Christopher Story’s Prescient Warning to the Irish


Christopher Story, Fatima 2000 speech, Rahmen


The late Christopher Story (1938 – 2010), for those who aren’t familiar with him and his extraordinary work, was one of the very few Western researchers and analysts to have mastered the art of deciphering Marxist-Leninist dialectics and thus pan-communist longrange strategy.

Via his newsletter Soviet Analyst and his website, Story represented basically a one-man intelligence think-tank and was highly respected, also in political circles, as a top-expert in all things communist and “post-communist”. He edited and published premier Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn’s second book of 1995, The Perestroika Deception: The World’s Slide Towards the ‘Second October Revolution’ – Memoranda to the Central Intelligence Agency, and wrote himself a true reference work, published in 2002, on the Leninist dimension of so-called European integration, titled The European Union Collective: Enemy of Its Member States – A Study in Russian and German Strategy to Complete Lenin’s World Revolution. Probably the best of Christopher Story’s video appearances is a top-notch interview of 2003 on the topic of same ‘perestroika’ deception, in which he explains how the communists in Moscow, Beijing and around the world have been able to pull off this greatest lie ever sold known as the “collapse of communism”. 

Why is this analyst, who wasn’t even Irish, relevant to the Irish question, or to the Northern Ireland “peace process”, if you will? Well, because he understood the workings of the revolution, that has always used deception and subterfuge, false labels and fronts to further an overall cause of societal destruction, that would otherwise be never accepted by anyone, anywhere.

In October 1999, Christopher Story – who was Anglican, but who personally knew the great Fr. Malachi Martin, whom he very much loved and admired – spoke at the Fatima 2000 World Peace Bishops’ Conference held in Hamilton, ON, Canada. The title of his talk was “Lenin’s Satanic World Revolution”. Following the embedded video is the transcript of a key passage (15:16-17:32) that relates to the true communist nature of Sinn Féin and its long-term icon Gerry Adams as well as the true dialectical meaning of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement as a preliminary step towards a unified, Leninist Ireland.


The dialectic, by the way, is central to the revolution, and in case you need a refresher on that, very briefly: the dialectic consists of the thesis, the antithesis and the synthesis. And if they don’t get – the synthesis, of course, being what they intend – and if they don’t get, achieve, their synthesis, then they start a new cycle. Perhaps the easiest example, contemporary example, of this is the situation in Northern Ireland. And I don’t suppose you see much stuff about Northern Ireland in the press here, but if you were to read the British press, you would see pictures of Gerry Adams, who is a Leninist par excellence, who speaks in Lenin’s special Aesopian language, “Aesopian” being Lenin’s own phrase for the language he invented, which contains double or triple meanings. But not only that, Gerry Adams looks like Lenin and has a beard like Lenin! He speaks like Lenin, behaves like Lenin and looks like Lenin. In other words, he passes the duck test: if it waddles like a duck, flies like a duck, swims like a duck and just behaves like a duck, it is a duck! So, as far as I’m concerned, Gerry Adams is a good example. Now, in the Northern Ireland context, the thesis is twenty-five years of bombings, maimings, we got 35,000 people in Northern Ireland who have suffered injury since this particular phase of the Troubles began. I don’t know how many dead, I think it’s well over four thousand. So, that’s the thesis. The antithesis is the sudden cessation and the absence of bombings and maimings. And the synthesis, or the intended synthesis, of course is a unified radicalised, Leninist Ireland. And what I say to people from southern Ireland is: It’s all very well you’re tacitly supporting this outrage, or this continuing outrage, but you don’t seem to understand that once they get their way in Northern Ireland, they have designs on you!

