Open Letter to the Descendants of the People of Russia (English Text)


First, my dear readers, I would like to apologise for having no command of the Russian language whatsoever. On the other hand, I do not know of native Russian speakers who could help me with translating this text into a fine and proper Russian version. Thus, I decided to rely on Google Translate. Hopefully, the result will be sufficiently comprehensible.

As for myself, I’m simply a private individual who was born and lives in the non-communist part of the world and who is greatly concerned about the world’s political development, to which the so-called Russian Federation is evidently a major factor, if not the decisive factor.

These lines are not directed at the Russian political system and its representatives (although it’s all about them), but at the silent majority of what once was the Russian people and what has been transformed, over a full century, into a sad caricature of its former self. I do not mean this in a derogatory sense, but on the contrary – having Slavic roots myself – as pointing to the monstrous work of cultural and spiritual devastation brought upon Russia by the Bolshevists and their political heirs to this very day.

Indeed, the Russian people –  in fact, all nations living on the territory of the “former” Soviet Union – have not yet had a true opportunity for grief work with regard to everything that has been done to them ever since that infamous year of 1917, when a well-organised clique of political fanatics and, yes, criminals grabbed power in Russia with the declared goal of erecting a radically new society so much more cruel and merciless than everything the world had ever seen. They justified their diabolical terror and mass killings as historically necessary for establishing their new “promised land” of eventual communism, a place however that doesn’t exist and in which, if one reads their texts closely, they didn’t even believe themselves. Sure enough, all they achieved was to turn everything on its head, to cripple the economy, to create an omnipresent climate of fear (and a giant mountain of corpses) and to effectively destroy Russia’s great religious tradition.

Having killed off the hated “old classes”, their objective was to create a new type of human being: the “Soviet man”. But, let’s be honest, what were (and still are) the features of this unprecedented creature? It is a creature determined by either suffering under or exerting raw, unmitigated power. With no moral or spiritual authority and certainly no checks and balances left, the Soviet state was now the new god, all-powerful, omnipresent and next to omniscient. And everyone had to decide for himself whether he wanted to be on the side of the powerless or on the side of the criminal perpetrators. Those who dared stand up against this juggernaut, notoriously ended up – as “enemies of the people”, that is: of the Party – in political psychiatry or the Gulag.

And has there changed much since the official Soviet days? You know better than I! Quite obviously, they simply reorganised their forces and erected an impressive Potyemkin façade, by which they were able to simultaneously deceive (and put to sleep) an unprepared West and frustrate any desire for freedom and democracy at home. And who still longs for Western-style democracy and market economics after the late Yegor Gaidar’s “shock therapy”? Not to mention the fact that the West is now in a more than deplorable position itself, having been undermined for decades by the steady poison of Gramscian cultural Marxism – the irony being that open communist oppression along Stalinist lines at least left some layers of inward resistance to the system while the process in the West has all but destroyed people’s hearts and minds from within! The world faces a dilemma of monumental proportions: the “post-communist” world has remained as communist as ever (with Russia still being the state of Lenin), while the formerly free world has arrived on the brink of a communist revolution of its own!

All these advances of communism were solely made possible by a deadly combination of lies, deceit, theft, intimidation and murder (which are the only things communism has proven to be good at).

What does this leave us with? It doesn’t seem as if the West, weakened and confused and hollowed out, still has any capacity left to rescue the populations that are unchangedly imprisoned under “reformed” communism. If things continue along this fatal trajectory, we might even come to a point where the nations of the West could look to the populations still living under communism (not their criminal leadership) for help. But how should such a miracle be possible? How can the oppressed (and imprisoned) ever save the imminently threatened? In any case, a solid breakthrough against the men of the Red Star, who are now preparing for ultimate world conquest, will not come about until a great and glorious true renaissance of the Faith has occurred.

And, if one thinks about it, whether such a genuine religious revival (as opposed to the current Eurasian propaganda in Russia and the ever-growing pro-Putin crowd in the West) takes place on this side of the fence or that side, is but a secondary question…


(A Russian version of this text, generated with Google Translate, can be found here.)




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