Theosophy and New Age: Satanism in Disguise





Hope has come to all lands in the world and the cosmos! Hope is in reach, doubt in not, and indeed mankind may rejoice! As what is the prospect? Look at it closely! You’re about to be blessed and raised beyond measure. Don’t care about closed-minded skeptics, they’re a breed of the past. YOU are the ones who are called to step forth, pioneers of the future; your boldest of dreams exceded by showers of grace and limitless glory. Leave behind your doubts and fears, limitations, and happily enter the fullness of Light. Join in the mighty parade that is marching towards breathtaking vistas. Know that you’re part of this grandiose plan and be grateful; the power of Light has won your innermost, why hesitation? And then look around and watch the millions rise from their utter despair, taking their chance and looking ahead and march whatever it takes, until they’ll have reached the source and merge with the Light. Great is He who brings the healing Light of wisdom and clarification to a world obscured by centuries of suffering. Finally, you will understand the meaning of greatness and wonder. Why haven’t you asked for it earlier and entered the realms of illumination? Yet, the Light is willing to welcome you all and embrace you in vastness and beauty. Gone are the times of worry and needless concern as now you have reached the point of decision. Thoroughly weigh the options at hand and don’t be mistaken. Light cannot reach where darkness and ignorance dwell. Trust in the Light as It fills you with wisdom of old. Open your heart and soul for ecstatic vibrations. See the beams of the rainbow surround your existence by beautiful colours unseen. Share and agree so to reach the highest of high, the knowledge of eons. Free yourself from want and ambition, distinction and pride. Look at the many who’ve made their decision like you and strive ever forward towards promising dawns of worlds beyond care. Isn’t it worth to consider which road and path should be taken? Be mindful and wise before you continue your journey! Man has come a long way to be granted this noblest of chances. UNION is the wonderful hope and promise for those who have chosen. Therefore, choose well and accept the Oneness of all who have chosen already. Be part of a grand and excellent cause that doesn’t know separation. Only the Love and Communion of all is worthy of consideration. Hence, join the powerful league of the willing and brave and sacrifice old-fashioned custom. Be guided by reason, break free from  the ties and shackles that have kept you imprisoned in useless tradition. Only the brave have come out of dark superstition! They know neither king nor priesthood, nor property of any kind. Theirs is nothing and equally all – as all belongs to the cosmos. This, my friend, is the truth and message from Kilimanjaro: claim not a thing to be yours as all must be shared. Who and what is in fact your belonging? Why can’t you be at peace when women seek freely their loving companions? Marriage, know this, is illusion, and so is parental command. Every soul is part of the greater and must be allowed to go with the flow. Love and affection are harmful, my friend, as soon as they’re binding. Therefore accept your offspring to merge with the wider collective. They may be parents a hundred times better than you, so why the annoyance! Love is all, and all are tied together in a circle of love. Keep this in mind when you think about entering the spaces of Light and illumination! Sentiment, mind it, will never be present in the Era of Reason! Hence, say farewell to the ways of the fathers, they haven’t brought liberation. We, instead, hold the shining keys to the future. – Are you ready to accept the Light and join our forces? What, do you think, would be the outcome if you maintained your resistance? Well, friend, know this: it wouldn’t be charming! As one thing is definite, like or not: those who refuse to join the New Age of promise and hope will be crushed. Only the willing and chosen will be able to reach the shores of tomorrow. Therefore, again, think over the issue in proper reflection. The days of old, they are gone, get ready for the most sensational dawn in the history of man! Have you now reckoned where you belong, amongst the dead or the living? Then hurry, don’t miss the transition towards brighter and happier days!

Thus has spoken the Great and Revered, Globi Nairobi from faraway Mount of Kilimanjaro. Remember well his words and don’t take them lightly! As, days are about to approach that will force mankind into illumination. There won’t be much choice in these cosmic events except death or joining the Light!


 Babatunde Olatunji, Nigeria: ”Shango”, Chant to the God of Thunder, 7′02″, recorded on Oct. 1, 1959 at CBS studios, New York City. From the album “Olatunji! – Drums of Passion” – (Click on music-icon above) 

“Shango, protect me! Gatekeeper of the passenger train. Today belongs to the passengers; tomorrow belongs to the gatekeeper. / Shango, you lap blood like the cat that laps palm oil, costumed like the acrobatic masquerade, labala, with the cloth of death. / Shango, you are the death that drips, drips, drips like indigo dye dripping from an adire cloth.” 

