being which makes the human race possible, andiamo24 must applaud. Well, she is already applauding. She already champions our extinction, our condemnation, under the banner of tolerance. And she calls it ‘wonderful.’ 

But in reality it is vicious. For a person who embraces the destruction of their own kind, and the denigration of the ontologically given (i.e. sexually), is a monster, corrupt to the core, poisonous even to herself. And if our posterity survives our present flirtation with death (with the negation of our posterity), they will abhor the likes of andiamo24 as they would a murderer. And they would be justified to condemn so unwholesome a progenitor (or non-progenitor), marveling that humanity survived, that Europe survived. But then it won’t survive, will it? Because the Muslims and the Russians are hovering in Europe’s doorway, ready to take possession as all of Europe stands in thrall to a man who adopts the personality of a woman. 

What I say here is not bigotry. What I say is prudence, and prudence is one of the four cardinal virtues. And here, without any doubt, intolerance becomes a necessary adjunct.



Although this article was meant to deal solely with the “Conchita Wurst” phenomenon, this author would like to analyse another major “gay” event that just took place on May 31, 2014 in the Austrian capital, Vienna, and that was closely linked, this year, to the new “star”, who comes from Austria. In fact, it’s an annual event, first set up in 1993, and somewhat a revolutionary work in progress: the so-called “Life Ball”, one of the largest and most prominent HIV-charity galas worldwide. The organisers take pride in having collected some 20 million Euro in donations since 1993. Also, the event has had, from the start, a most prominent location in the city centre: the Rathausplatz between the Vienna Burgtheater and the Vienna City Hall for the public performances, and the City Hall itself for the ball proper. In other words: the event is hosted by none other than the Vienna city commune resp. the Vienna Mayor (Vienna has been under firm Socialist control ever since the fall of the monarchy in 1918, with exception of four years of Social-Christian government from 1934 till 1938 and the infamous seven years of the National-Socialist ‘interlude’ from 1938 till 1945). – Below: Upper end (West): the Vienna City Hall vis-à-vis the Vienna Burgtheater (bottom end, i.e. East), with the Rathausplatz in between. Right along the Burgtheater, you can see the famous Ringstraße crossing from left to right. Click to enlarge!

Yet, not only the location is prominent. This annual HIV-gala has increasingly gained, over these last 21 years, the stature of an international top event, with film actors, pop musicians, and other celebrities from the U.S. and elsewhere (Sharon Stone and Whoopi Goldberg for two examples), but also political figures like former U.S. President Bill Clinton (on behalf of his globalistic Clinton Foundation) flying in every year, whether as special guests or as active participants. Exclusive fashion shows by top fashion designers from around the world are presented (all, of course, with a certain gayish touch). There are splendid performances by classical ballets, orchestras, renowned opera singers, pop singers, or modern dance formations. All of them contributing for free to these quite glamorous (and certainly shrill) galas, and to the ‘good cause’ of fighting HIV by promoting homosexuality (that is the obvious paradox about this strange event). Whereby the first two hours, starting at dusk, are open-air performance in front of the City Hall (in some years, heavily disturbed by rainfall or thunderstorms), with tens of thousands of ordinary folk, young and old, gathering, eager ‘to be part of it’. This public performance is broadcast by Austrian television. The rest of the night is the Ball proper inside the City Hall building, with its old, historical assembly halls literally transformed into little, highly sensual fantasy lands (pictures to be shown further below).

Also, it is interesting to see how this so-called Life Ball, which uses the HIV issue merely as a pretext for intense pro-homosexual propaganda, has long surpassed by its prominence an old and well-established conservative Vienna Ball, the Opera Ball, which of course is held every year in the ball season (i.e., within the time of Carnival). The Opera Ball – an elegant, bourgeois institution – had been facing for decades furious demonstrations and literal riots by far-left, “autonomous” groups (one time, at least, the event had to be cancelled because of this). Also, an increasing number of cheap, even vulgar “celebrities” has been invading it since the 1990s, effectively ruining the ball’s former reputation of exclusiveness and distinction. In other words, while the conservative format of ‘yesteryear’ is in decline, the homosexual new format is getting bigger and bigger each year!

This year, in 2014, the Life Ball organisers and their socialist helpers (certainly emboldened by “Conchita Wurst’s” Song Contest victory, that must have been agreed upon in advance) went one decisive step further by making transgenderism the central theme in their advertisings. The “Fellini of photography”, American David LaChapelle, known for his both erotic and subversive kitsch-pop surrealism and a homosexual himself, designed this year’s Life Ball’s advertising poster, that at the same time informs of an exhibition in Vienna’s ‘Galerie OstLicht’ titled, “Once in the Garden”, where LaChapelle’s work is presented from June till September 2014. The advertising poster, that shows American ‘transgender model’, Carmen Carrera (born Christopher Roman), one time as a female, one time as a trans-sexual, comes indeed as quite a shock, not only by its adult explicitness which has nothing to do in the public square, but also as it continues the path of deliberate gender confusion begun by “Conchita Wurst”. And its title (which is not visible in the version below) says it all: “I am Adam. I am Eve. I am me.” In other words: Male, female, or anything in between: So what! Anything goes! And it should be tolerated, respected, accepted, celebrated, if not followed.