Those who cannot see the forest for the trees anymore, on both sides of the border, having become accustomed, over all those years and decades, to viewing Sinn Féin (and the IRA, with which it has always been intrinsically connected) as a force for good, should perhaps start to listen to what the Sinn Féin leaders (and not only them) actually say. At Sinn Féin’s last “Ard Fheis”, held in November of 2017 in Dublin, Gerry Adams, who was still Sinn Féin President at the time, opened his speech with the standard ritual of communist greetings (official transcript here; web-links as well as Irish-Gaelic-to-English translations in square brackets inserted into the quote below added by this author):


Martin McGuinness (1950 - 2017)

A special céad míle fáilte [hundred thousand welcome] to Friends of Sinn Féin USA and representatives of the North American Labour movement. Best wishes to the President of the Friends of Sinn Féin USA Jim Cullen, who is seriously ill. Fáilte [Welcome] also to Friends of Sinn Féin in Canada. Welcome also to our comrades from Cuba, Greece, Britain, from the Basque country, from GUE/NGL [European United Left/Nordic Green Left] and to all our foreign dignitaries and diplomats. Slán abhaile [Safe home] to the Cuban Ambassador Hermes [i.e., Hermes Herrera Hernández] and his bean chéile [wife] Ana. Solidarity greetings to the people of Palestine and the Gaza strip. Solidarity also to the people of Catalonia. Tá mo chuid cainte anocht ar son mo chara agus mo chomrádaí, agus ár gceannaire [My speech tonight is for my friend and comrade, and our leader], Martin McGuinness [see picture] agus do Bernie agus a clann atá linn anseo [and for Bernie (Martin McGuiness’ widow Bernadette) and her children, who are here]. We miss Martin. We miss all those comrades who died in the last year. And in the decades of conflict before that.

Compare this to a video containing official communist greetings, in this case from the narco-terrorist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) to the Communist Party of Australia. It’s the exact same style, although here the communist message is entirely open and unconcealed:


In an excellent Daily Mail article dated May 3, 2014, Scottish-Irish journalist Kevin Toolis examined Gerry Adams’ revolutionary past (and present): “Can the Master of Duplicity Survive the Ghosts of Unquiet Dead? A Chilling Assessment of Gerry Adams by a Leading Chronicler of the Troubles”. Here is a section from that article (although this author would recommend to read the whole):

Adams’s life has been lived denying what everyone else involved in the Troubles believes – that he is the IRA. When asked directly about the IRA’s actions, Adams will defer responsibility to the hidden leadership of a political/paramilitary organisation, that many believe he himself still controls with a Stalinist grip.

To believe Adams’s denials you have to, like Alice in Wonderland, disbelieve in hundreds of other facts at the same time. That, aged 23, he was not released from jail in 1972 by the Government and flown by the RAF, along with five other IRA leaders, for secret talks with Home Secretary Willie Whitelaw. That he was not named as head of the IRA by the US government in the 1988 report Terrorist Group Profiles. And that the testimony of  convicted IRA men and women who say he was their terrorist commander in Belfast in the 1970s is also a lie.

Disturbingly, Adams can turn on the charm. He is a consummate media performer, rarely unsettled no matter how hostile the interviewer. Adams has mastered the art of high politics. But all this has come late in his career. Adams’s first real job, at 19, was as an IRA organiser within the IRA Belfast Brigade as the streets of Northern Ireland descended into civil war…..

Adams was an IRA prince who rose quickly through the ranks. Even among his republican contemporaries, Adams, a bookish loner, is remembered as a distant, controlling figure who resented any challenge to his authority.

This other Adams, colder, angrier, calculating and opaque, is never on public view. “Don’t be fooled by the mild and meek persona. The Gerry Adams I knew in the early 1970s was a very ruthless man,” said a former IRA figure who is too afraid to allow his name to be used. Killing Mrs McConville in 1972 was a lesson for other would-be informers. And nothing has really changed in republican areas, despite the peace process.

Although he is a southern Irish MP, Adams’s real heartland remains West Belfast, where he is regarded with a fanatical devotion by supporters and fear by former republicans. Dare to cross Sinn Fein/IRA by protesting about drunk “off-duty” IRA thugs murdering your brother – as the Catholic McCartney sisters did in 2005 – and you will discover how dangerous an enemy Adams can be. The McCartney sisters were forced out of their own homes.

In other words, Gerry Adams has been living, during all those years and right under everybody’s noses, as a revolutionary phantom. Perfectly double-faced, he could be seen as the embodiment of the lie of “collapsible communism”. In reality, he has continued his revolutionary programme “by other means”.