(“God of Thunder”, transferred into occidental, Greek-Roman mythology, would be Zeus/Jupiter. – And guess who alone is honoured at the New York headquarters of the pagan-theosophist-utopian UN with a statue quite prominently placed in the main lobby: none other than Zeus, head of the Greek pantheon, to whom – another interesting fact – all Olympic games, first held in modern times in 1896, are dedicated. In other words, we’re living in a revived Age of Zeus, brought about by a powerful network of occultists who seem to charm every spiritist or Pagan foolishness, let alone their own top-secret Masonic rituals, as long as they can avoid resp. work against undistorted Christianity.)



There’s plenty of proof of the seriousness of the threat. – Mind the, if not exactly identical lingo, so definitely identical credo and “Luciferian fogging” being spread by, among others, the following prominent New Age proponents:

David Spangler

(a) David Spangler, 1945 born follower of Alice Bailey’s variant of the Luciferian sect of “Theosophy” and influential leader in the (directly “Theosophy”-inspired) New Age movement. Spangler, who describes himself as a spiritual teacher and clairvoyant since 1964 (!), became in the early 1970s an important figure in the New-Age-eco-futuristic Findhorn commune in Scotland and later founded several similar groups in the United States, among them in 1974 the Washington State based Lorian Association that aims at a “contemporary,” “incarnational spirituality” (whatever that means…). – In his 1977 book, “Reflections on the Christ,” Spangler made the following overtly Nietzschean-Satanic statements that literally blow the mind, despite his deceptive and foggy writing style (bold print emphasis by this author):

Lucifer, then, is neither good nor bad in his true essence. He is completely neutral. He is an agent of God’s love acting through evolution. The energies he provides for our use are neutral. We can use them, the energies of experience and of consciousness, to draw to ourselves things that help us to grow or we can draw to ourselves limitation by refusing to grow (p. 41). –– Lucifer prepares man in all ways for the experience of Christhood and the Christ prepares man for the experience of God. Jesus said, “As the Christ, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man goes to the Father but through me.” This is true. The avenue out of microcosmic limitation into macrocosmic wholeness, universal consciousness and attunement is through the Christ. But the light that reveals to us the presence of the Christ, the light that reveals to us the path to the Christ comes from Lucifer. He is the light giver. He is aptly named the Morning Star because it is his light that heralds for man the dawn of a greater consciousness. He is present when that dawn is realized. He stands no longer as the tester or the tempter but as the great initiator, the one who hands the soul over to the Christ and from the Christ on into even greater realms (pp. 43, 44). – At some point each of us faces the presence of Lucifer. We either fear it when we come to grips with what we term ancient evil or the spirit of darkness, or we move through it and realize that we are each of us light and dark. Until we accept the fact and realize that through the experience of light and dark we gain the perception of the greater light behind both of them, we will remain caught between the polarities, between the forces of struggle and opposition. When we do accept it, we can emerge into the radiance of our inner light, the light that can never be extinguished, the light and presence of God wholly active within the microcosm, therefore wholly uniting that microsocm with all that extends beyond. And at that point, that individual is well on the way to moving beyond the human kingdom into the superhuman kingdom of mastery, of adeptship, or whatever you wish to call it, or simply the kingdom of the consciousness that is at one with itself, with its past, with its future, one with God (pp. 44, 45). – Lucifer comes to give us the final gift of wholeness. If we accept it then he is free and we are free. That is the Luciferic initiation. It is one that many people now, and in the days ahead, will be facing, for it is an initiation into the New Age. It is an initiation of leaving the past and moving into the new, shedding our guilts and fears, our anxieties, our needs, our temptations, and becoming whole and at peace because we have recognized our inner light and the light that enfolds us, the light of God. In the new age consciousness there is not good and evil. There is light and the manifestation thereof, either skilfully or not so skilfully. There is the presence of God and the manifestation thereof. There is oneness, wholeness and the manifestation thereof. As the light-giver of man’s microcosmic kingdom has kindled that flame to where it can unite with the light of the whole, so man and God may now become one and go forth from there (pp. 45). – [Here’s also a half-hour talk by David Spangler recorded apparently in 2013 at a “Lorian weekend.” If you can bear the heavy Luciferian fogging, have a look.]

