Are Moscow and Beijing already Blackmailing the West into ‘Cooperation’ on Their Terms?

Putin, State of the Nation address 2018



Those familiar with the communist defector literature will immediately recognise the meaning, scope, depth and implications of the title of this article. They know, or should know, that the so-called “collapse of communism” in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe 25 plus years ago was but a theatrical play, a giant spectacle, designed to deceive and put to sleep a Western world that all-too-readily accepted the miraculous “changes” in the communist sphere at face value. They are perfectly aware that communism continued (also in the allegedly ever-more-“capitalist” People’s Republic of China), practically under the same personnel, with its same old objective of world revolution and as ruthless and determined as ever. Having educated themselves, they can see through the fog of disinformation. They won’t fall for the false smiles, dubious promises and treacherous invitations. They easily spot a Bolshevik even when he doesn’t speak his former Marxist-Leninist gibberish. Unlike our “all-wise” decision makers in business and politics, they aren’t impressed by expensive suits, silk neckties and Rolex watches (neither do they rejoice over Red China’s “economic miracle” that was only made possible by a gravely mistaken policy begun by the United States 45 years ago). They keep their focus instead on the empty shells, the imitators, the impostors inside these suits and are thoroughly appalled by their lack of culture, their brutishness and the demonic air surrounding them (the same applies for Red Chinese compared to, say, Chinese in Taiwan or Hong Kong). At the same time, they do not underestimate communist cunning and insidiousness. They can see, underneath the apparent small-talk and folksy fraternising, the cold-blooded chess player, the skilled strategist and manipulator, who is constantly analysing the situation, seeking advantage and, ultimately, control. Shielded and protected by such wisdom and understanding, they don’t engage in any exchange whatsoever with communists (or: “post-communists”), the very same way one doesn’t mix with criminals. They leave them alone, simply because they in turn want to be left alone by them. After all, if one doesn’t open up to their trickery, to their deceptive games, that always put one in a weak, even critical position: what can they do?!

This is what the West, the “bourgeoisie,” should have done. Keep away from communists – who are no less than the enemies of civilisation – and keep them out of your own sphere no matter what. Tragically, fatally and stupidly, the free world did the exact opposite, putting itself on a murderous path of self-annihilation that began with seemingly innocuous diplomatic recognition and has taken us all the way to being existentially threatened by communism. All because the Western elites had – naïvely or treasonously – been feeding this monster, continuously, decade after decade, until that monster – what irony! – felt strong enough to declare defeat. But it wasn’t defeated at all (after all: by whom?); rather, it embarked on a new scheme, more sophisticated and more deadly than any other deception in the history of communism: It took a second breath (both in the “former” USSR and in the “increasingly pragmatic” PRC) – that’s what the ruse of “collapsible communism” was all about -, restrengthening and even rejuvenating itself while being underground, in plain sight.

Below is a striking piece of evidence (and this whole article is mainly about Russia), one out of a myriad. It’s a Soviet post stamp of 1988, which was about the peak of Gorbachev’s deceptive perestroika campaign. Surprisingly, the stamp shows old-style Soviet propaganda images – Red Army soldiers marching forward under the Red banner and endless masses of socialist workers marching ahead, too, as if coming straight out of the stamp and towards the viewer – along with the frank admission, “Perestroika Continues the October (Revolution).” On the righthand side, we then read the maxims: “Acceleration. Democratisation. Openness.” So, Gorbachev’s alleged reform programme marked indeed the beginning of an utterly hostile political offensive followed by outright (“peaceful”) invasion right across enemy lines into the West, by which the free world  – “acceleration!” – was to be thoroughly overwhelmed, and it was!



The ever-appeasing and peace-loving West, mesmerised by the wonderful outcome of communism having abolished itself, swiftly celebrated its victory of the Cold War and all-too-gladly accepted the “post-communists” (who were still communists!) as their “friends” and “partners” – the calamitous story of ancient Troy revisited! This was then the beginning of the final chapter in this overall Greek tragedy. Meanwhile, thirty years later, the liberal idea of an “end of history” has turned out as a suicidal illusion. Instead of freedom and prosperity around the world, we are now facing the same old communist beast, well and alive and stronger than ever, getting ready for world victory.

But why “blackmail”? Communism can threaten the West (as it always did), but blackmail? Well, first, our (so-called) elites have during a period of three decades established close relations with the communist world, politically, economically and culturally, even to a degree where it’s no longer clear which is which and who belongs where and stands on what side. Having freed themselves of their “anti-Fascist protection rampart” in 1989, the communists effectively invaded the West, infiltrating, if not taking over, all spheres of Western society (including the criminal underworld). So, they’ve already entered, in a variety of ways, the enemy’s camp, gaining influence as well as precious insights. At the same time, they were quietly rebuilding and modernising their military, while encouraging the West to sign arms control treaties. The goal, naturally, was (and had always been) a solid reversal in the balance of military power. Once you’ve gained military superiority, you can dictate your terms upon an adversary who has only these two choices left: Red or dead (meaning, outright surrender or fighting a war that, by human reckoning, cannot be won).

Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines the act of blackmail as follows:

(1) a tribute anciently exacted on the Scottish border by plundering chiefs in exchange for immunity from pillage.

(2) extortion or coercion by threats especially of public exposure or criminal prosecution.

“… by threats especially of public exposure or criminal prosecution.” The definition does not explicitly name threats against the very life of a given victim, be it an individual or a whole country (or group of countries). Our utilitarian mindset shys away from this much more dangerous type of blackmail, in which the criminal is a political psychopath who demands nothing less than total submission on the part of his victim (which far exceeds the limits of mere “unconditional surrender”), threatening him with death in case he doesn’t obey. Being a totalitarian, he isn’t satisfied by ordinary territorial conquest. He wants to see his victim completely helpless, terrified, and yes: humiliated. He wants his all, first of all: his very soul! So, the means, the tool, the indispensable precondition in such political blackmail is overwhelming military superiority, while the threat involves nothing less than extermination. “Do as I wish, or else,” which is the essence of blackmail, taken to its utmost extreme. The great Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn used for this the term, “cooperation-blackmail.”

It goes without saying, however, that blackmail can only be effective as soon as the side that’s to be blackmailed knows it is being blackmailed. In normal life, that’s usually a given, but the communists somewhat overdid it with putting the West to sleep (claiming, back in 1989/91, they were no longer communists) so that now, despite their threats getting shriller and shriller, the West appears to remain comfortably asleep nonetheless. 



Already in 2011 (maybe much earlier than that), the West could have and should have woken up to the impending danger. On December 10th of that year, a prominent representative of the Russian Federation, though no longer in an official role, was honoured in Munich, Germany by Bavaria’s conservative, CSU-connected Hanns Seidel Foundation with their Franz-Josef-Strauß Award. In his acceptance speech, same de-facto representative (who was none other than Comrade Gorbachev) burst out, Khrushchev-style, into a wild and chaotic Leninist rant, in which he attacked the United States and NATO, declared the Western system of free market economics bankrupt, threatened World War III and simultaneously offered as a solution to avoid world war a “radical cure,” i.e., a new global order based, evidently, on communism (he didn’t use the word “communism,” of course). He greatly courted the Germans, addressing them as “my dear Germans” (after all, the unchanged Soviets have been working for decades, 24/7, to steer Germany away from the United States and break up the Atlantic Alliance), but finally even threatenend them with poverty and hunger, should they not obey. Gorbachev did not explicitly speak of Russia having acquired military superiority over the West, but the fact of the matter is: he threatened world war! So, it’s already an instance of “cooperation-blackmail.” This terrifying speech was only once broadcast by Bavarian Television later that day, but was otherwise completely swept under the rug (after all, who wants people to panic!). This author incidently stumbled upon it on YouTube at the time. The videos presenting this had only the second half of the speech as a recording of the original television broadcast, with Gorbachev speaking Russian and being simultaneously translated to German by an interpreter of Bavarian Television. The missing first half of the speech, as this author found out later through a massively streamlined official print version, wasn’t nearly as explosive, and so he meticulously translated to English what was on that video (0:33 – 19:55), in other words: what was actually said. Hold your breath, and keep in mind that Gorbachev is not a private observer, but speaks and acts on behalf of the still-existing USSR (the late British analyst Christopher Story even viewed the Gorbachev Foundation as a cloak for a secretly continuing COMINTERN – which, given Gorbachev’s new role ever since 1992, makes complete sense). Also, Gorbachev greatly confirms in this speech what German Chancellor Angela Merkel indicates, quite frequently so, when she speaks of Russia, in equal Leninist boldness, as being “Germany’s strategic partner” (history is repeating itself):    