Life Ball Plakat

The reader is requested, please, to NOT view this as a careless violation of decency. This scandal must be known internationally, as it is right now omnipresent in the streets of Vienna (including bus stops and underground stations) probably for months to come, with young children (as intended) already getting disturbed and confused, and parents, educators, paediatricians, and child psychiatrists bewildered, stunned, and beside themselves as to how this can be, and no authority or regulatory body seemingly responsible, as it is argued that this is a piece of art, advertising an art exhibition, and so, on the grounds of artistic license, it can’t be forbidden. But of course, as one can clearly see, the poster is mainly an advertising for the Life Ball, with a little added pointer to LaChapelle’s exhibition at the bottom (they must have expected the public outrage and might have carefully chosen this sly trick of hiding behind an advertising for an art exhibition, which so conveniently grants them legal immunity). For readers who know German, the never-ending list of complaints against this advertising poster can be read here. (It seems, after the Spanish, the French, the Brazilians, or the Venezuelans, now also the Austrians can’t take it any more and begin standing up.) Two of these complaints, one by a child psychiatrist, another by a kindergarten nurse, are given below in English translation:


Dear Mr. Keszler,

I’m taken aback by and I’m concerned over the poster draft for the 2014 Life Ball. As a child- and youth psychiatrist, I deal on a daily basis with children and youngsters who do not know the borders of intimacy and who often misunderstand the difference between a sexuality without love and one as part of a love relationship. Exposing oneself before others is part of this unawareness of boundaries. Many children, adolescents, and, I think, also adults suffer when others do not respect these limits of pudency and intimacy. My staff and I are working daily towards conveying this awareness to young people and towards repairing what has been destroyed earlier. This poster is disrespectful particularly of the weakest in society. From Conchita Wurst we heard that tolerance ends where someone else is harmed or could be harmed. Many children and adolescents do not have, through their particular life experience, the sense of distance and the ability to reflect necessary to properly deal with such explicit art. They would definitely be harmed by it. The self-exposure before others in public as an instrument of a misread understanding of tolerance must not invalidate the necessary mindfulness in dealing with each other in society. And tolerance must not be reduced to the freedom of sexual orientation. Tolerance is needed towards our children and especially those who didn’t have a very easy start in life. Tolerance is needed also towards ailing and desperate individuals, whatever the cause for their misfortune. For the purpose of keeping mindfulness and tolerance in the societal intercourse, this poster should be removed from the public square!

Prim. Dr. Michael J. Merl

Department for Child- and Youth Psychiatry, Landes-Frauen- u. Kinderklinik Linz (Austria)



Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I am a kindergarten pedagogue, and quite often I’m on the move with our children on public transport. Yet, I find it unacceptable that as of late these provocative Life Ball posters can be seen almost everywhere, even broadcast on the gewista info-screens in the underground system. Children between the age of 3 and 6 need not view an “Eve with breasts and penis” shown publicly. As the children were very confused and also putting questions to their parents, many parents became quite upset! With all due tolerance for homosexuality, we nevertheless owe our children a great responsibility, especially in our present time, and being a watchdog for these matters, you should protect our children’s vulnerable souls from such advertising!

I request your response before we pass this on to the media.




Yet, the cowardly decision by the Austrian “Werberat”, responsible i.a. for dealing with complaints against certain advertisings, was this (click to enlarge):


[English translation:]


„I am Adam. I am Eve. I am me.“

The two subjects in question represent an advertising for the art exhibition of an artist active on an international scale, which will take place in Vienna from June 2 till September 7, 2014. The Austrian Advertising Council (Werberat) assumes that the advertising for this exhibition is supported by a sponsoring from the Life Ball organisation.

For this reason, the Austrian Advertising Council (Werberat), according to its rules of procedure (Art. 2 (4)), cannot give a statement in this matter, as the mentioned advertising belongs in the domain of Art and Culture.

For further complaints and criticism, the office of the Life Ball organisation will be gladly available under


The way the Life Ball is promoted by Austrian television (that too is in the grip of the Socialists) borders to madness. There’s just been “Conchita” on all channels for weeks, and now, again, this annual celebration of sexual disorientation and perversion! And the way and the extent to which it is promoted and highlighted can only be compared to a royal wedding elsewhere! They seemingly can’t get enough of it, and the whole city, if not the whole country, is confronted year after year by this same insane hype, whether people like it or not (and we should assume that most people don’t, but what to do when the cultural Marxists are in charge everywhere). Above is the insert (it’s rather a little trailer) used by Austrian television as the opening of the 2014 Life Ball broadcast. Again, actual nude photography is used, though not as distinctly recognisable, showing two models with somewhat Maori-style body paintings on them and in a very provocative pose. As the motto for this year’s Life Ball was, “Im Garten der Lüste” (In the Garden of Earthly Delights), one can see here, like with the poster by David LaChapelle, as the key motif: Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, though the Garden is now redefined, in revolutionary manner, as a “Garden of Earthly [meaning: Sensual] Delights”, as an hedonistic paradise! The explanation given for choosing this motto was they had been ‘inspired’ by 16th-century painter Hieronymus Bosch’s famous tryptich, “The Garden of Earthly Delights” (Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid, Spain), where, they hold, all those different fantastical creatures live peacefully beside each other: their hedonistic socialist-Utopian misinterpretation! (Click to enlarge!)