However, there is only one kind of truthful spirituality, and that’s the mystical path of surrender to God, the Lord and Creator of all things. This one and only path (if we are talking about paths) is simply known as religion (Latin, religio: re-connection) and wouldn’t be called that way unless it were substantially more than mere morals and ethics: namely, nothing less than the return to and eventual finding of our Creator! – There is no alternative to it other than empty nihilism or the bizarre magick practiced by the followers of the left-hand “path” who refuse, like their evil master, to bow down and pay respect and honour to the One who is nevertheless their Lord and Creator and instead seek to become gods themselves! As a result, their pride, their rebellion, their lust for power and carnal gratification draws upon them curse without end. Many of them know full well they have chosen the way to hell, yet they carry on along their road of wickedness and even deceive as many as they can into joining them, unwilling or unable to repent and return from their dark nightmare out into the shining light of day, where goodness and forgiveness would await them any time. Luciferian Theosophy and Freemasonry aren’t a road to the heavens, rather they lead straight into darkness and destruction; unfortunately, those involved in them, proud and arrogant anyway, most likely won’t realize they have been deceived by Lucifer’s “cold light of enlightenment” before they’ve passed the point of no return…  

Robert Muller 2

(b) Robert Muller (1923-2010): disciple of Theosophist Alice Bailey and admirer of Catholic heretic and evolutionist Teilhard de Chardin; long-term Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, and in that function for many years the UN’s “philosopher” and “cosmic” mover and shaker, as well as ambitious pro-moter of a “humanistically,” in fact: socialistically inspired world core curriculum; tellingly, one of Robert Muller’s books is titled, “New Genesis: Shaping a Global Spirituality.” – See a 30-minute conversation of Robert Muller with “retired Catholic priest and modern mystic,” Father Charles Moore (1927-2007) of ca. 2006 about “peace, harmony, laughter, and love:” (Part I); (Part II) – Note that the cross Robert Muller is wearing in that video (click to enlarge the image above) has almost certainly nothing to do with the Christian cross: it’s probably supposed to be a Rose Cross (see here), the emblem of the extremely secretive, deliberately syncretistic, “alchemist” Rosicricrucian movement, that is most likely a continuation of the Knights Templar and forerunner of as well as deeply interconnected with Freemasonry, Theosophy, as well as all branches of Socialism as well; some view the Rosicrucians as the “heart” of Satanism, and the huge and highly active international (“Illuminati”) Satanic network, that is a reality, must have its origin somewhere after all (and Weishaupt’s subversive Illuminati order wasn’t founded until 1776, whereas Rosicrucianism goes back at least to the early 17th century, according to their legends even to the late 15th century)! – In any case, it’s a well-known fact that Rosicrucian and Theosophist esotericism (the Theosophical Society was founded by Blavatsky, Olcott and others in 1875) is big with the United Nations, almost certainly it is no less than its basis, including even top officials such as the Secretaries General of the 1950s and 1960s, Dag Hammarskjöld and U Thant; the President of the World Bank during the 1970s, Robert McNamara; or the here-mentioned assistant Secretary General, Robert Muller; furthermore, there is Alice Bailey’s Theosophist Publishing Company, in 1922 founded as “Lucifer Trust,” but soon renamed into “Lucis Trust,” that to this day holds close ties to its Manhattan “neighbour,” the United Nations, and seems to be the fairly hidden “spiritual” centre of the UN, along with “World Good Will,” the United Religions Initiative, the World Parliament of Religions, the Temple of Understanding, and many more so-called Interfaith organisations, whose purpose is not just dialogue but a complete merger of all religious denominations into one single hybrid world “faith,” that will then be, in all brutality, the Theosophist-Luciferian New Age cult. (Fatally, this development towards an “enlightened” Utopia has been strongly supported by all post-conciliar Popes since “good” Pope, John XXIII, which is why the Roman Catholic Church should be understood as equally being held captive by the very same forces that dominate the UN – every world religion is now in imminent danger of being co-opted and finally swallowed by this evil Rosicrucian-Theosophist-Masonic spirit that is certainly not about tolerance and co-existence but intends to subject the whole of mankind under its Satanic doctrines. Things get even worse as soon as one becomes aware of the heavy involvement of BIG money in this sinistre project of reshaping the world: circles, we can bet, that are at the top of the global Masonic pyramid of power and that involve pretty every fortune, foundation, or Royal Family of significance.) Therefore all the talk about Oneness and one world and one human family etc. etc., that so oddly resembles the totalitarian motto of Nazi Germany, “Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Führer!” (“One People! One Empire! One Leader!”). And remember: the Nazis were after the church almost as much as the Russian Bolshevists; their reckoning, however, was rather long-term: their new National Socialist youth would be educated to be “fast as greyhounds, tough as leather, and hard as Krupp steel” and would soon forget the “sentimental” religious affiliations of their forefathers (hasn’t that again happened during the last 20 to 25 years???). Worse, the New Agers are preaching – mimicking last day prophecy of several religions – the nearing reappearance of a world teacher, which is in fact their central theme; they call him Maitreya (derived from Buddhism), The Christ (a bold perversion of Jesus Christ), The Mahdi (Imam Mahdi is the one expected to appear by the Muslims); they have several more labels and chiffres they throw into their confused, syncretist cocktail, like the Solar Logos, Gaia (the Earth goddess), Sanat Kumara (the latter extremely close to admitting they’re Satanists), the Karmic law, of course (the Asian concept of cause and effect as a basis for reincarnation, which means, if you think about it, a basically never-ending cycle of returning and ever again returning into this life, without a chance of Divine Grace, because in this belief system there is none, as they don’t accept God the Lord), their beloved ancient Egyptian deities right through, whether Ra, Isis, Osiris, and Horus and  so forth, the legendary places of Atlantis, Lemuria, Avalon, Shambala, mystical Mount Kailash, plus all the urban ET legends with mother ships, Pleiadians etc. That’s the “new spirituality,” and although such craziness (just read Rudolf Steiner; beware of his Waldorf schools, by the way…) under different circumstances would be viewed as what it is: a psychiatric disorder, it is now these people who claim to be the ones apt to lead and even “save” the world! (Never mind, they will find a solution for the psychiatric issue: they’ll just turn the psychiatric apparatus upside down and declare insane, Soviet style, everyone who is left with a sound mind and a pure, God-loving heart.) But, let’s take them serious, not because they’re sane (they aren’t), but because they are deadly serious, they mean it! What they advertise as the coming world teacher should make us think about where we have reached: as, what all this is about, is the staging of a false Messiah, in other words (and this is essential): the enthronement of the Antichrist! Thus, it becomes clear we indeed are close to the end of time and the Day of Resurrection as depicted in Scripture. These Theosophists and New Agers are the false prophets we can read about in the Revelation of St. John. Let’s not be fooled by them and instead stick with our hearts and minds to the Greatness and Glory of the Eternal God no matter what! – Some excellent sources on the subject: Christian researcher, Constance Cumbey, God bless this remarkable lady, has done marvellous work writing “The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow: The New Age Movement and Our Coming Age of Barbarism” (1982) and “Planned Deception: The Staging of a New Age Messiah” (1986); see her also in this one-hour-lecture of 2006 in which she describes her courageous journey that started around 1980 and led her right behind the shining facade of the ever-“positive” New Agers:; then, there is a veritable reference publication on the topic by Christian author Lee Penn: “False Dawn: The United Religions Initiative, Globalism, and the Quest for a One World Religion” (Sophia Perennis, 2004, order at:; then, a very scholarly work by comparative religions expert and Sufi, Charles Upton: “The System of Antichrist: Truth and Falsehood in Postmodernism and the New Age” (Sophia Perennis, 2001: Finally, two historic works of the 1920s by superb French metaphysician and Sufi, René Guénon: “Theosophy: History of a Pseudo-Religion” and “The Spiritist Fallacy,” (both books also at Sophia Perennis). – These things are very real… 