[…] But now I’m also slowly asking myself: what’s this all about? For, what we can see is that the missile defence is meant as a defence against Russia. Everything else is just talk, or a wall of fog to cover the truth. Yes, and as a result, the Russian government said: We’re going to station means of defence, here and there, and we are ready to use weapons that guarantee our security. What does this mean? WORLD WAR III! And if Russia and the USA should again be at loggerheads, this IS World War III! This won’t be restricted to a local war! And we need to again clearly remember the lesson, you know: the Cold War was over, our partners were triumphing, and they wouldn’t see the forest for the trees any more, in the West, and especially in the USA. They wanted to build a new empire, with a super-super-super-power – to which I say: the Germans are a serious and reflecting nation, and they know well what is being said in the USA; and when they don’t react to it and sometimes nod, it means all this can’t be taken for serious: It’s the attempt to threaten Russia a bit; and there is still in Europe a bit of fear left towards Russia. Yet, we only wish to build and develop: No one has led more wars in the 20th century than us. So much we had to suffer, and, just as a sidenote: We had no plans after WWII to start military action against the USA. I know it. I MUST know it. And, suddenly, all this starts all over again. This reminds me of those 200 or 300 U.S. bases, spread all over the world, from the Cold War era; and have they been of any use to anybody? I have the impression that the evildoer of the system in which the West lives, and so with the consent of Washington, this radical market philosophy, all this hasn’t turned out positively. What have we got? Bubbles! One bubble after the other, and they all burst. And, one should understand at last that the solution can’t be an arms race, the militarisation of the world and the economy, because we’d keep on throwing money out the window. And former Finance Minister Waigel spoke of 10 billion DM or Dollar, of course it was Mark, Deutschmark, that he didn’t give to Gorbachev at that time. How much money are we simply throwing out the window! Eisenhower is again quoted these days, General and President Eisenhower. Yesterday I had again the idea to watch that movie: “FFF.” — No. — “JFK.” On the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I like such films, and one should watch them from time to time just so to remain awake; if possible: wide-awake! And, Eisenhower, to come back to that, said that the military-industrial complex is a dangerous thing; and one should never lose control over it! He said that in a way as had never been said before. And I want to say: the man was right! The military-industrial complex in our grand countries, that’s those who set the tone, who exert pressure on politics. I know how our military-industrial complex is doing this, and it is still very critical of Gorbachev because of Perestroika and the freeing of the country from these military expenditures. But, these people have been accustomed to always ‘play the first fiddle,’ and I think that if an economy cannot provide for its people, it is an ill economy; AND SUCH AN ECONOMY MUST BE CURED, AND SO BY RADICAL MEANS! This was my idea, this was my approach. And I’m still repeating it today. But, no, what are they telling people? They are telling them things that make them afraid. Well, and now they’re arming up. But when one looks at the situation thoroughly, one can easily see that our government is acting correctly and appropriately, because – I just say: the devil take it – there is no system for executing global decisions in a world that is already global. We simply still lack such mechanisms, and I have heard with great interest that, as has been said by your Prime Minister, “we are ready to help, but not to throw money into a bottomless pit.” After all, IT WAS THE GERMANS who initiated the Euro, the European single currency, and therefore Germany carries also great responsibility, and Germany is big and strong, and thus carries an especially great responsibility, from which it cannot just steal away. But, this is also about the processes within the countries. Many have entered the EU in an expectation of having things for free, I think you know exactly what I mean. Yes, so quickly did they rush to the West and left the Warsaw Pact and COMECON, all up and away towards the West, and the West immediately welcomed them and quickly incorporated these new countries, which all entered suit the United Nations; and you yourselves have greatly furthered this development; thus: look who is talking! And, shouldn’t one be grateful to the Greeks for having established the fundaments of our civilisation? But, well, I believe we know exactly what we need to think of each other, and we must build a system for executing global decisions in a global world. And for this, NEW systems, NEW models are needed! Betting on super-profits, super-consumption, and the like, leads nowhere. That’s of no use! Now, we have a billionaire who owns a submarine. And now he wants to commission a second one. Is this going to give the man happiness? No! One should find a small submarine, torpedo his first one so to prevent the second one from being built; because no one needs this. Who needs this? And I ask you, my dear Germans: stand you also by your responsibility! You have initiated the Euro-zone, and as soon as the control mechanisms become effective, this system will be precisely what Europe and the world need! I think we should all really think about, together, how we can prevent a violent solution of the problems at hand, because when someone chooses force, this is the most dangerous thing that there is; and I repeat: we’re again in an arms race! It’s obviously about re-militarisation, not only militarisation of the economybut also of consciousness. WE ARE ILL; WE ALL NEED TO BE TREATED AND CURED! And Generals again become heroes; Generals who believe they had disarmed too much, one missile of many thousands, that’s too much. And here I ask myself: How do the Generals think? If one bets on solving problems militarily, then one commits a mistake, and I’d like to say this again, I’ve heard this, we just had in France an annual meeting, the annual Conference of the World Political Forum, that I brought into being several years ago, really a serious organisation; there it was said: to bet on force and strength isn’t efficient. The nations, and most politicians, condemn such an attitude. And at the end we came to the conclusion that wars do not solve problems, and in earlier days thinkers said that war is necessary, that war brings about a movement ahead etc. – No! War means a giant failure of politics. For what should one take up arms, aeroplanes, extremely destructive weapons? And why? Because the politicians got it wrong, because the politicians still lag behind the fast changes in the world. And, so to speak, the Russians, the Germans, the French, the Americans, the Japanese, and now also the Chinese, by the way, these nations are responsible for providing for the world a peaceful, positive perspective. And, also, it’s definitely wrong to believe one could hide away, one could sit out anything. No one can hide any more or sit anything out! Also small countries need contacts. I believe I have now strayed quite far from the Franz-Josef-Strauß Award, but I’m convinced that the one is closely connected to the other; connected to the legacy passed on to us by smart brains. I’d like to once again express my heartfelt thanks. You know, I speak at home, here in Germany, in Europe, in the world; I advocate cooperation and of course a deepening in the cooperation between Russia and Germany. Because, this means very, very much for the overall situation; it stabilises it, develops it towards a positive outcome, and the people who are demonstrating in Wall Street demand social justice and equality. And, as you can see, also in the EU, mistakes were made. But this isn’t yet the essential point I want to make. I have the impression that – of course we aren’t out of the old crisis yet, and there are already signs on the horizon for a new crisis, but – as LENIN calmed his comrades-in-arms, this was when the Soviet power came into being, when there was a chaotic situation in the country: “Yes, of course we have chaos, BUT FROM CHAOS SPRING UP NEW FORMS OF LIFE.“ And therefore, chaos IS a problem, a crisis IS a problem, all this isn’t easy, but there are always included opportunities that definitely should be made use of. And I wish the Germans a healthy New Year. And this time you will still have enough bratwursts and pork-knuckles for New Year’s Eve. WELL, AND AS FOR THE NEXT NEW YEAR’S EVE, WE SHOULD THINK ABOUT THAT, TOGETHER! And, I tell you quite frankly: it is for me a special, an emotional day. And regarding the accomplishments that I myself associate with my life – the German question, the destiny of Germany -, these were for me of determining importance. And I’m proud of what I could do. – Thank you very much! I’m wishing you good success!