In reality, Hieronymus Bosch’s famous work, which has nothing to do with praising lustiness at all, consists of a (chronological) sequence of three separate paintings, a fact deliberately ignored by these godless and sexually fixated fanatics. There’s first The Garden of Eden to the left, showing Adam and Eve in their still-paradisical state of innocence. There’s second The Garden of Earthly Delights (which is only the middle section), in which humanity, after its Fall, appears to engage in all sorts of pleasure, including, it seems, sensual pleasure. And, third, to the right, The Musical Hell, suggesting a Day of Judgment situation on the earth’s surface and several layers of hell underneath! The whole tryptich, viewed in context, is rather a most moral warning, a monition, a spiritual teaching lesson! Ironically, and tellingly, the Life Ball propagandists, who adopted this theme as their 2014 maxim, and all their ‘learned’ advisors (as well as Marxist art historians, such as communist East Germany’s Wilhelm Fraenger, whom they seemingly follow), are so blind as to not understand its meaning and instead to misinterpret the middle piece as an encouragement for their wicked practices (they have no idea how Hieronymus Bosch is laughing at them from his grave). At the same time, rejecting there ever was a true Garden of Eden and there ever will be a Day of Judgment, all they perceive is this garden of lust in the here and now, which they view as their Garden of Eden, without realising they’re already welcoming to their lives a foretaste of hell (which, even if they go through great emotional and perhaps physical sufferings, they’re much too proud as to ever admit: because they are caught, like the atheistic socialists and communists, in a mindset of rebellion).

Here, just at the moment of the Life Ball’s opening, is a first view from the Vienna Burgtheater across the Rathausplatz over to the Vienna City Hall building, which hosts the scandalous event and is most magically illuminated in ever-changing shades and colours throughout the evening. The Vienna City Hall, in German Wiener ‘Rathaus’, is a neo-Gothic building of the second half of the 19th century, and, as one can see, it’s fairly representative architecture. It was built – among a whole number of other monumental architectural structures such as the Burgtheater, the State Opera, the Houses of Parliament, the New Hofburg, pompous Ministerial buildings, and luxury hotels – after the demolition of the old city walls, alongside the newly laid-out ‘Ringstraße’.


After the special guests and ‘celebrities’ have arrived, striding over the Red Carpet as if for the Academy Awards, the grandiose performances start with the intonation of an actual Life Ball Fanfare (!) first played in 2006 and written by Slovak-Hungarian composer Béla Fischer. The elegant fanfare remotely resembles the style of the modern Leoš Janáček or even John Williams’ Superman and Star Wars themes (you see: glamour everywhere; they get it all!).


Here is a view down from the Council Hall’s clock tower over the square: Sigmund Freud, who was Viennese, may have well seen in this configuration of lights on the ground an erected male genital, complete with giant testicles; and that’s probably how it was meant.


The first piece of performance was then a sequence from the overture to Christoph Willibald Gluck’s opera, “Iphigénie en Aulide”, accompanied by a most extravagant dancing choreography. Of course. This is the Vienna Life Ball!


Below you can see the ‘debutants’ (as if this was the distinguished Opera Ball, which the Life Ball is about to replace sooner or later) striding in: 99 heterosexual couples, with one homosexual couple in front (mirroring the 99:1 ratio of heteros vs. homos, which is cute, as this Life Ball event by its prominence seems to imply the exact opposite, as if homosexuals were a 99% majority, rather than a 1% minority). The costumes are visibly foolish, but befitting the nature of the occurence. All under the watchful eyes and auspices of Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer, head of the (once-)prestigious Elmayer Dance School, the leading dance school in the city of Waltz, that has been introducing young people into the adult world of etiquette and refined dance ever since 1919. What he is doing here? Well, he has widely broken with the conservative tradition established by his ancestors, for which he has received much criticism from Vienna conservatives, and given in to the ‘necessities’ and whims of our democratised, nihilistic era. And he even seems to be proud of it. 


The following performance was taken from Mozart’s early opera, “Apollo et Hyazinthus”, with American star soprano Jennifer O’Loughlin and German bass René Pape as the exquisite voices. Everything here is of course reinterpreted and re-designed so to fit the sensualistic and homosexualist ’cause’.


The act that followed was the ‘debutants’ throwing at each other’s WHITE costumes, Hindu style, colour-powders, mainly red, as if describing an act of defloration! Very disturbing!