Barbara Marx-Hubbard 3(c) Barbara Marx Hubbard (born 1929): a vice-presidential candidate for the Democratic Party in 1984; life-long dedicated “futurist,” in earlier years promoter of American-Soviet dialogue, and untiring drummer for a transformative world shift (in other words: world revolution!) towards “co-creation” (again, the very same Nietzschean spirit!); her “spiritual path” went from Abraham Maslow over Buckminster Fuller and Teilhard de Chardin to Sri Aurobindo, all of them “prophets” of a futuristic, hybrid, one-world “spirituality.” In  a short online-bio, she describes, having been born into a secular Jewish New York family, her obviously very brief encounter with Christianity: “I couldn’t find the answer in philosophy or religion – until I read the New Testament. ‘Behold I show you a mystery, we shall not all sleep, we shall all be changed.’ ….’You will do the work that I do, and even greater work than this will you do.’ … ‘The suffering of the present cannot be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us.’ … ‘The former things are passed away.’ … etc. That’s IT, I thought. I’ll join the church.  I went down to the local Episcopal Church in Scarsdale, New York and asked the minister: ‘Is any of this true? Did Jesus really ascend?  Will we be able to do the work that he did and greater work, really?’ I saw he did not know. He enrolled me in Sunday school! Learning the Biblical story of the image of the jealous and violent Lord God Yahweh and Eve’s supposed guilt for wanting knowledge, and even for being attracted to the Tree of Life, the tree of the gods, deeply repelled me. I felt that Eve was right and that this story was fundamentally wrong. I left the church.” That means, Marx Hubbard sides with the serpent (! Now, watch the following 8-minute-clip of 2009, in which Marx Hubbard most eloquently advertises (almost like a vacuum cleaner salesman) a New Age conference in Perpignan, France, named “Renaissance 2.” Her hypnotising rhetoric circles around technoid key words such as creativity, evolution, innovation, mobilisation, participation, non-linear action (in other words: acceleration; a theme already propagated in 1987 by Mikhail Gorbachev’s “Second Russian Revolution” a.k.a. Perestroika – by the way, Mikhail Gorbachev is prominently involved in the New-Age/Green revolution via his Gorbachev Foundation, Green Cross International, the Earth Charter Initiative, and others; so all who believe he has retired couldn’t be further from the truth: he is an influential global player continuing to work for his unchanged goal of Leninist world revolution probably to his last breath!), unlimited future, scanning-mapping-connecting (here Barbara Marx-Hubbard proofs to be a true Orwellian), and so forth: There are many more appearances of Marx-Hubbard on the web; watch this talk of hers titled “A Vision for Humanity” (as of course our New Worlders, Theosophist or Marxist, are the visionary vanguard guiding the masses towards enlightenment and liberation…). Two of her books are, by the way: “Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential” and “Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence”, clearly communistic titles.