What a ride! Quite visibly, the friendly mask has dropped. No more fine diplomacy, no more eagerness, like thirty years ago, to learn from the West the workings of free market economics. It turns out they had never been remotely interested in changing their system, in abandoning communism, in the first place. And here they are, threatening the West and singing eulogies at the supposed deathbed of capitalism. Anatoliy Golitsyn saw it all coming, because he knew their longrange strategy of world conquest, but hardly anyone took him seriously at a time when the West could still have changed course. Ever after the destruction of Joseph McCarthy (and then Angleton and Golitsyn) and certainly since the fake “collapse of communism” in 1989/91, the once well established knowledge of communism as the worst enemy of mankind had been gradually eroded and finally put aside. And so our present generation will have to suffer the consequences, ill-equipped as it is, to put it mildly, in every possible respect. The writing on the wall had been there for 34 long years, but it seems most people (including politicians, political scientists and intelligence “experts”) have never even heard of Anatoliy Golitsyn’s 1984 classic, New Lies for Old, let alone read it! Here is one brief quote taken from pp. 345, 346 of that book:

Before long, the communist strategists might be persuaded that the balance had swung irreversibly in their favor. In that event they might well decide on a Sino-Soviet “reconciliation” [Golitsyn had explained throughout the book that the so-called Sino-Soviet split beginning around 1962 was a temporary deception, a “scissors strategy,” as he called it]. The scissors strategy would give way to the strategy of “one clenched fist.” At that point the shift in the political and military balance would be plain for all to see. Convergence would not be between two equal parties, but would be on terms dictated by the communist bloc. The argument for accommodation with the overwhelming strength of communism would be virtually unanswerable.

Sound familiar??? This was published in early 1984, when the Soviet Union was still frozen under Chernenko’s Brezhnevist regime!

Only two months after Gorbachev’s speech, on February 27, 2012, Vladimir Putin (at the time acting “Prime Minister” for an interim period of four years) made also very threatening remarks regarding Russia’s acquired military strength (this was during “roundtable” defence talks of Russia’s military, held most symbolically in Sarov, the “birthplace” of the first Soviet atomic bomb). Here is what Putin said (unfortunately, the video source on YouTube is no longer there): 

We have more aces up our sleeve that would push our Western colleagues and partners to a more constructive dialogue than we have seen before. What do I mean by this? Just a few years ago, as I know, they used to speak of us among their fellow allies as follows: “Russia could tinker with its military as much as it wants, we are not the least interested in what’s happening there. All they have is rusted-out junk.” But this is not true. [Laughs.] Today, it’s a different game.

Mind: “… more aces up our sleeve that would push our Western colleagues and partners to a more constructive dialogue …,” and: “Today, it’s a different game.” This is all absolutely alarming! And it’s again the language of cooperation-blackmail. Even when he pronounces the phrase, “colleagues and partners,” he ostentatiously and most cynically clears his throat, demonstrating how much he hates all this fuss about “partnership,” when in reality the United States has remained Russia’s main enemy just like in the old Soviet days. Interestingly, one can see in that video that when Putin, with the greatest delight, says the words, “But this is not true. Today, it’s a different game,” the camera pans over to Dmitry Rogozin sitting in the audience, showing him with an agreeing, conspiratorial and most superior grin on his face. Rogozin (below, left) has been, until recently, in charge of Russia’s defence industry!


Oh yes, they are now openly laughing at the stupidity of the West, that naïvely fell for their lies about a collapse of communism and subsequent run-down Russian military. In reality, they have been arming up like hell, and – hello? – the emblem of the Russian armed forces is still the RED STAR!