Shortly after, Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer solemnly exclaimed, as every year, “Alles LEBEN!” (All Life!) – rather than “Alles Walzer!”, which he says at the Opera Ball. What an irony: the propagandists of non-procreation and sexual misery posing as advocates for LIFE, as expressed in the name of the event, in the first place. What twisted view of the meaning of ‘life’, which for them mostly consists in looking around for their next ‘kick’ (and, in case they do catch HIV at some point, in struggling to SURVIVE). Also note that ‘ball’, in the sexualised world of the ‘gay’ community, has a quite sexual double meaning too! So, ‘life ball’ is already quite audacious in that sense. The funny thing this year was that Mr. Schäfer-Elmayer closed his eyes for a moment (not twinkling) just after he had pronounced, ‘Alles Leben’. Isn’t that astounding? He well knows about the shamefulness of it all, to which he so shamefully renders his prestige. Instead of continuing to be, like his forefathers, a non-compromising advocate for true life only, and for assisting the young in becoming decent, well-mannered adults, who will eventually find for themselves a future husband or wife and have children, he has switched sides and is now a miserable advocate for death and civilisatory destruction. History is repeating itself. 75, 80 years ago, people were molded into one under the sign of the swastika. Today, they’re falling into pretty much the same trap, this time under the misleading banner of the rainbow (which, horribly, applies even to the once-Roman Catholic Church; as a consequence, no reaction or protest against the Life Ball’s perversions and blasphemies from, say, Cardinal Schönborn, who is a Freemason’s son and most likely a Freemason himself, and, as rumour has it, a well-concealed practising homosexual; and he isn’t the only one).


From then on, the event was moderated by two Austrian film and comedy stars, Manuel Rubey and Thomas Stipsits. However, before their formal moderation, the two were enacting a highly blasphemous and provocative sketch, one being Adam, the other one, Eve.


Here is the English translation of this scandal, which is in fact purest and most aggressive anti-religious propaganda. The style of the script very obviously follows the Tamino-Papageno dualism in Mozart’s deeply MASONIC opera, The Magic Flute, with Manuel Rubey (as Eve) speaking in High German and Thomas Stipsits (as Adam) in Viennese dialect. Take note that again the Garden of Eden is being redefined as a “Garden of Earthly Delights”, the motto for this 2014 Life Ball. Also, the utterly ‘humanistic’-Masonic lingo of the Magic Flute is used in this dialogue as well:


Adam: I’m so alone here!

Eve: Who’s speaking here?

A: Yes, it’s me!

E: Who is ‘me’?


A: Yes, I am me. Who are you?

E: I am me too.

A: Where are you ?

E: Strange. I thought I’d be alone here in the Garden of Earthly Delights.


A: I thought the same. But lovely to have company. Hello!

E: Hello!

A: I’m Adam.

E: Eve. My pleasure.

A: Mine too. And what are you doing, then?

E: What do you mean?

A: Job. Hobbies.

E: I like flowers.

A: That’s cool. I very much like gardening too.

E: Have you created all this?

A: Yes. That is to say, I mean, the boss helped a little bit. Good job! Thank you! And, Eve, what are we going to do now?

E: Well, we’re supposed to love each other and multiply.

A: Good! That isn’t so difficult, after all. I mean, when I look at you: you really look good! So, I’ve already fallen in love, a bit.

E: Moo. You’re a charmeur.

A: Thank you. They rightfully call me the Casanova of the Garden of Earthly Delights.

E: Who calls you that?

A: Well, I call myself that way.

E: Moo –

The two, who are not homosexuals, approach each other and exchange a long French kiss, shown by the camera in close-up. The crowd is out of itself. – This even tops Madonna and Britney Spears! Sorry about presenting this indecency!


A: Mmhh. You taste somewhat like –

E: Human?

A: Yes, like human! I don’t taste any colour of skin either. Not even sexual orientation!

E: Account balance?

A: Can’t taste that either! But: I think you aren’t alone.

E: What do you mean? Mentally?

A: No, I mean there are more of your kind.

E: Oh yes, look, there are many more here, for instance …

(Switch to a different camera angle that shows the whole square in front of the Vienna City Hall. Crowd is cheering.)

A: Do they all taste like human?

E: I think so, most of them. Well, some taste rather a bit like crackerbarrel (Stammtisch). [Scornful laughter in the crowd.]

A: Are they here as well?

E: I don’t think so. These types don’t watch this. They rather rail against it.

A: But, don’t you think that they also want to be loved? [sic!!!]

E: I think so. Love is the bloom growing everywhere. [Repeating in English:] Love is the bloom growing everywhere!

Stipsits: And precisely this is the motto for the LIFE BALL 2014!!! [Crowd cheering like mad.]

Rubey: When he comes out here, a wonderful good evening –

Stipsits: The velcro is jammed –


Rubey: – here on the City Hall Square (Rathausplatz), dear humans and at home in front of your TV-sets. – Thomas Stipsits –

Stipsits: – and Manuel Rubey!

Rubey: We are privileged to guide you a little bit through this evening. Welcome at the Life Ball 2014! Welcome in the GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS!


Stipsits: Also from my side. – As is tradition, this splendid and speciose garden will be opened by the city father and host of the Vienna City Hall. Please welcome now the quasi-head-gardener of the Garden of Earthly Delights: Dr. Michael Häupl!