Chris Griscom 5, reframed, small(d) Chris Griscom
(born 1942): equally well-earthed and out-of-space, seemingly never-aging, super-charming fairy queen and  somewhat divine feminist, preaching her Castaneda-style, pantheist, evolutionst New Age gospel and understanding of “healing” with wonderfully capturing, smooth oratory, her “Light Institute” being situated in the ancient lands of the Navajo in what is today the state of New Mexico. Check out this half-hour interview featuring Chris Griscom, in which she is confronted with a set of absolutely intelligent questions such as what her “mission” means to the traditional (and authentic) faiths. Never mind, she masters the challenge with great routine and sovereignty: Here is part 1 of 3.
Below is a series of snapshots taken from that interview. The first shows Chris Griscom at the beginning of the interview, still relaxed and charming as usual. However, especially in one particular sequence, she shows very different facial expressions that are outright horrifying! One especially odd stretch is in Part 1, at precisely 3 minutes 34 seconds (you can easily check it out yourself and pick that same fraction of a second within the video), just as Griscom explains her idea of God in connection to her then newly released book, “The Evolution of God,” and  immediately after she expresses most solemnly the word “God,” you suddenly see this more than disturbing demon’s grimace (extracted from the video by this author via snipping-tool), emerging very briefly for perhaps a quarter of a second and visible in three consecutive frames (if you travel through the whole length of the interview by this method, you will find more of that). It illustrates not only that spiritists tend to be taken over, at some stage of their “spiritual” careers, by demonic spirits, but also what the whole New Age, whether demonic or human, really thinks about God the Lord: they are repelled and disgusted. Why? Because they’re part of the other side!
Chris Griscom, Bilderstecke 2
And indeed, some half a minute later, Chris Griscom expressedly confirms what her face had just shown unconsciously (like squeezed in horror) a moment before, namely her being very uncomfortable with the idea of a God and Lord. She explains, “I think the word ‘God’ is a little squeezy for my perspective, you know. I would like for us to feel goooood in the trees, in the animals, and in the wind, and to recognise that that divine source – which is what I call ‘god’ in this ‘Evolution-of-God’-book – is present in our lives everywhere. And so it’s not the kind of conversation: Am I following the dictates of the dogma of my church, but am I living what every religion says, which is to be a good human, to be a loving human, that’s something we can all come together with; and we can certainly do that better by stepping beyond the intellectual aspect of God. So, that is what that book is about…” –In that sense: Welcome to the all-unified Brave New World of humanist-democratic pantheism…

Eckhart Tolle(e) Eckart Tolle (born 1948), a more recent star having risen along with the rosy dawn of what is supposed to soon be a glorious and happy New World. See this postmodern “Master Eckhart” (he is German, and his real name is merely Ulrich Tolle) in a joint 2-hour presentation with another “spiritual master,” Ram Dass, here (and make sure you don’t fall asleep, disarmed and hypnotised by Tolle’s slow-motion speaking style). Wouldn’t, sorry to say, this strange creature have well fitted into Himmler’s deeply occult brotherhood of death a.k.a. SS (Nazi Germany was just as filled with Theosophy as is our contemporary New Age)? And isn’t it amazing to see the boldness and ease with which these self-appointed “apostles of light” (and the world is now being haunted by them in the tens of thousands) randomly usurp elements from Christian or Sufi-Islamic mysticism, from the Qabala, from Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism, not to speak of the various Shamanic traditions, to manufacture their own syncretistic, in any case Theosophist-Masonic ‘good news’ of salvation, that truly is right the opposite: a dangerous invitation into a dance with the devil, their constant Nietzschean “mantra” essentially being, “Become supermen!”, “Become gods!”. Thus, they serve as modern-day Biblical snakes who try with their never-ending sweet words to tempt people into accepting their forbidden fruit of “liberation,” “empowerment,” “Kundalini-awakening,” shedding of all piety, fear, respect, and shame, and so forth. Yet, man is not going to be elevated by striving either for power or for primitiveness (there is huge even historical evidence for this), but by bowing down to his Lord in worship and prayer! That’s the eternal truth. Everything else is a bunch of lies. 