Sukhoi Su-35


Then occurred, on Sept. 27, 2012, a probably unplanned slip of the tongue by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov during an appearance on the American Charlie Rose Show (the exchange in question is from 48:59 till 49:27 of the video):

Rose: Do you have fears about the Arab Spring? As to what those governments might become?

Lavrov: Well, I think we are now in the Arab Autumn and –

Rose: Okay, do you have fears about the Arab Autumn, and where do you think it’s going?

Lavrov: Well, I hope it’s not going to the Nuclear Winter.

Rose (somewhat taken aback, but reacting extremely clever): What would lead it to a Nuclear Winter?  Iran getting a nuclear weapon, which is not an Arab country? What would lead to the Nuclear Winter?

Lavrov (trying to get away from his weird statement): Ah, this was a figure of speech, of course …

We then had, on March 16, 2014 – which was during the Ukrainian Maydan revolution and Russia’s basically unopposed annexation of the Crimean peninsula and incursions into the Donbass – another grim and very visual reminder of Russia’s military capabilities on Russian state-controlled television Rossiya-1, where Putin-protegé Dmitry Kiselyov, in his weekly prime-time news show, boasted:

Russia is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash, [adding:]

Even if people in all our command posts after an enemy atomic attack cannot be contacted, the system will automatically fire our missiles from mines and submarines in the right direction.

And he said it with an image of a huge atomic mushroom cloud behind him and the words, “into radioactive ash”!

Dmitry Kiselyov


These were only a few instances of open threats and first steps towards all-out nuclear blackmail that have taken place especially since Vladimir Putin succeeded Boris Yeltsin as President of Russia on New Year’s Eve of 1999. Putin’s succession indeed marked the beginning of a new, much more militaristic and much more confrontative phase, during which supposedly democratic Russia ever more clearly began to show its same old Soviet colours. For instance, Putin’s infamous “cabbage soup” comment made during a 5-hour international press conference on Valentine’s Day of 2008, may well be remembered for years to come. Relating to an OSCE delegation that had declined monitoring the 2008 Russian Presidential elections, as they thought it was all rigged anyway, Putin let them know, in all Stalinist brutality, that they should rather teach their wives how to cook cabbage soup. What did he mean by that? Well, in earlier days, well before Green eco-primitivists revolutionised our cuisine, cabbage soup (which certainly can be delicious if one has all the ingredients necessary) was viewed as a very basic dish, if not something for poor people or for a time of emergency or war (or for inmates of a Soviet concentration camp, for that matter)! The comment has several layers. First, and most obviously, it is a threat of war, poverty and hunger. Second, and somewhat more hidden, it is a mockery of Western societies that, after decades of aggressive feminism, are increasingly lacking women (resp., wives) who know how to cook and who will be able to adapt in a time of war. (Ironically, feminism is a brainchild and important tool of communism, meant to undermine the Western societies from within by destroying the family.)

In other words, we’ve been in a “new Cold War” for quite a number of years now. What finally seems to have been intended by Moscow as the ultimate, official game changer, was Vladimir Putin’s so-called State of the Nation address of 2018.



State of the Nation Address 2018, 6


Unlike the “Presidential Addresses to the Federal Assembly” of previous years, the address of 2018 (that was more of a presentation) took place not in the Kremlin’s St. George Hall, but in the more spacious Moscow Manege, which certainly allowed a wider stage and huge video walls to be installed. The speech wasn’t part of Putin’s so-called election campaign, but, especially as for its important second half, looked like an announcement, mainly directed at the West, communicating almost desperately, with all possible emphasis, more clearly and explicitly than ever before, a new international state of affairs (what Putin back in 2012 had spoken of as being now “a different game”). Obviously, the Russians (read: Soviets) had decided – 100th anniversary of the October Revolution and 200th birthday of Karl Marx! – that the time had come, finally, to wake up the still-dreaming Western world and let it realise that the tables have been turned on them and that it is Russia, and no longer the United States, that is now the leading military power in the world.

The recording of the event, as it is presented on RT’s YouTube channel, also gives the last five minutes before Putin enters the podium – which is great, because one can study, from up close, this sinister congregation of stone-faced, brutal KGB types. If this “people’s intelligentsia” seriously believes they and their proletarian comrades around the world can and will rule the planet, then this would certainly be the end of any civilisation, Christian or other. The following screenshots mercilessly illustrate for everybody who can see what is awaiting us. All-too-visibly, there is a devilish conspiratorial joy as well as great impatience and hunger for triumph in the air. Soon, they’re convinced, their hated “imperialist class enemy” will be slain …