Do read the following carefully! The Austrian Socialists, like their comrades in the United States or elsewhere, are completely backing the homosexualist madness, knowing full well that it is a powerful tool in bringing down even the last remains of traditional society. Note also that this is an ‘old-style’ Austrian Socialist, born in 1949, who shows no inclination whatsoever to polish up his manners and speaking style, but on the contrary proudly presents himself as the proletarian that he is. The fact that he holds a Doctor degree in Biology obviously has had no effect on his proletarian-revolutionary stance.l

Dr. Michael Häupl, Mayor of the City of Vienna (Social Democratic Party of Austria; prior to 1991 named Socialist Party of Austria):

Dear friends! Dear Viennese! Welcome here in the City Hall Square. For 22 years, from this square, from this festival, has been sent out a message of solidarity with AIDS-patients, of non-marginalisation, of tolerance, of respect, of a living together within society. And for that, dear Gery Keszler, I want to thank you once again. It’s really great, and we are indeed proud of you. [Crowd is cheering.] But today I also want to thank most heartily Conchita Wurscht. [Crowd breaking out in ecstatic jubilations.] The message that went out to the world from that Song Contest, this is how we are looking forward to see the world in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! [Crowd cheers.] Of course I’d like to wish you for tonight, ladies and gentlemen, a joyful evening. That goes without saying. But I also would want to wish you a thoughful evening at the same time. Because from this festivity goes out also a political message. [sic!!!] And we should be equally aware of that on this evening. Have a wonderful, and thoughtful, evening. Thank you very much.

The next music performance was by American pop singer, Candice Glover, the song title being – what a surprise – “Lust for Life”. Take note of the wild, ecstatic, and quite obscene overall presentation. Clearly, this isn’t about a noble enlightenment of people’s minds and hearts regarding fighting HIV or learning ‘tolerance’, but the worst possible regression into darkness and decadence. History is very much repeating itself. Though this time it won’t be Germanic tribes, but Russian armies to put a devastating end to this eccentric year-round carnival.


As a classical contrast, the Orchestra of the Vienna Academy, conducted by Austrian organist and composer Martin Haselböck, played from Smetana’s Comic Opera, The Bartered Bride, the Finale of the First Act: Polka (this most beautiful and witty comic opera can be viewed in full as a 1998 live recording from the Sandler’s Wells Theatre, London, here; highly recommendable, and NOTHING to do with despicable sodomitic practices!!!). It is more than doubtful that Smetana would have agreed with having his most delicate music performed at a political event promoting homosexuality (the same applies to Gluck and Mozart). Smetana himself was definitely a great and lifelong admirer of femininity, and during his lifetime, 1824 to 1884, all this steamy activity of today would have brought these people straight into jail, without exception. 


André Heller’s extravagant creation, The Dragon of Unconditional Love (???), made up of 2,000 narcissi, with an half-undressed male ‘ballerina’ posing on top. (For those who don’t know: Nazi Germany held very similar ‘corsos’ too, though not with a homosexual, but with a Germanic bent, that even included – same thing – nude figures standing on top of such carnivalistic waggons.) 


And then, look at this: Martin Haselböck, while conducting the Orchestra of the Vienna Academy, for a short moment forms his left hand indeed to a Cornuta, i.e. to the devil’s horns. Isn’t that quite unusual? A conductor in the midst of a wonderful and lovely piece by Smetana flashing – consciously or not – the sign of the devil? It all fits together though, as the Life Ball is actually a Satanic enterprise.


At some point, during all these outlandish ‘gay’ activities, the camera takes a pan over the nightly Inner City of Vienna, as if to remind viewers it is still there: The Karlskirche to the far right; the Neue Hofburg in the foreground; and to the far left: the majestic dome of the Michaelertrakt of the Hofburg. Second picture: the characteristic tower of St. Stephen’s Cathedral; further to the right: the slim tower of the Michaelerkirche; and in the foreground: the Burgtheater, one of the premier straight theatres in the German-speaking sphere.


Finally, Gery Keszler, founder and chief organiser of the Life Ball (some call him “Mr. Life Ball”) is interviewed. As the conversation between him and Manuel Rubey carries on, they suddenly agree that “Conchita Wurst’s” victory in Copenhagen marks the beginning of a new year count! And Manuel Rubey blasphemously says: “B.C.” and after. So, the meaning of “B.C.” has now changed from “Before Christ” to “Before Conchita”! These may well be the last “peaceful” harbingers of a most murderous religious persecution soon to come, whether by the hands of these completely out-of-touch homosexual Bolsheviks, or by the ‘law and order’ Bolsheviks in the Kremlin. Communism is about to take over, no doubt about it!


During that exchange, the camera took a view over the colourful crowd. Here are a few shots:

ThenThen spokel

Then spoke the 42nd President of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton (remember: the one who paved by his liberal policies the way for current Stalinist in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama). And he spoke well, as ever, on the great and noble cause of ‘fighting’ HIV, at the same time by his mere presence greatly endorsing the homosexualist revolution – which, self-evidently, adds to the problem of HIV rather than anything else. And, as one can see, it’s Marxists amongst themselves…


This was succeeded by a so-called Style Contest for participants in especially extravagant costumes.


After this, a glossy fashion show began, presented by seven different top international fashion houses: Lanvin, Viktor & Rolf, Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood, Etro, Dsquared2, and Jean Paul Gaultier. The first show, by Lanvin, was especially remarkable, as it used for its presentation the Black Mass scene from Stanley Kubrick’s last film, Eyes Wide Shut, complete with the original soundtrack. German actor Ben Becker acted as the Red Pope.