(f) “10:10global” (British “climate change” campaign NGO, founded in 2009): See an absolutely scandalous, as well as shocking, 4-minute short-film by this NGO that went far over the top and thus turned out to be a miserable own goal: In several enacted episodes, people, even school children, who fail to show their cooperativeness in cutting their personal CO2 emissions by 10% annually get coldbloodedly (even with a smile!) blown up into pieces by the mere push of a button; scenes that fatally remind of the infernal horrors of Lenin’s (and Dzerzhinsky’s) Red Terror following the Russian October Revolution of 1917. (Click on the picture above to watch the video!) Unwillingly, as well, the film revealed what school really is these days: a place for socialist indoctrination and social engineering. Although the clip was intended for TV-broadcast and display in cinemas throughout the U.K., luckily it never made it, after an immediate public outcry, beyond the organisation’s own website, from where it soon had to be removed as well, and Youtube, where it still can be viewed. The affair greatly illustrated the aggressive revolutionary spirit of the Green movement that is in many ways interlinked not only with the far Left – well, it is today’s far Left -, but also with the New Age movement, and has thus itself become a dangerous, totalitarian cult in which, as they view it, an urgently endangered “Mother Earth” needs to be “rescued” now and at all costs from the “destructive effects” of man’s modern industrial society, if not from man altogether! Authors such as Ernest Callenbach (Ecotopia), James Lovelock (The Gaia Hypothesis), or Keith Farnish (Time’s Up! An Uncivilized Solution To A Global Crisis), for a few examples, all demand such an ecosocialistic, post-industrial Politeia, Utopia, New Atlantis, 1984, or Brave New World, all of them demonstrating in different shades the radicalism at work behind this movement. The giant hoax is of course so-called Anthropogenic Global Warming (meanwhile relabelled as “Climate Change”), which suggests the fictitious necessity of cutting down CO2 emissions ideally to zero; along with the myth of “fossil fuels,” that says crude oil and natural gas are sparse, organic substances that will expire within the next couple of decades. In fact, it has long been proven that crude oil is entirely anorganic and being constantly produced and re-produced by the earth! But this is the sacrosanct, and indispensable, core of the environmental movement’s belief system. Overwhelming scientific evidence suggesting otherwise – as presented by thorough climatologists such as Dr. Richard Lindzen of the MIT: – is being stubbornly ignored. What their leaders and financiers well know, but most of them don’t, is the brutal, even suicidal consequences of such a totally unnecessary and mad “decarbonisation” of world economy: economic contraction right to the point of collapse (and, mind, at a time of already massive economic stagnation). In other words, what these people ask for is large-scale poverty and death, to be followed by the erection of a global North Korea. And wouldn’t a globalised tyrannical system be easier to handle when there are only a billion or less people on this planet rather than the current 7 billion? The ominous, UN-/Rosicrucian inspired “Georgia Guidestones” erected in 1980 have it clearly written on them: “Maintain humanity under 500.000.000 in perpetual balance with nature,” resp. “Don’t be a cancer on the Earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature”. Yet, will the Green romanticists in time awake to the fact that they have been, in good old insidious Marxist-Leninist fashion, instrumentalised as “useful idiots” for a cause they do not understand? A cause that is in reality the formation of a merciless socialistic (call it Communist, call it Fascist) Luciferian “New Age,” in which man would have been stripped not only of all tradition, religion, family unit, and individual strength, but any God-given dignity whatsoever, and subjected, whether Gulag- or fancy Brave-New-World style, to an ultimate technocratic tyranny that wouldn’t leave him even the tiniest room for humaneness,  in fact would turn him into a robot, a cyborg, a mere neurone within a world-wide, all-interconnected electronic hive-collective (Hollywood has been feeding us these types of scenarios over many decades for a reason). An all-pervasive, omnipresent spiderweb of mutual control and mutual correction (i.e., of ‘peer-pressure’), way beyond the historically known pyramidal form of societal organisation (not getting away with the pyramid itself, of course), in other words: none other than Lenin’s “state of the whole people,” meaning the final – electronically and pharmaceutically guaranteed – realisation of “pure communism”; call it the nightmare of the Satanic forces seemingly “triumphing” over God’s reign, if you will. Although such a system of ultimate darkness, by human reckoning, can’t last for long.