State of the Nation Address 2018, 3

State of the Nation Address 2018, 2

State of the Nation Address 2018, 4

State of the Nation Address 2018, 5

State of the Nation Address 2018, 7

State of the Nation Address 2018, 15

State of the Nation Address 2018, 10

State of the Nation Address 2018, 11

State of the Nation Address 2018, 12

State of the Nation Address 2018, 13

State of the Nation Address 2018, 14


By the way, in these screenshots one can see a number of faces that are also known to us in the West. Picture No. 1 shows to the very right the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Berel Lazar. In picture No. 3, there is current Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, along with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow. Picture No. 4 shows Ramzan Kadyrov, the Kremlin’s man in Chechniya. Picture No. 6 has former Minister of Defence and close Putin buddy, Sergey Ivanov. Picture No. 9 shows Dmitry Rogozin, until recently Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Russia’s defence industry. – If one digs a bit deeper, one can identify in picture No. 7 three Deputy Prime Ministers, namely Olga Golodets, Dmitry Kozak and Vitaliy Mutko. – According to the offical Kremlin website, the event was attended by “Federation Council members, State Duma deputies, members of the Government, leaders of the Constitutional Court and Supreme Court, governors, speakers of the legislatures of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, the leaders of traditional religions, public figures, including the heads of regional civic chambers, as well as the leaders of major media outlets.” What a wonderful Potyemkin display of a “civil society” that does not exist! In fact, it comes closer to Lenin’s idea of a “state of the whole people,” that would transcend, or make superfluous, the former “dictatorship of the proletariat.” Insofar, “post-Soviet” Russia has indeed accomplished a tremendous leap forward along its revolutionary journey towards final world triumph (with Comrade Merkel’s Germany, it seems, not far lagging behind). 

Sure enough, Vladimir Putin opens his two-hour address with the following cryptic words (taken from RT’s simultaneous English translation, not the refurbished print version on the Kremlin’s website),

Citizens of Russia, members of the Federation Council and Deputies to the State Duma! My State of the Nation address today is special. We are at a turning point, we are at a crossroads, where the significance of our choices and the significance of every step we take is extremely important. That’s because they define the future of our country for decades. […]

The rest of the first one hour and twenty minutes is boring, Soviet-style elaborations on Russia’s economic and social progress etc. (as well as challenges still lying ahead), in other words: the usual clumsy imitation of a politician’s speech in the West. For a Russian audience, it’s certainly good enough. They don’t expect more as this is not a free, democratic society with free elections and politicians having to win people’s votes. It’s still a dictatorial system, thinly veiled as being something else, yet in fact no more than what several analysts have described as “democratism.” Putin, as well as his friends and comrades, are not politicians, but – as ever – political functionaries, or: apparatchiks! It’s still the state of Lenin, and they’re still all committed Marxist-Leninists. Therefore the ugliness, therefore the concentrated evil emanating from their eyes. They are out for slaying whatever remnants of the old ways may still have survived in the world (regardless of their ridiculous claims of being Russian “nationalists” and Russian “Orthodox Christians”). In a way, they are scythes (to cite National Bolshevist Eduard Limonov’s eccentric and greatly disturbing book, The Other Russia), walking scythes eager to do their murderous work of extermination …

At the 1:25:00 mark (i.e., for the remaining 35 minutes), Putin’s speech suddenly gets interesting, and those in the audience who may have taken a comfortable nap are again wide awake, as now comes the part everybody’s been waiting for. Putin presents, via video animations, a number of brandnew weapons soon to be deployed or already in the process of deployment: A superheavy, hypersonic super-longrange ICBM, termed RS-28 Sarmat with the capacity to carry warheads of up to 15 megatons TNT (which equates to approx. 1000 Hiroshima bombs!); a new unlimited-range cruise missile powered by a nuclear engine; an intercontinental unmanned, super-quiet, ultradeep-level highspeed submarine (a kind of super-torpedo) equipped with conventional or nuclear warheads (reaching the crazy level of possibly 100 megatons TNT, which would be double the 1961 Tsar bomb, the by far strongest nuclear detonation so far) able to destroy coastal or maritime targets, even whole coastal regions; hypersonic airbased missiles that can travel faster than Mach 10 and are able to perform evasion manoeuvres; a special warhead, based on plasma technology, that can travel at a speed of Mach 20 and supposedly can’t be intercepted; existing weaponry is being upgraded with laser technology. In other words, Russia has developed a new generation of veritable doomsday weapons, which is perfectly in line with their same old criminal-communist mentality (listen here to nuclear strategy expert, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, assessing the frightening new state of affairs). Given this dramatic swing in the balance of military power, it is certainly no stretch to say that the long-cherished idea of “mutually assured destruction” (MAD) as a guarantee to prevent global conflict lies in shambles! As Putin presents these monstrously powerful weapons, his audience, including the women, is out of themselves with joy and “national pride.” But there is something much more sinister involved than mere national pride: They can’t wait to see America dead!

And here are the key passages of Putin’s speech during this presentation: 

It is actually surprising that despite all the problems with the economy, finances and the defence industry, Russia has remained a major nuclear power. No, nobody really wanted to talk to us about the core of the problem, and nobody wanted to listen to us. So listen now!