Something has been going heavily wrong within the world of fashion for a long time. It seems to have turned into a breeding ground not only for homosexuals, but also for Satanism. Probably the two go hand in hand anyway. (As for Lanvin, this was the sick and diabolical ‘visiting card’ for their Spring/Summer 2012 collection.) Coming back to Eyes Wide Shut, it is quite ironic to have such a presentation in Vienna, because the script for Eyes Wide Shut is based on Arthur Schnitzler’s so-called Dream Novel, or Dream Story. Schnitzler was Viennese, and his Dream Story, written in the mid 1920s, plays in the Vienna of the Fin de Siecle. Isn’t this a strange symbolism? A case of ‘chickens coming home to roost’?

Although not all acts and performances during this Life Ball opening were presented here in this review, one last bit is definitely missing, and it was indeed the final act on that evening. The newly coronated “Queen of Austria”, Thomas “Tom” Neuwirth alias “Conchita Wurst” appeared on the stage, at last – all’s well that end’s well… -, howling yet another time his disgusting “Rise like a Phoenix”.


The estimated 40,000 that were gathered on the Rathausplatz were cheering and screaming like indeed ‘transformed’. The cross-dressing anti-Jesus at the height of his popularity, so far. This was then the end of the television broadcast.

Yet, one additional point: namely, a look at the interior of the City Hall. The assembly halls and session rooms had been significantly ‘transformed’ as well, as you can easily see in the pictures below. Imagine: the City Hall, the seat of the Vienna City Commune, of Vienna’s communal government, perverted into a (high-luxury) playing ground for the crazed disciples of the rainbow, along with their Masonic VIP-advocates and ‘politically correct’ do-gooders …




And so, dear reader, what we have in front of our eyes and what we are in – all of us – is the strange and bitter fruit of a world without God. As religion disappears, so disappear authority, and conscience, and any moral compass whatsoever. Yet, without these, no civilisation can ever exist! Somebody should have told Marx, and Darwin, and Freud, and all the other ‘liberators’. But, probably, they knew all too well …





1. The reader is greatly recommended to listen to a truly prophetic sermon of 1979 by the German traditionalist Catholic priest, Fr. Hans Milch (1924 – 1987), an ally of Archbishop Lefebvre, titled “The Imminent Fall of Europe – The Church: Sole Authority for Possible Rescue” (click on the picture below for part 1/3). In this so important 30-minute-sermon, Fr. Milch analyses with great historico-cultural depth the origins of our present disorientation and emptiness and of the triumph of the trivial and outright evil. The video presents both the original German audio and a thorough English translation done by this author, as inserted text.


2. Also, do watch a most magnificent sermon of the late 1980s by American Dominican preacher Fr. John F. O’Connor (born July 18, 1929 in Cook County, IL – passed away on Dec. 7, 2006 in Alpharetta, GA), titled “The Reign of the Antichrist” (part 1/9). What this priest is preaching in that sermon, he had thoroughly researched. He gives plenty of sources, and he isn’t too optimistic regarding the fate of this world. Part of his sermon are also considerations on the so-called “Gay Movement”. As the Marxist-progressivist post-Conciliar Catholic Church (that has been massively infiltrated not only by Marxists, but also by organised homosexual networks) vigorously persecutes and silences such priests who dare speak the truth, and because Fr. O’Connor actually named his very Superior as being a member of the so-called Gay Rights movement and a homosexual himself and said that this Superior was actually barring young men from joining the Dominicans unless they accepted homosexuality as okay, he was indeed asked to seek psychiatric help (!), was suspended in June 1989, and finally dismissed from the Dominican Order, that had been his life for 40 years, in mid 1991. There was even a much more dangerous side to it all, as Fr. O’Connor had sought the advice and assistance of a Canon Lawyer by name of Fr. Alfred Kunz so to investigate the links between a notorious satanic pedophile cult and the Catholic priesthood. Several years later, in 1998, Fr. Kunz was brutally killed in what can only be termed a ritual murder. – So sadly, at the relatively young age of 62, Fr. O’Connor, who had been such a valuable and courageous priest, was sent away, never to be heard of as a priest ever again. He moved to his sister’s house in Alpharetta, GA, where he henceforth was living as a private man until he passed away, age 77, in December of 2006. Fr. O’Connor’s mortal remains are interred in the O’Connors’ family grave at Mount Carmel Cemetery, Hillside, Cook County, IL. (Here is a detailed article on the late preacher, titled: Fr. John O’Connor – A Life of Faith, Devotion, and Courage.)


