Ann Barnhardt’s Frightening Analysis of the (Continuing) Obama Revolution


American Catholic blogger Ann Barnhardt hardly needs an introduction. She has been enlightening so many of us over quite a number of years, laymen and, yes, churchmen alike. What this author wants to present here is but a short excerpt from a talk she gave back in 2012 about the disturbing similarities between the Vendée Genocide during the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution and what Barack Obama & company may have in store for America (and the West), even now, one should add, as they are seemingly out of power. Actually, the title of her talk was “The Vendée Genocide: The Proto-Marxist Model for War against the Church, Humanity and Freedom”. What follows is a transcript, done by this author, of the most thrilling passages. Ann Barnhardt’s 70-minute talk, in its entire length, covered much more than what is given here below, but nevertheless read these lines well and think about it: Are we already on the brink of the total destruction of two thousand years of Christian civilisation? – Ms. Barnhardt’s original videos of this talk of hers are embedded at the bottom of this post.  

… With Obama in there, they’ve overthrown the entire government. This is going to be the coup de grâce. Don’t kid yourself. This is it. They are not going to walk away. They have been gunning for this, literally, for centuries. Because if we fall, the entire world falls to these jackals. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO WALK AWAY, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS…

Obama is the enemy, and he is trying to destroy this country! For the love of God, internet, WAKE THE HELL UP! …

You have to understand that Washington D.C., right now, is hopeless. The horse is dead. You stand over it and you beat it all you want, and you have, “Rah-rah! Cheer! Oh boy, the horse is gonna get up and run like Secretariat!” No, it’s not! It’s dead! You’ve got to get a new horse in, or there’s no hope! Sorry, I know that that’s bleak. And, “Oh, we’ve got to have hope!” You’ve got to have hope, but you can’t have hope in something that is impossible and futile. You have to refocus your energies and that hope and that faith into something that’s going to work! And that cesspool in Washington D.C., as it stands now, is not reformable, and it will never work. There’s going to have to be a hard reset. You’re gonna have to get all of those people out of there, every last one of them at the same time, and repopulate it from scratch! Sorry, but that’s the situation. It’s our fault because we let it get to this. We let it get to this, and now we’ve made this bed and by God we’re gonna have to sleep in it; not stand over the dead horse – and rah-rah! – and wave our flags. That’s not gonna work…

Here’s where, sadly, history begins to diverge. Do you think five out of six priests and bishops today are gonna stand and fight? Sadly, the answer is no. No. The church has been massively infiltrated by Marxism and recruited an enormous amount of homosexuals. This has led to a massive crisis of faith. These men, they’re not gonna stand…

It’s all playing out in exactly the same way. And the problem we have right now is the faithlessness of the Church. There are no men to stand and say: No. And if the clergy doesn’t stand, then the people won’t, the laity won’t. That’s what’s terrifying…

Compare this to the Vendée: The Vendée, where the people that were going to the churches and were telling the priests and the bishops, “You have to stand firm! We’re behind you! We’re with you! Do not compromise in the faith!” Now, you know what most people, especially Catholics, want, most Catholic women want? – Hi, Catholic women! – Yeah, I know you’re on the pill. And you want the free pill, don’t ya? You want the pill on your insurance policy. Never mind that that’s mortal sin! Oh, don’t worry about that! You want the pill. And so you’re just gonna say, “Fiddledeedee, I don’t care.” And you know what? You are going to lose your civilisation over this. I hope you’re happy! I hope you’re happy so that in not bringing any children into the world, you can have the standard of living that you want. I hope you’re happy when your entire civilisation collapses and you’re not living in the 4,000 square-foot house with the granite countertops anymore, honey! Yeah. It’s funny how these things all come back around…

Afterthought: What Ann Barnhardt is warning us against can be easily backed up by the testimony of the late Larry Grathwohl, who back in 1969 volunteered to infiltrate, for the FBI, the Weather Underground communist terrorist organisation of Mark Rudd, Obama buddies Bill Ayers & Bernadine Dohrn and others. Listen in the short video-clip below to Larry Grathwohl describing how he sat in the midst of these wild communist radicals who were actually contemplating the logistics of killing 25 million “uncorrectable” conservative Americans and of subjecting the rest, wherever necessary, to brutal communist re-education. Mr. Grathwohl’s 1976 book, Bringing Down America: An FBI Informer With the Weathermen, can be read here.

Finally, here is another mind-blowing piece to the puzzle of who Obama is and what his objectives are: The report of an American computer engineer who happened to be in Moscow in early 1992, where he was involved in a joint-venture project at the time. At a dinner party with his Russian counterparts, the host’s wife talked too much and revealed that there was a young communist politician in America – a “Soviet”, she said – who had been groomed from early on and who would soon be POTUS. She knew that young man’s whole biography, in detail, and even gave his first name as being “Barack”:




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