This was followed by standing ovations as the whole audience of intelligence, military and Party cadres immediately understood the message of cooperation-blackmail! It’s clear that they must first wake up the West to the imminent threat they pose to its very existence. Only then can full and overt cooperation-blackmail kick in and force the West either onto the battlefield or to the negotiating table. Yet, there would be little to negotiate over, as they will be in the position to impose their demands on a helpless free world that would then cease to be free.  And Putin emphasises:

Sooner or later, other armies will also have the technology, the weapons, even the most advanced ones. But this does not worry us, since we already have it and will have even better armaments in the future.

In other words, they will certainly not allow the U.S. to catch up again. And now he’s getting towards the heart of the issue:

It was our duty to inform our partners of what I said here today under the international commitments Russia had subscribed to. When the time comes, foreign and defence ministry experts will have many opportunities to discuss all these matters with them, if of course our partners so desire.

It’s now an either-or: Talk to us and accept global communism or be defeated militarily! Putin goes on:

Now we have to be aware of this reality and be sure that everything I have said today is not a bluff ‒ and it is not a bluff, believe me ‒ and to give it a thought and dismiss those who live in the past and are unable to look into the future, to stop rocking the boat we are all in and which is called the Earth.

He couldn’t be any clearer: Don’t even think of trying to escape our overwhelming power! We are going to build this new communist future TOGETHER! And then:

There is no need to create more threats to the world. Instead, let us sit down at the negotiating table and devise together a new and relevant system of international security and sustainable development for human civilisation. We have been saying this all along. All these proposals are still valid. Russia is ready for this.

We are interested in normal and constructive cooperation with the United States and the European Union. We hope that common sense will prevail and our partners will opt for honest and equal work together. 

‘Otherwise, well, the choice is yours!’ That’s the message. – Meanwhile, Russia, nay: the whole of the so-called Commonwealth of Independent States (which includes all “former” Soviet republics minus, for the moment, the Baltics, Ukraine and Georgia), has launched an initiative meant to bring home Russian students studying in Britain, but in fact anywhere in the West, in order  to get them out of their present “hostile,” “russophobic” environment. They are encouraged to help modernise Russia’s backward Far East instead, for which high salaries are promised. This is clearly an immediate pre-war measure! Mother Russia doesn’t want her own to be killed in the upcoming war of mass destruction that it is preparing (along with China and all other allies) against the West. 

By the way, much of what Putin talks about in his March 1, 2018 address can already be found in Gorbachev’s propaganda book of 1987, Perestroika (not to mention Golitsyn’s predictions, particularly in chapter 25, The Final Phase, of New Lies for Old). Here are two quotes from “Perestroika” (translated from the German edition by this author):

Despite all contradictions in today’s world, despite the variety of societal and political systems, and despite the different paths nations have taken in history, this world remains an undividable whole. We are all passengers on board of Ship Earth, and we must not allow it to be destroyed. There won’t be a second Noah’s Ark.

Time doesn’t stand still, and we must not let pass it in vain. We need to act. The world situation doesn’t allow us to wait for the most convenient moment: We need a constructive and comprehensive dialogue, and we need it now. Nothing else it is we are aiming at when we connect, via TV, Soviet and American cities, Soviet and American politicians and personalities of the public domain, as well as ordinary American and Soviet citizens. We let our media present the whole spectrum of Western positions, among them even the most conservative. We encourage contacts to people who represent other world views and other political convictions. In this way, we express our view that such practice is a step on the way towards a world acceptable for both sides.

And here, finally, is said RT video of Putin’s March 1, 2018 State of the Nation address. Do watch it thoroughly!


A few hours after his appearance in the Moscow Manege, as well as on the following day, Putin gave an altogether 90-minute exclusive interview to now-NBC News anchor Megyn Kelly (part 2 of the interview – mind! – was conducted in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, which is essentially one big military base threatening all of Europe). Rather than getting grilled by Ms. Kelly, Putin most relaxedly played with her, displaying nothing but contempt and disgust for her country, the United States (while she on her part seemed to be mainly obsessed with investigating the “Trump-Russia collusion”). But then, what can one expect from interviewing these people: a pack of lies and insults from beginning to end! Do watch this too (and put on the function for English subtitles). It’s despicable – and, maybe, a remote echo of Khrushchev vs. Kennedy …




Well, dear reader, for sure we have entered perilous times. Having read and watched all this, maybe you would now want to take a silent walk on your own, or have a decent cup of tea (or both), and think it all over! Talk to your spouse (in case you have one), or a friend, or your parents! Inform them! It all looks as if we won’t have too much time left for practical precautions and for getting ourselves firmly rooted in Christ the Lord. And both is necessary.