Here is the passage of Fr. O’Connor’s sermon that deals with the homosexualist movement:

The Catholic Church has also been thoroughly infiltrated by homosexuals. Just recently, Father Enrique Rueda came out with this text [The Homosexual Network: Private Lives and Public Policy, orig. 1982, Devin-Adair Pub. 1986] documenting the infiltration of every facet of our society by the so-called gay liberation movement. And he has devoted two entire chapters to the infiltration of churches in general and the Catholic Church in particular. And this information he drew from the publications of the so-called gay liberation movement itself. He went right to their offices, into their headquarters. Apparently they thought he was going to join them, and they gave him all this information by which he has documented how our Church in America has been thoroughly infiltrated by homosexuals. This is why there are so many law suits against priests for child abuse, actual abuse of boys. Last summer it was 50, this summer it rose to 134 civil suits against priests who have been sexually abusing children. And Father Rueda says not only priests but perhaps even bishops have been drawn in to this homosexual ring. Their whole purpose, they know they’re not gonna get the Pope to come out and approve of sodomy, but they think that by infiltrating the clergy they can neutralise the Church’s teaching, just as the modernists did with the pill. You ask most Catholics today, “What’s the Church’s teaching on contraception?” Well, they’re really not sure; it’s been so compromised by the modernists. Well, this is what the homos want here in America. They want to be accepted. They want their lifestyle accepted as a normal, ordinary, everyday, alternate lifestyle. They know the only way they can achieve that goal is by infiltrating the Catholic Church, which is the greatest obstacle to their acceptance. Father Rueda points out how the homosexuals have infiltrated religious orders: the Jesuits; they’ve infiltrated the Franciscans; the Christian Brothers; and of course the Dominicans. When I was in the seminary in the early 1950s, my Superior in the seminary said at that time, “We were being inundated by homosexuals.” And he was doing his best to weed them out. He wrote a letter pleading with our Major Superior to help him; the letter was never answered. So he wrote a letter to our Provincial Council, pleading with them for help to weed out these homosexuals; they never answered his letter. I’m afraid that we’ve been so taken over by Communists at this time, they rejoiced to have us infiltrated by homosexuals. They are so strong in my province they have succeeded in electing one of their own as our Major Superior. Donald J. Goergen is mentioned three times in this book by Father Rueda as one of the national leaders of the homosexual movement and infiltration in America today. Two years ago, he was elected the Major Superior of the Central Dominican Province. That shows you how strong the homosexuals are in the Dominican order.  It’s so bad today that a good boy can’t even get in my province. I’ve talked to some of the finest young men I have ever met, who were turned away from our Novitiate; they wouldn’t let them in. Now, if you want to become a Dominican in the central part of America today, you’ve got to be a feminist, or at least you’ve got to approve of homosexuality as an alternate lifestyle.

3. In addition, here are two sequences taken from recordings with the eminent late Fr. Malachi Martin. First, a brief paragraph from an interview conducted by Canadian Bernard Janzen in Fr. Martin’s apartment in New York City in early 1990, titled “The Storm Breaks”. The selected stretch from part 4/5 (starting at minute 6:39) is about the homosexualist onslaught and how it should be dealt with spiritually, but isn’t:

You know, one main failure there, this is the [?], Bernard, is this: When Jesus left us, visibly, He didn’t give us armies, He didn’t promise empires, He promised we’ll be hated, by the way, He promised the whole world to be against us, but He said, ‘You have one thing, you have a spiritual weapon: My Grace.’ The one thing the bishops have not used is their spiritual weapon, the Grace at their disposal. Let me give you an example. Recently, in the last four weeks [on December 10, 1989], St. Patrick’s Cathedral was desecrated by the homosexual organisations. They invaded it, they interrupted the Mass, they broke the Host into pieces and threw it on the ground, they were insulting, and they had blackouts which were blasphemous. Cardinal John O’Connor purified the church, canonically, but he never once, never once, decided to use the spiritual weapon of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. What he should have done, what many advised, was that he consecrate the homosexual community of New York to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, asking for Grace they be converted, because the only power we have is that Grace! They haven’t used that Grace! They have not used that Grace! They have not used their spiritual weapon. And therefore the spiritual weapon is lying dormant. And we are at sixes and sevens, we don’t know what to think. We are just hurt. And we want to be Americans, and we want to be like everybody else, and we want to be at peace with everybody.” – B.J.: “Catholics have joined the world, in other words.” – Fr. Martin: “That’s right, that’s right. That’s the bill of goods sold: You’ve got to be part of it. Otherwise: why be fanatic. You’re not American, you’re not Canadian, you’re not good citizens. You’ve got to be part of it, that’s the bill of goods that’s been sold by one Archangelic intelligence.

[The whole audio-recordings Bernard Janzen did with Fr. Malachi Martin back in the 1990s can be ordered, individually or as a complete collection of some 22 CDs, from Bernard Janzen’s Triumph Communications. – There’s also an excellent article titled, “Houses of Sand: In Defence of Fr. Malachi Martin”, in which Bernard Janzen examines the various smear campaigns and ad-hominem attacks conducted against this outstanding theologian and priest, both during his life time and even post-mortem.]