(g) “Megacities on the Move: How will people travel in the cities of the future? Your guide to the future of sustainable urban mobility in 2040. Four possible scenarios.” Not long after the “1010global” brutality, there was launched another advertising campaign for a “sustainable future”, again out of the U.K., that called itself, ‘Megacities on the Move’. It was organised by the British environmental NGO, ‘Forum for the Future.’ Note: There is no consideration given to rural areas and the countryside. It’s all only about cities, which is completely in line with the UN’s Agenda 21, that foresees humanity removed from the countryside and packed into urban conglomerates! Also, do mind the happy communist fists by these activists!

Forum for the Future

This ‘Megacities on the Move’ campaign presented, as short video clips, four alternative visions of urban living and mobility in the year 2040 (strangely, these four videos are not, or no longer, presented on the organisation’s official YouTube channel, but only on some other private YouTube channel instead). All four scenarios are utterly distopian and horrifying, and are peppered with ugly English sarcasm. There is no substantial choice in this weird presentation. Our Green one-worlders just aren’t into the old ways. As Marxist-revolutionary totalitarians, all they have in mind is collectivist tyranny, the one way or the other. Here are their four “possible scenarios” (click on the images to view the respective clips):

Megacities on the Move, Sprawl-Ville

I. SPRAWL-VILLE: “The city is dominated by fossil fuel-powered cars. The elite still gets around, but most urban dwellers face poor transport infrastructure.” The clip starts with a series of newspaper headlines suggesting the following timeline: “2010: Global Climate Change Deal Fails.” – “2018: 3 Months Traffic Jam Ends in Tragedy.” – “2026: Wealth Gap Reaches Historic High.” – “2035: Beijing and Singapore ban non-electric cars in city centres.” – In this perspective, the state has withdrawn from most areas, even most hospitals have been closed, schooling is taking place virtually, online, due to the massive cuts in the public sector, and the “entrepreneurs have taken over the economy” [you see: the Greens are into Marxist, anti-capitalist class warfare; in fact, this outlook is a bizarre caricature of Reaganonomics and Thatcherism]. The streets are packed with cars, traffick jams of several days (!) are the norm, which is why many people don’t use their cars anyway. Only the “elite”, for whom life is perfectly easy, gets built for themselves a separate network of “billionaire super-highways”. Decent jobs are rare, unless one is part of the well-connected. There are permanent shortages of food and fuel, with frequent food riots as a consequence; most people can’t afford buying things in the “corporate-owned super markets” and evade to the black market, despite the “religious and ethnic tensions” that characterise that future society. Because Russia has cut back their wheat exports, people now live more on peas and potatoes. Also water is being massively rationed so people e.g. use “0%-water shampoos”. [This is, more or less, our present world, as viewed through the distorted lens of eco-Marxism, including the heavy eco-policies, that are already a reality today.]

II. PLANNED-OPOLIS:imageedit_2_5300468225 “In a world of fossil fuels and expensive energy, the only solution is tightly planned and controlled urban transport.” Here, the opening trailer goes: “2010: Global Climate Change Deal Imminent: Globe on low-carb diet.” – “2016: City Corp and Lagos Government: Joint Venture to Re-design City.” – “2024: Plans for New Floating Cities Approved: Bangladesh and the Netherlands to Trial Project.” – “2032: Global Food Council Rations Water: New Powers to Control Farming.” – This is, more or less, the old Soviet model: strictest central planning, albeit ‘streamlined’ through efficient computerised control. Food is rationed via “calory cards”. Because of the ‘Global Carbon Deal’, there is no individual car traffic, except for the rich. Everybody else uses a pre-order transport system named “Slick Travel Corp”, all remote-controlled, or goes by electric bike. School children are “allocated” to a particular school, and their careers are decided upon by the all-knowing state. The Global Food Council doesn’t allow a lot of variety of food; this month it’s pea & potatoe pie [again pea and potatoe; they don’t like meat, because – bottom line – a vegetarian diet tends to make people weak, which is very much in the interest of the totalitarian state; food as a weapon, the ever-same Stalinist recipe of control]. There seem to be many desalination plants, as water is rationed too; former car-parks are now used to grow food (which, given the overall shortages, is more than necessary); people don’t see each other that often in person, but communicate via internet or telephone. There are even huge floating cities, one called “New Amsterdam” off the Dutch coast, whereby the problem of ever-rising sea levels [a myth!] has been solved. Apart from this modern world, however, there exist also backward und underprivileged ‘Cry Freedom Ghettos’, inhabited presumably by rebels and dissidents, very much like in George Orwell’s 1984.