Also, this writer would like to present here two documentaries about Gerry Adams, one more critical, the other more sympathetic and including personal interviews with Gerry Adams. First, the critical one, titled “Gerry Adams: War, Peace and Politics”, aired not too long ago on the Irish television channel TV3:


The other documentary, one hour in length and way more friendly, was aired by BBC One Northern Ireland on June 28, 2010 and was simply titled “Adams”. Despite its widely uncritical lionisation of Gerry Adams, it nevertheless provides a few quite remarkable clues. Below is part 1/7:


In one interview segment, Gerry Adams makes a statement that clearly shows him as the Leninist dialectician that he is. He says (part 4/7; minute 1:06):

I increasingly believe in people and the sense that people are, broadly speaking, good. And then, secondly, I think that people respond to political conditions in which they live. So, if you want to change the way people think, then change the political conditions, and people will think differently in different conditions. 

Wow! He lays open the fact that the switch from conflict to apparent peace was – as indicated by analyst Christopher Story – but a tactical manoeuvre so to all the more efficiently further the revolutionary goal of ultimate takeover. What an admission!

Towards the end, the documentary asks, “Over fourty years now, we’ve watched the evolution of Gerry Adams, activist, leader, politician and peace negotiator. So, after all that time, who is Gerry Adams? Who really knows him?” Gerry Adams’ cool and telling answer is this:

People of West Belfast know me. You know, I’ve grown up with them and I’m part of them. The people who’ve bugged my phone, scrutinised my activities, they know me.

In other words, although he doesn’t say it too openly, he admits that he hasn’t changed at all! He has never convincingly apologised for his former “armed struggle” (as he simply has no regrets) and remains to this day a powerful, untiring and dangerous-as-ever agent of the world revolution.

Almost en passant, the programme closes with Gerry Adams saying (and note that he has meanwhile, officially, stepped down from Sinn Féin’s leadership):

I have no intention of retiring. You know, I have obviously toyed with the idea, and it’s great to have a break, and, you know, you can do normal things, but I have no intention of retiring.

OF COURSE NOT! Revolutionary communists never retire!

This is perhaps one of the pictures of Gerry Adams that allows one to pierce through his deceptive mask. It is a disturbing picture as it shows him as the cruel communist he has ever been.

Gerry Adams


So, the devastating conclusion – far from being rocket science, though many might prefer to keep their heads buried in the sand – is that Northern Ireland, along with its republican cause of reunion with the south, has been held hostage for half a century by a group of stone-cold Marxist revolutionaries, who couldn’t have cared less about the havoc and bloodshed they have brought upon the land. It’s been yet another case of superimposed communist “liberation struggle”, nothing to do with Irish identity or tradition or patriotism, let alone Catholicism. It’s been a foreign element that had been introduced into an old conflict. Which is what the revolution does, everywhere in the world: exploit conflict where there is conflict, and create conflict where there is none.

Gerry Adams hugging Enda Kelly

And this is the objective, symbolically communicated by Gerry Adams as he seemingly “hugs to death” then-Taoiseach (i. e., Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland) Enda Kenny, of the liberal-conservative party Fine Gael. This gesture couldn’t be more foreboding and it is perfectly in accordance with what Gorbachev indicated thirty years ago was the Soviet plan with regard to Western Europe: Hug them to death!




As Ireland goes, they say, so goes the Church. However, in our present inverted situation (where the official space of the Catholic Church is in the grip of the Enemy), one could rather speak of Ireland finally having caught up with the general, all-encompassing Great Apostasy. For this former exquisite bastion of Catholicism to have embraced same-sex “marriage” and even the slaughtering of the unborn means it has joined, at long last, the “respectable and politically correct” club of pagan nations around the world. A dreadful door has been pushed open, and the socialists and communists (finally led by deep-red Sinn Féin) will soon be marching through it, with great fanfare and triumph. It is no small thing to abandon one’s Divine Covenant, and by human reckoning the ramifications and consequences of this fatal step into the abyss might well turn out to be (possibly far beyond the shores of Ireland) terribly, terribly disastrous – while the stubborn “reactionaries” and “bigots” of Donegal (God bless them!) might still be devotedly singing, from the bottom of their hearts:










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