4. Another among Fr. Martin’s so many public appearances and interviews (many of them on YouTube) was a very instructive talk at a Human Life International conference in the year 1991, that he titled, “Global Conflict of Life and Anti-Life Forces” (part 1/6). Do listen to it! It fits well into the topic discussed in this article. As a foretaste, here is one grandiose, as well as shattering, passage from that talk, transcribed by this author (question-marks indicate words this author just couldn’t pick up from the audio; Italics and bold print by this author, according to Fr. Martin’s own spoken emphases):

Now, the [?] and the tragedy of our position – and, by the way, I’m not a lugubrious character or very sad or a pessimist, so, these things I’m laying out to you I thought I should do because we’ve been talking for these three days intensely about details, and I want you to see the woods of the trees, having gone through all the details. The [?] and the tragedy of our situation is only heightened by our own apparent helplessness. And that becomes more saddening and frustrating when we realise that literally millions, possibly billions, of human beings – I sound like Carl Sagan: ‘billions and billions’ -, but, possibly billions of human beings, at the present moment, LOVE LIFE, are pro-life! But all of us are caught; we’re in a systemic community of nations which is anti-life, which has elected to be pro-death, as a system. And we cannot get out of it. So, we’re caught up in the demonic energy of ‘The Great Death Wish’. That is precisely the terrain on which we are working. And this includes our beloved America, unfortunately, where in the short space of, what, 18 years [since abortion had been legalised in the U.S. in 1973], 25 million have been done to cruel death by men and women self-righteously and blindly claiming to belong to the order of healers, but who ruthlessly and cheerfully and efficiently spend their time tearing little human limbs, cracking crania like walnuts on Thanksgiving night, scavaging the remains for ‘commodification’, what a horrible thought: commercial commodification of babies’ bodies; and for ‘export-import’! And all this sophisticated skullduggery is sanctioned and condoned by two main blocs of people: first of all, our legislators, who are the representatives of the people, who most unconscionably and for the sake of their own advancement have literally abused and prostituted the power that God the Father gave them. ‘You would have no power over Me,’ Jesus said to Pilate, this amoral coward, ‘unless it were given to you from above.’ And then Jesus immediately added the second bloc of people involved in condoning and sanctioning; and He said, ‘You would have no power unless it were given to you from above; therefore, those who delivered Me into your power have the greater sin.’ And these, oh we know them, my friends, we know them all! Uncomfortably, embarrassingly, bewilderingly, we know them all! It’s a seemingly endless list of ‘cultured’, established, educated people; you know, our ‘supremely wise men’, our [?], our sociologists, the leaders in both great major political parties, the party hacks and the ward heelers, and a numerous gaggle of social commentators and trend-setters; by the way: respectable and respected people; trusted people; people who are in good standing in the community; well-paid, well-fed, well-housed, well-dressed people; all those who have made the slaughter of the innocents an integral element of our American life, of the ‘politically correct and socially acceptable American person’, the PCASAAP; politically correct and socially acceptable person. Just remember to add to that list, by the way, you know, the usual list of the politically correct and socially acceptable American person, you know: racial quotas reverse discrimination, [?], same-sex parents, homosexual marriages, fetal experimentation; add to that now: abortion, as an integral element to American life, as integral as the Bill of Rights, in the minds of those who are pro-abortion. And let’s [?], by the way – amongst ourselves, at least – to include in their establishment-list the eminent and sometimes reverent mugwumps, with their sitting on the fence of opportunity with their mug, their rumps on one side facing their oath of office to implement the solemn dogmatic doctrine of the Church, and their faces peering anxiously on the other side, while they temporise with anodyne nothings and dialogue amicably and consultations wisely, because they will not keep their solemn oath for fear they might be called bigots and fanatics, for fear they might not be invited to the dinner [?] of the great and take their place at the green top tables of power. My friends, how they yearn to be politically acceptable and socially correct! How they yearn! God bless them. To all of them, from the immunity of God’s Eternity, the greatest innocent, Jesus, and all the slaughtered innocents, say in unison: ‘You made this lethal legislation possible!’ What a terrible accusation. ‘You made our murder legal! You continue to make this abomination viable! The greatest sin is yours! You are the authors of this abomination! You are collaborators and co-operators in the Great Death Wish!’ They won’t hear it until eternity. But imagine being swamped in front of the Throne of Jesus, at your particular judgment, by oceans of babies claiming, ‘You killed us! You made it legal!’ God help them. And please, let me ask you, en passant, not to assume, because sometimes we do (?)-ly assume that this Great Death Wish is aimed at the death of the body, of millions of bodies, that too, but its purpose is its authors and its chief author, that liar and murderer from the beginning, that Jesus contemned so much, Lucifer, the purpose is to ensure the death in the soul of mankind. The specific and ultimate aim of all death-dealing, including abortion and euthanasia and contraception, the abortifacients, the specific aim is to eliminate the Holy Trinity from our midst in the family of man, by making fatherhood and motherhood just alternative life-styles, by trivialising that God-founded troika of husband, wife, and child, into just one more socially adjustable arrangement, by reducing sonhood to penis-possession and daughterhood to vaginal freedom, and married love to pleasurable mating habits. By in total effect, that’s eliminating the prototypes that God set up: the Fatherhood of God in Heaven, the Sonhood of Jesus, the Motherhood and the Daughterhood of Mary, and the Godliness of the Holy Family in Nazareth. THAT is the aim! Not just the killing of bodies! And with that comes the death of the supernatural life of God in our midst.

5. And here are the gruesome, but top-notch assessments by the late British geopolitical analyst and Sovietologist, Christopher Story, given at the “Fatima: 2000” World Peace Bishops’ Conference at Hamilton, ON, Canada, Oct. 11 – 18, 1999. The 50-minute talk by Christopher Story was titled, “Lenin’s Satanic World Revolution” (click here). A must-see!




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