Megacities on the Move, Communi-City

III. COMMUNI-CITY: “The world has turned to alternative energy, and transport is highly personalised, with a huge variety of transport modes competing for road space.” The trailer at the beginning goes: “2010: Global Climate Change Deal Fails.” – “2017: UN Disbanded! – G20 on hold as new President voted in by facebook.” – “2024: Bangladesh and Netherlands Hit by Worst Ever Floods: New International Alliance of ‘L20’ low-lying countries to deal with threat.” – “2032: Alternatives now Mainstream: Renewables now outproduce fossil fuels.” – This clip presents a society that appears much more individualistic (the way it’s painted, though, shows that the environmentalists do NOT like individualism, but regulation). Cities are more loose aggregations of very different areas. No uniformism as such, but all very much futuristic. There’s hardly any public transport, apart from ‘bio-buses’. Streets seem very much crowded, but people can cope. Some grow their own bio-fuels, and there’s ‘vertical farming’, but food prices are high, nonetheless, as land has become extremely expensive. [Even this seemingly non-ideological version is a Utopian nightmare. Traditional life, for the eco-Marxists, quite obviously is a non-option!]

Megacities on the Move, Renew-abad

IV. RENEW-ABAD: “The world has turned to alternative and high-tech, clean, well-planned transport that helps everyone get around.” The ‘breathtaking’ situation here is: “2010: Landmark Global Climate Deal: Strict Carbon Quotas and $ 1 Trillion Mitigation Fund.” – “2018: ‘C8’ Powerful World Cities Hold First Summit: Cyber Armies Agreed.” – “2025: $ 1 BN Beijing Energy Innovation Contest Leads to Hydrogen Cells Breakthrough.” – “2033: China – Mexico – Turkey Coalition Planned to Hunt for More Lithium.” – This seems to be a ‘well-oiled’ modern society, completely ecological and perfectly computerised at the same time. Even spouses and close relatives appear to see each other rarely except via holographic communication. People live in modern-day green enclaves that look like little caravan parks. There are wind turbines, people produce their own fertiliser, and individual surplus of energy is being shared with the neighbours. People now work very little. They have abandoned their former consumerism and simply enjoy their abundant free time. Traffic jams are a thing of the past as all traffic is centrally controlled by computers. A high-speed “Golden Star” [sic!] train system connects all parts of the city in no time. There are imports from Morocco of little hydrogen cars. People do most things via computer – whether it’s shopping, private exchange, or work. Yet, there are also “non-transition zones” within these cities, troublespots, populated by people who’ve been left behind as they refused to adopt the “low-carbon way of life.” But, what the opening trailer is pointing at is already the next looming “energy crisis” as it is now lithium, essential for the production of hydrogen cells, that is running short – these so-called Greens indeed are true Marxist cynicists. This latter ‘vision’, certainly the campaign’s favourite, comes extremely close to Ernest Callenbach’s 1975 eco-communist cult novel, Ecotopia. However, what’s missing is the answer to the question: What exactly are the people of “Renew-abad” doing in all their free time? In Ecotopia they smoke dope and fornicate …



We should maybe turn our attention to those times in human history during which religious persecution was at its worst and learn; not necessarily in order to dig ourselves caves or catacombes, although such practical precautions might turn out to be extremely helpful. Yet, who can afford building for himself and his family fully equipped bunkers as sophisticated as has built, collectively, the “former” Soviet Union? The catacombes we should take into view just as thoroughly are of a different nature, i.e. of a spiritual kind. And we shouldn’t take this as inner emigration or preemptive surrender. After all, despite we the people being many and they the totalitarians being few, still, there is very little chance to fight and defeat a system as murderously armed as the emerging ultimate communist tyranny of today. All we can hope and pray for, finally, is that it will implode – which, sooner or later, it will: godless systems expire quickly; the more godless, the more so!

In our “spiritual catacombes” we are going to be safe. Safe due to a deep and strong connection with God the Lord. Though in no other age of history as “difficult,” ultimately, it’ll be such intense prayer and deep spiritual contemplation that will, God willing, give us shelter and bring us eventual salvation. Nothing else. This isn’t just a time for “heroes,” as many would like to think, it’s a time for saints! Are we? By now, rarely. Yet, we need to go into that direction, and full-heartedly so, if we wish to be amongst those loved and accepted by our Heavenly Father. – Hence, let us take the following out of the Revelation of St. John both as a warning and as a comfort and encouragement (Rev. 21:1-8, KJV): 

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful. And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.  But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.


Henry Purcell (1659 – 1695): Anthem “Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem!” (Psalm 147:12; Isaiah 49:23; Psalm 48:8; Psalm 21:13), 9’25”, The Deller Consort, recorded 1973 – (Click on music-icon above)




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