In closing, this author would like to present an eerily prophetic quote taken from a memorandum that Soviet defector and author Anatoliy Golitsyn sent to the CIA on April 30, 1993. Golitsyn’s memoranda to the CIA, reaching from 1973 to 1995, have been published in 1995 in his second book, The Perestroika Deception: The World’s Slide Towards the Second October Revolution. On pages 165 – 167 of The Perestroika Deception, Golitsyn warns (bold print, as always, by this author):

[…] Similarly, current and future Western aid for Russia will fail to deflect the Russian leaders from their long-term objectives of world hegemony which they will continue to pursue in concert with the Communist Chinese.

While US policymakers are mobilising massive Western support for Russia and building up optimistic expectations of the future for democracy there, the same Soviet strategists as before are quietly carrying out their strategy. As this analyst has argued in previous Memoranda and publicly in ‘New Lies for Old’, the late Academician Sakharov under the guise of a ‘dissident’ was used as an unofficial mouthpiece of the former Soviet régime before being officially ‘rehabilitated’ and lionised under Gorbachev’s ‘perestroika’. In the late 1960s he went some way towards expressing publicly the essence of Soviet strategy, though without revealing that the developments he foresaw were deliberately planned. He predicted that in the period 1968 to 1980 ‘a growing ideological struggle in the socialist countries between Stalinist and Maoist forces on the one hand and the realistic forces of leftist Leninist Communists (and leftist Westerners) on the other will lead… in the Soviet Union… first to a multi-Party system and acute ideological struggle and discussions and then to the ideological victory of the (Leninist) realists, affirming the policy of increasing peaceful coexistence, strengthening democracy and expanding economic reforms’.

The period 1972 to 1985 would be characterised by pressure from the progressive forces in the West combining with pressure from the example of the socialist countries to implement a programme of convergence with socialism, ‘i.e. social progress, peaceful coexistence and collaboration with socialism on a world scale and changes in the structure of ownership. This phase includes an expanded role for the intelligentsia and an attack on the forces of racism and militarism’. In 1972 to 1990, ‘the Soviet Union and the United States, having overcome their alienation, solve the problem of saving the poorer half of the world… At the same time disarmament will proceed’. In 1980 to 2000, ‘socialist convergence will reduce differences in social structure, promote intellectual freedom, science and economic progress, and lead to the creation of a World Government and the smoothing of national contradictions.’

All Sakharov’s main predictions have so far been fulfilled with the exception of Russian-American partnership in solving the problem of the poorer half of the world and the creation of a World Government. What Sakharov, like the present Russian leaders, clearly had in mind was East-West convergence on socialist terms leading to World Government dominated by the Russians and the Chinese.

But ignoring the long-term strategy behind the developments in Russia, US policymakers have plunged into partnership with the so-called ‘Russian reformers’ without realising where this partnership is intended by them to lead.

Sakharov foresaw World Government by the year 2000. The question may indeed be on the agenda within the next seven years. Within that period, if present trends continue, Russia, with Western help, may well be on the road to a technological revolution surpassing the Chinese Communist ‘economic miracle’ without loss of political control by the present governing élite of ‘realistic Leninists’.

A campaign for a new system of World Government will be launched at Summit level and will be accompanied by pressure from below, the active use of agents of influence and secret assassinations of leaders who are seen as obstacles. The campaign will come as a surprise to the US Administration. In the ensuing negotiations, the US President of the day will find himself facing combined pressure from the Russians and the Chinese. The Chinese will by then have adopted a ‘reformed’, pseudo-democratic system. In the course of the negotiations the Russians and the Chinese will begin to reveal their true colours, their fundamental antagonism to the free world and the threat they represent to it. The US policy of partnership with Russia will be exposed as bankrupt. Internally in the United States this will lead to divisions, recriminations and a search for scapegoats. Externally, the reputation of the United States as the leader of the free world will be irreparably damaged and its alliances, particularly with countries like Japan which have been pressured into helping the Russians out, will be jeopardised.

The US President will find himself without the finest armed services in the world. Reformed and cut back by budget reductions based on mistaken assessments of long-term threats, the services will be equipped for handling regional conflicts but will be unprepared for global confrontation.

US intelligence and counter-intelligence, if they survive, will have lost any remaining effectiveness from continuing financial pressure and a campaign of revisionist allegations like those that the CIA and the FBI were involved respectively in the assassinations of President Kennedy and Dr Martin Luther King.

Too late it will be realised that there have been no equivalent reductions in the power and effectiveness of the Russian and Chinese armed forces or their intelligence and security services. A real swing in the balance of power in favour of a Sino-Soviet alliance vis-à-vis the free world will have taken place giving the Russians and Chinese a preponderant share in setting up the new World Government system and leaving the West with little choice but to compete with them in designing the New World Social Order. If the Russian leaders continue to demonstrate to the Russian people that they can successfully extract Western aid and contribute to signs of economic progress, the Russian people will follow them and, like the Chinese, will end up laughing with their leaders at the folly of the West.




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